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The 2020 Line

Versatility. It’s a core philosophy at First Lite. We believe a base layer is a base layer--whether it’s worn in the backcountry or on the back forty--and that a puffy jacket ought to get you through a rain squall in a pinch. This theme runs through the 2020 line, whether it’s an all-new, utilitarian colorway, an innovative, zip off long john, or our best-selling Merino pants which are now available to female hunters. We make gear for the ever-changing conditions you face in the field and the 2020 line better prepares you to go farther and stay longer.

A New Solid Color

When camo isn’t in the cards, you need a solid colored hunting garment that won’t attract the attention of your prey. Ash Grey was formulated to mitigate the wavelengths which are most visible to cervids while mimicking the tones commonly found in nature. Additionally, it was designed to be light enough to avoid “blobbing” and highlighting the human form at distance across open country. Plus, Ash Grey looks pretty dang slick.


Zip Off Base Layers

In the mountains, frost-covered mornings often turn into hot, sunny afternoons. Long johns are a no-brainer for chilly nights and frigid wake-ups, but as temps rise the mountain hunter often finds himself overheating halfway through the morning’s climb. Taking base layers off on the hill involves removing boots, dancing out of pants, shedding long johns and then replacing the pants and shoes. First Lite’s new Zip Off Long Johns solve this problem by allowing the mountain hunter to shed his base layer without consternation while managing core temperature, helping him fill his tag when the time comes.


Expanded Insulation Options

Versatility is critical in the insulation that keeps you alive in the backcountry. The new vest versions of our wildly popular Brooks Down Sweater and Catalyst Soft Shell Jacket offer more options for the mountain hunter interested in shedding weight. Additionally, the Uncompahgre Puffy Jacket 2.0 builds off one of the most beloved puffy jackets in the hunting industry with an updated fit and fabric package. Whatever the hunt, First Lite has an insulation option for you.


Early Season Comfort

When temps are high, you need to stay cool to stay in the game. From the airy Guide Lite Short to the packable Ridgeline QZ, First Lite’s 2020 line is ready for the early season. Quick-drying nylon and integrated 37.5 technology means your body expends less energy to maintain its optimal temperature and leaves more calories to pursue game over the next ridgeline.


Women's Essentials

First Lite is committed to outfitting our customers for the hunts of a lifetime. In 2020, we are stoked to expand some of our bestselling styles to female hunters. From the Obsidian, the industry’s only merino wool pant, to the unbelievably packable warmth of the Brooks Down Sweater, we are excited to provide solutions to all hunters who demand the best in performance apparel.


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