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Obsidian Merino Pants

Silent, odor resistant, and comfortable from 100 degrees into late season, the Obsidian merino pant takes the torch from the best-selling Kanab 2.0 pant with the fit being based off our hugely popular Corrugate Guide Pant. The Obsidian’s ergonomic design and proprietary, stretch merino/nylon fabric work in conjunction to move and flex with the body and provide maximum durability  all while preserving the qualities you love about Merino. Reinforced with rip-stop nylon, this woven merino pant has no UV signature or shine and fends off odor-causing bacteria better than any synthetic.  Stretch nylon panels also enhance range of motion and provide durability and support in high stress areas. The Obsidian pant is equipped with detachable suspenders for a superior fit with pack or harness and can be used with other First Lite pants. This piece is machine washable and will dry quickly over a branch or on a line. These features make the Obsidian a superior choice for a wide range of stationary and active hunting applications.





Product Details


  • True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear over or under other layers
  • Actual Weight: 22oz (size large)
  • Durable Merino-nylon midweight woven ripstop fabric
  • Body-mapped stretch nylon reinforcement
  • Belt and suspender loops (suspenders included)
  • Merino Wool is naturally antibacterial, meaning there is no treatment necessary to retain its odor resistant quality even when used for several days in a row
  • Extremely quiet--ideal for both spot and stalk and stationary hunting
  • Merino Wool is also naturally UV absorbent to eliminate shine and fire resistant
  • Stays warm whether dry or wet
  • Covered by First Lite's Warranty

    • Sizes

      Available in men's sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL


      Machine Wash Cold and Hang Dry

      Cut Shooters Cut
      Layering Position Midlayer
      Material 90% Merino Wool, 10% Nylon
      Primary Usage Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Upland, Fishing
      Region Midwest, Northeast, Pacific northwest, BC/Alaska, Southwest, Intermountain/Rockies
      Temperature 20F - 45F, 45F - 60F, 60F - 80F, Above - 80F, 80F+

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    Recently ordered the Obsidian Pant. Loved the Fit, Finish, and Pocket Design and Location. Love the temperature regulation of the Merino wool material. Love the Fusion Camo Pattern.

    A little worried about the Durability however. Wore them for about 30 minutes before snagging them on a green briar and tearing a hole in the left shin. In their defense the rip stop design worked as it was intended and the hole is contained to one square of the material.

    Over all I'm pleased with the Obsidian Pant and hopefully this wont be a recurring issue.
    - Zachary on 10/2/2017
    First Lite Obsidians
    Wow these pants are great, i wore them on my archery elk hunt and the morning temps got down to 28 degrees int he morning. I paired these up with athlete crew socks and i stayed warm in the morning stalking elk and i honestly gave this gear a 9.5 mile hike test in 3 days. In the morning the bottoms of my pant would get wet from the dew of the tall grass, but my lower legs would stay warm by mid afternoon my pants would be dried out. All in all the afternoon temps got around 52 degrees, and i was comfortable. I wore the pants and socks for a better part of 4 days total and i was still comfortable and there was no stink or smell from hiking. Great Product.
    - N8iV from Oregon on 10/2/2017
    Arizona desert will chew these pants up and spit them out.
    These pants are extremely comfortable. However, my first evening out with them they were put to the test and couldn't withstand Arizona's shrubby desert plants. I went through a Catsclaw and scrub oak patch on my way off the mountain and tried my best to avoid most but they were snagging on them. The pants have multiple snags all over and the brand new pants now look like I have had for years. Very unfortunate because of how comfortable they were and I was hoping the quilted/ripstop material would withstand. Might just be too thin for the desert.
    This was all within one hour and a half of hiking up and down the mountain
    - Patrick on 10/2/2017
    Light and Breathable
    Ive been wearing these for archery season here in East TN. Its been in the 80s, and I've been putting in some serious miles. Never once did I think, "Ga I'm freaking roasting." Yea it's been hot out, but between the obsidian and llano I've been comfortable on every outing. My advice is avoid stickers and especially green briar. My kanab 2.0s got a nice tear in them from some green briar last year. I believe the fit of the obsidians make them less prone to getting snagged on briars, etc. The obsidians are a great product!
    - Jordan on 9/30/2017
    Very pleased
    The fit is slightly baggy (good for layering) and I'm a big fan of the included suspenders. I love the zippered pockets, too. I love the fit, the flex and the overall feel. A few reviews on here worry about the "thinness" of these pants. That's fair, but they're not flimsy. I've worn them in the brush, in thistles and thorns. I got poked and they picked up some burrs, but not a single tear, rip or weakness (I'd recommend adding a warm-weather, sweat-wicking base layer) I don't plan to walk through that junk a ton, but I feel good about how they handled it. These pants have absolutely met my expectation.
    - Spencer on 9/29/2017
    Vs Kanab 2.0
    I wore my Kanab 2.0 and my buddy wore the Obsidians for 2 weeks of Archery elk hunting. Both pants performed well but we agreed that the Kanab 2.0 were the better pant. The reinforced panel in the butt of the kanab made it much more durable, the obsidians wore a hole in the bottom during their first hunt. We both like the pocket configuration of the Kanab 2.0 better with the front cargo pockets and the extra small pocket on the right side is perfect for mouth calls but it's gone on the Obsidian. Both pants are comfortable in a large temperature range and good for low temps with a light base layer. Both provide excellent range of motion. Really wish I could still buy the Kanab 2.0 pants.
    - Brent on 9/29/2017
    Awesome pants
    I had the corrugates from last year for colder weather but for this early seasons HOT archery hunt I decided to try out the obsidians. Could not have been happier with them. I was an idiot and sat on some jagged rock and slipped, tore the butt a bit first day out in them- my fault though and nothing a couple of stitches won't fix. I liked them so much I just bought a pair of dry earth ones for fishing/wearing around. Money well spent. It is merino and they are lightweight so sit accordingly!
    - Adam_d on 9/28/2017
    Great Pair of Pants
    6'5". The Large Tall is a great fit. these pants will be on every trip from August to November. Very impressed with the quality Firstlite delivers. Keep it up!
    - TM Montana on 9/27/2017
    Great Pant
    I switched to the obsidian from the kanabs this year because I wanted to go to a tall size. I certainly like the new pocket design and the Corrugate material in the high wear areas. The fit seems looser to me than the kanab's. I could have possibly gone with a medium. I still lean towards my corrugates (also switched to tall in them) but the obsidian is my go to warmer weather, multi day use pant. Already got blood on them this year from a MD whitetail doe so they are getting broken in properly!
    - Tom on 9/26/2017
    Great Pants!
    Just returned from an archery Elk hunt in the South San Juan mountains. This country is quite rugged and I hiked and went through some thick brush and dense timber. The pants held up well, I did suffer one small puncture hole on the right shin. I was amazed at how lightweight these pants are but are still warm and very breathable. They dry quickly and are incredibly comfortable.
    - Kelly on 9/25/2017
    Good pants, needs minor refining.
    Lets start with the positives, these pants are very comfortable in a multitude of weather conditions. I have worn these pants for 3 weeks of solid hunting now. The weather was very warm the first part of Antelope season, and dropped down to snowing and freezing temperatures during the past couple weeks of mule deer and elk season. The material is durable and the pocket placement is nice. They have enough stretch in the right places to not bunch up on you when you are on the move.

    The negatives: The pant bottoms (around the ankles) are too tight. They are an athletic fit, which I like, but the legs fit more like skinny jeans. If you are wearing boots that are above the ankles, your pant legs will not stay down. If you are wearing boots that are below the ankle, your pants will never fall over your boots. This causes rocks and grass debris to get inside your boot unless you are wearing ankle gaiters. These pants need to have a wider opening to go over your boots.
    The button on the side of the pants to roll them up hangs out too much. When you are walking through thick timber or brush, it get caught on everything. Especially if you are carrying your bow by your side.
    The bungee latch on the bottom of pants is bulky and can cause comfort issues. It needs to be more streamline and out of the way.

    Overall, I like the pants, but they do need some work around the bottom legs area. They are too tight and fit more like skinny jeans.
    - Brent on 9/25/2017
    Oh so close
    love the feel and the attention to detail on pockets and such, but these feel like when you put on an old pair of your dad's suit pants that are heavy and gianourmous. I am 5'10" 145lbs and got the medium. I could fit two of my legs in each of these legs, and there is about 4 inches of extra pant under my foot. Unless you got JLo bootie and T-Rex thighs, these things are baaaaagy. IMHO, $190 pants should come in more than 4 sizes.
    - LeeMac on 9/24/2017
    light and comfy
    i love the way these pants fit. I always have problems with pants not fitting my legs. these have plenty of room for my thunder thighs
    - POLI on 9/23/2017
    Snow, rain and some muddy hills to endure but these pants kept me dry and comfortable. Definitely buying a few more pairs.
    - Tony on 9/23/2017
    Best version yet
    I own the Knab 1.0 (which I love), 2.0 (which i hate-fit is horrible), and this is basically the 3.0 which is closer to the 1.0. Material i still great, better pockets than the 1.0, and the new color options. This is hands down my favorite pair of hunting pants I own and I plan on getting dry earth for casual wear. I wear these in the heat and below freezing both with great results. Everyone I have shown them to has been very impressed with the quality.
    - Keith on 9/21/2017
    Best pair of hunting pants I've ever owned.
    Super lightweight, breathable and durable at the same time. Super comfortable for everyday use if desired. The suspenders make it super comfortable when hauling a backpack on your back and cinching down the waste buckles, no belt buckle digging into your stomach. The pockets are everywhere you want them and the zippers are quiet and durable. Worth every penny.
    - Average Hunter on 9/18/2017
    I put them to the test and they came out......
    Ahead! Although it wasn't without a snag. I will preface by saying this trip was the first time that i had worn the pants. I just got back from a 10 day backpacking trip in southeast Alaska and the only pants i wore were the Obsidian pants, and the Boundary rain pants (reviewed separately) . A float plane dropped off our party of three and almost immediately i had the urge to relieve myself. As i went to zip up my pants and button them, to my extreme dismay, I realized there was no longer a button to secure my pants with! Literally minutes into a 10 day backpacking trip on a remote island in southeast Alaska and my pants were missing the most button that pants can have. Upsetting, but not a deal breaker. For the rest of the trip i used some 550 cord to secure them. Now for the positives. A good chunk of the next 9 days was spent bushwhacking through extremely thick brush/vegetation. In this thick vegetation was a wonderful plant they call Devils Club. Even after multiple rubs with Devils Club and 9 days of following game trails through the dense fores,t the pants only acquired two small holes. This may not sound like a positive, but trust me it is. Moving through the type of forest that we did for 9 days and only getting two small holes was nothing short of amazing. On top of that the entire island was thoroughly saturated. Wool does get wet. That being said, while my pants were visibly wet on the outside, the majority of the time, i COULD NOT feel the cold dampness on the inside. Between the 2-3 uncharacteristically nice days that we had, and hanging my pants in my tent at night, i was able to keep the pants comfortably and relatively dry. They pants stretched where they needed to while my body contorted its way through the forest, I found the pockets great for staying organized. The fabric is essentially silent. While moving through the brush it was noticeable how much quieter the pants were than the pants of the other two hunters i was with. I'm 6'2" with a 32 waist and MT worked wonderfully with the suspenders. And last but certainly not least, after 10 days of hiking, only wearing 1 pair of pants, and 0 showers, the pants came out smelling as fresh as they did going in. My wife would tell you otherwise, but you get my point. Merino is awesome! I highly recommend these pants. Besides the button which i think was just bad luck, these pants performed wonderfully. Well done First Lite!
    - Kyle R. on 9/17/2017
    Super lightweight pants...
    I really dig hunting backcountry during the warm weather in these pants. Great range of motion and very unrestricted. My one concern is durability in the crotch area where the different types of fabric are sewn together, my threads in the crotch appear to be working loose after limited trips.
    - Dylan on 9/17/2017
    How does it fit?
    These pants are extremely comfortable, well made, and honestly, very cool looking. There's something to be said about great looking gear. I'm 5'10" with a 36" waist and 30" inseam. Despite the fact I'm lacking a Matthew McConaughey physique, these pants fit extremely well. As for the sizing chart, I chose to order Large in the Obsidian and I'm glad I did. The waist feels great, the length is pretty close to perfect. If I wanted I could have maybe an inch taken off the length but I don't think it's necessary. Here in Florida the temps can soar and the humidity can leave you swampy to say the least, but these pants breath well. Super satisfied with these pants and I'm proud of the First Lite brand. These guys really do a ton to give back for conservation and hunting recruitment. Great gear, great people.
    - Elias on 9/17/2017
    Top notch gear
    As a full time guide for nearly 40 years I have used virtually every manufacturers products. Tried these and they are my go to pants for comfort, and practicability. The pocket system allows me to carry a variety of tools imperative to doing my job quickly, quietly, and efficiently.
    - Amo on 9/16/2017
    Advancements made
    These are the better version of my old favorites the kanabs. These are reinforced and breathable, light and comfortable.
    - Tony on 9/15/2017
    Everything they say about wool is true
    I haven't tried the Obsidian pants out yet, but I had a great experience with my Kanab 2.0's this week in northern CO near the WY border. We had warm weather all week - I wore First Lite head to toe and could not have been more comfortable, but the real test came one rainy evening (Saturday night, Sept. 9th).

    We were set up on a meadow under a ridge - elk were calling EVERYWHERE. I had my Kanab 2.0s on, a Llano T, and Chama Hoodie. When the rain started I threw my Uncompahgre on and let my buddy borrow my rain jacket (he was that guy....). I didn't take my rain pants (I usually don't). The storm brought temps in the low 40's and a pretty stiff breeze. My buddy got so cold that he was shaking - I was warm and comfortable. My legs got a little chilly while it was coming down, but as soon as the rain stopped they warmed up.

    When they tell you that wet wool will still keep you warm, that is NOT fake news. My single layer of wet wool pants was all I needed. Nothing better than having your gear perform as advertised - except getting a bull, which I did the next morning!!! : )

    Thank you FL!!!
    - Chisum on 9/13/2017
    Great Comfortable Pants for any weather!
    I just returned from a friend's Rocky Mtn Bighorn hunt n the Rio Grande Gorge in New Mexico. I wore these pants the entire time, even driving up to the hunt. I think they are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn. They have enough room in the knees, legs and seat for unrestricted movement but the don't feel loose and baggy. The pockets are well designed. The zipper pockets are great for securing valuable and important items and the unzippered cargo pockets are great for storing stuff you don't want to unzip to get to.

    It was smoking hot during the day (90s) and very cool in the mornings and evenings. Being merino wool the pants were very comfy in all temps and activity levels. Even during high exertion in the heat the pants didn't get hot and clammy. I hate hot and clammy!

    I did a lot of crawling around in the rocks and was surprised at how durable the pants were being that they are merino. I used the suspenders. I have never used suspenders before and really loved them. And they were not noticeable under my pack.

    These are my new favorite hunting pants. Actually my favorite pants period. They will be great for travel. I can't wait to wear them later this week on my NM archery elk hunt in the Gila.
    - Brandon W on 9/13/2017
    Frickin awesome
    I have 4 pairs of these pants and love them, I have worn them when it was hot, pretty cool mornings teamed with the long handles and also teamed with the storm tight pants on really windy cool days. They were so comfortable, I wore them as pajamas on multiple nights. My only suggestions would be to add a left hip pocket and I'm not sure why but my 2 pairs of brown pants, the cargo pockets are on the front part of the thigh instead of on the side which inhibits hiking when something like my range finder is in the cargo pocket
    - Cody on 9/11/2017
    Great product
    So far I have only done a bit of hiking with them. So fdar they have been great when it's 48 in the morning and 70 in the afternoon. People need to realise that these are wool not polyester. They are tough. But not bulletproof. Natural fibers are less durable then poly. That's what the brambler gators are for. I love them they are very comfortable
    - Matthew on 9/7/2017
    My go to gear
    This is my first purchase from First Lite and I couldn't be happier with the products I have received. I hunt in very hot conditions in Northern CA (80-90 degrees) and these pants keep me cool, dry, and odor free. The fusion pattern is awesome! I wore these for 5 days straight in the high country of Nevada this year and by the end of the trip they did not even smell. Crazy! I ordered large (size 34 waist) and they are slightly big in the waist, but if I use the provided suspenders they work fine. The only suggestion I have is to make them a little more athletic in the cut. It wont stop me from wearing them but it would be nice to have them a little tighter in the legs.
    - Mark on 9/6/2017
    Even better than Kanabs
    I loved both versions of Kanabs but these are even better. More comfortable and better cut for climbing. My go to pants.
    - Clint on 9/5/2017
    Super comfortable pants with lots of room for vertical climbing. Easy to clean dries quick. Thumbs up.
    - Chad on 9/5/2017
    I just like the helpful info you supply on your articles. I will bookmark your blog and take a look at once more here regularly. I'm somewhat sure Ill learn a lot of new stuff right right here! Best of luck for the following! aekbcdgeddkbbfae
    - Smithk233 on 9/4/2017
    Terrible Stitching, Hole in Crotch After 1 Wash
    Been on one short hike in them, threw them in the wash and now there is a hole in the crotch, and a few other places where the stitching is just falling out. Cant believe I got so ripped off. $200 dollar pants that are falling apart on their own.
    - Guy on 9/3/2017
    Not made to last
    I love First Lite, but these pants are a total miss. I've hunted with them three days now and so far a suspender loop has failed (ripped off the pants) and the pants have a 3 inch tear near my boot. If you do any measure of bushwacking, which I imagine most hunters do, you'll want to steer clear of these pants. For the price of these pants, I'd expect them to last...
    - Matthew on 9/3/2017
    They fit great
    Wore these pants hiking an they were comfortable didnt get snagged on twigs and dried pretty fast after getting wet wasn't to excited about the suspenders at first but they help a bunch when packing ,,diffenitly would buy another pair
    - Sheldon on 8/31/2017
    Baller, shot caller.
    I wear a 34 waist and 38 inseam and got the Large Long... these pants run a little longer (just a little) than advertised. In the past I have had to add fabric to my pants but these should actually fit pretty well! We'll see how they do in Wyoming next month but I doubt they'll be anything but awesome. My only improve for FL would be to make the tall sizes with an open or adjustable hem, (often times sizes (in pants and shirts) get longer when you size up, but needling longer clothes doesn't often mean you need wider clothes too!) for us with big bird legs its the sitting or kneeling positions that turn what look like normal pants into high-waters. Lastly, as with all the new FL gear, I feel like they actually fit pretty well for those of us who don't shy away from the gym. I am by no means Arnold, but often times find myself length wise on the higher size end and girth wise lower (between L/XL tall sizes) I feel FL cut accommodates better than others.
    - Nickster on 8/24/2017
    Awesome pants! Best pants ever!!!
    These are by far the best pants I have ever got. I have gone scoutingvin these a few times and they absolutely fit me to a tee. I'm a little shorter and stockier and it's hard to find pants in general that fit let alone hunting pants. I plan on buying lots more of these pants in the future. I even want some just for around the house. Best pants ever!!!
    - Johnny on 8/18/2017
    A new favorite!
    I have been wearing First Lite gear for over 6 years and always loved the Kanab pant. However, the Obsidian is a huge improvement over an already impressive product line! I love the fit and these pants are much more durable than its predecessor. A good friend of mine was a die hard Sitka fan. After seeing these pants when I ordered them, he completely converted to First Lite. Great work on these ones guys!
    - Chris H on 8/17/2017
    Quality Product
    The Obsidian Pants at very comfortable. Wore them while scouting for elk in the beetle kill mountains of southern Wyoming. Lots of deadfall and thick brush. The pants never snagged or ripped. The pants got wet from rain and dried quickly while just sitting under a tree. The pants are very quiet and have snap/zipper free cargo pockets for quiet access. The pants are so thin that mosquitoes were stinging my legs through the pants (which is why I gave it 4 stars. All around good pant though.
    - Hutch914 on 8/16/2017
    Tried really hard...cant find anything wrong with them.
    It's not the things we like about what we buy, but what we don't like that defines our products. The obsidian pant is amazing. Tough, breathable, functional, ergonomic, and quiet. Love the suspenders so that my backpack waist straps dont rub into my hips/buckle. Pockets are super great and I have no concerns about the durability. Keep up the good work!

    - Idaho knockerz on 8/14/2017
    Can't wait to hunt with these
    The fit is nice. Never owned a pair of merino pants and I can't wait to put these to the test this September! They feel great and have plenty of room to move around in. The cipher pattern is great too.
    - Bull_Fighter on 8/14/2017
    Not up to the task
    I am a grad student wildlife researcher and hunter. Let me say that I love everything first lite- the merino wool shirts, socks, and boxer briefs! So I bought these pants to use for my field research and hunting in california's dreaded A zone. I wore these pants twice and they were not able to withstand chamise, thorn bushes, mixed chaparral, etc. they have already ripped. Also, the front pockets are huge and low, filling up with debris faster than anybody's business. It's clear these pants were made for road hunters or trail walking; they cannot withstand backcountry off-trail beatings. Hopefully the first lite crew can strengthen the design for the next pants they create, but I'll need to be convinced if I am to ever purchase a pair again in the future.
    - Tom on 8/13/2017
    I am between the medium and large sizes. I ordered the larges and they are just about right in the waist (I am a 33/34 waist in jeans), and I like the option to use the suspenders instead of a belt. I like the cut of them. I have thick legs and rear and many hunting pants get tight in the thighs. There is plenty of room throughout those areas and in a full squat or lunge there is no "hang up" spots where the fabric gets tight. I like the way the buttons for rolling up the pants are hung from a ribbon as opposed to sewn directly on the pant. If you hate the button, you can cut it off without damaging the pants, and then you won't kneel on it anymore.
    On a side note, I think that the new conifer color is right on, much more subtle than pine was.
    - SteveinAK on 8/9/2017
    These pants are awesome!
    I bought a pair of these pants after the crotch in my Kanab 2.0 Merino Pants ripped. These pants are very well made and I love the pockets on these. Your first impression when you get these may be "they feel too soft and thin to wear out in the woods" but talking from experience they are excellent. I highly recommend these pants!
    - Shaun on 8/7/2017
    Great pants
    These are great and handled a wide range of temps (40-80) very well. I never got swampy or cold. They're extremely quite through the brush and stretch and give everywhere I needed them to. I'm not a huge fan of the ribbon button at the knee. I don't like feeling things toss around on my legs and wish it was a button stud or attached directly to the pant. I like the built in ability to roll my pant legs just not the way the button was executed. If you're looking for an all around pant add these to your cart now.
    - Andrew on 8/5/2017
    Awesome Product!
    Got the Obsidians early summer and tried it out on a grizzly scouting trip. At 4,000 plus feet elevation in the mountains of Alaska, these pants kept me warm and comfortable through out the hole day even when the wind staterd blowing. Like the Kanabs, I am very impressed on the Obsidians. My new all season go to pants.
    - Richard on 8/2/2017
    Exactly what I was looking for
    Finally had a chance to put some time in these scouting and setting up cameras. It's been hot up here (Between 85-95) and these pants have performed great in the heat. They are super breathable and don't lock in the sweat. The fit is great, a little looser up top and tight around the boots. Definitely the most comfortable hunting pants I've worn in the heat, so they should be perfect for early season. The pockets are also well placed and not over kill. I'm looking forward to seeing how they hold up over time and how warm they'll keep me during late season hikes with the long underwear. All in all a must have piece of gear in my opinion.
    - Tyler on 8/1/2017
    Great Pants
    I ordered these pants in large which is what I order every other bottom in at Firstlite and they fit great. They have a looser fit than the corrugates, so if you want a tighter fit, you may want to size down. I however like the looser fit. They are also durable. The thorn bushes I have been through don't phase them. They breath well and I consider them a piece of gear that you can wear year round with the right layering. They also look great. I wouldn't hesitate to wear the solid colors out in town to a restaurant or bar.
    - Alex Sterling on 8/1/2017
    Must own
    I finally got to wear my obsidians scouting the most grueling country side this past weekend! As you know, in the end of July it gets really toasty here in Idaho. I had so much mobility and they kept me dry as I sweat the whole day! These are a must buy for the backpack hunter!
    - Trevman on 7/31/2017
    Sent them back the day i got them
    To get this straight, I have never left a review in my life. I felt as if I owed it to anyone who would read this and make a decision before spending $200 on pants. I bought these pants with the intention of using them to scout, hunt, hang stands, etc. After opening them (they are a lot darker then they look in this pic) I was immediately surprised at how soft and thin these pants are. They also felt almost too soft to wear into the woods, kind of like a pair of pajamas. When my wife came home and asked if those were the pants I paid $200 for she laughed at me. I just do not see the value in these pants. Keep in my mind this is my personal opinion and I have no expertise in clothing but I have been a hunter my whole life and these just are not what they seem to advertised online.
    - OWL on 7/19/2017
    waiting to test
    Just received these a week or so ago, I like the fit as I am a small and most waist to length ratios don't work as I have a longer inseam then most smalls. The pockets are awesome. They fit and feel great, Alaska Dall sheep will be the test!
    - Great pant on 7/14/2017
    Great early season/active hunt pants
    A true to fit hunting pant, the obsidians blew me away with how quiet and comfortable they were, extremely breathable to keep you cool during warm days, and warm enough to keep you comfortable when the temperature starts dropping. Great pants for active hunting and for early tree stand use!
    - joshkolasch on 7/6/2017
    Great pant - nice update on the Kanab 2
    Finally arrived. Great pant, well built, cut perfectly for me, and comfortable to boot. I'm 5'7 and 155lbs, SM fit great.

    These will be my go to pant for early season.
    - NODAK on 7/6/2017
    Very Happy
    I was finally able to get these pants out and give them a try in 90+ degree weather. I must say they are going to be good in the early seasons. I was able to keep cool and still keep my lags shaded from the sun. I especially liked the new pocket placement, my pants were able to stay a little looser when sitting down when my thigh pocket was full. I also think I will enjoy the button on the leg so I can roll my pats up when I want to cross a small stream.
    - Gage on 6/30/2017
    Great for the ladies too!!
    I needed a quiet pair of merino pants and figured I'd try the men's Obsidian Pants. VERY impressed, they are quiet, worked well in the 40-80 degree weather I was hiking in and fit great. I'm 5'7'' and typically wear a women's medium, I bought these in a small and they are perfect. Love the suspenders as well! Two thumbs up First Lite
    - Jeannie on 6/27/2017
    Great Quality
    I really like these pants! The way they fit as well as the pocket layout. The suspenders rock, especially while wearing a pack. They do run true to size, I order XL when I normally wear a 36 comfortably and with the stretch they allow the XL were a little large on me; returning for L.
    - Randall on 6/23/2017
    Great Pant!
    Just received these pants in the mail so haven't got a chance to test them in the field yet but they seem like the perfect all around hunting pants for here in Alaska. The fit is pretty spot on, I am 5'9, 150#, 30" inseam, and the small fits perfect. Depending on the company I wear a medium and sometimes a small in pretty much everything. I followed First Lite's sizing guide to make my decision on these pants. The elastic in the waist band makes them variable for those people that can be between sizes on some products. First Lite nailed it on these pants!
    - Jesse from AK on 6/20/2017
    Great all around weather pants that are tough and fit great, The articulation is great so it stretches when you go up and over logs or bend over. Really glad first lite kept the button on them so you can fold up your pants for river crossings or when its hot.
    - Michael on 6/19/2017
    Big Brother
    6'4, 195 lbs, Large tall. The 'tall' works for me. These are very quiet pant, especially compared to the Corrugates. I was expecting them to be a bit heavier weight, they are not heavy at all, but they feel durable. I'm confident they will keep me warm when i need to be. Rolling up the legs to create some "morts" (man shorts) is a nice touch. A do it all pant for sure.
    - HuntORE on 6/15/2017
    Not what the Kanab 2.0 used to be
    I blew out the crotch in my Kanab 2.0's and RMA'd them. It took almost two months, but I was sent a new pair of Obsidians as their replacement, which was nice. Unfortunately, these pants are not what the Kanabs used to be. They are cut more like the Corrugates, which I own, wear constantly, and love, but the wool version doesn't seem to handle that cut as well. The pants are bunchy in weird places like the thighs, knees, and crotch. Also, I really liked the pocket configuration of the Kanab's, but that's personal preference. I miss my Kanabs. If you like your Kanabs and something less-than-catastrophic happens to them, take them to a tailor to have them repaired. Otherwise they'll be swapped for a lesser pant.
    - Jeff on 6/9/2017
    These just arrived in the mail today. A buddy had the original Kanabs, and I was hesitant to order because I did not like the fit and felt like pockets were insufficient. The new Obsidians are awesome. Same great feel, but better fit and a great pocket setup. Cant wait to get these out in the field soon. Large was spot on, I am 6' and 200 lbs.
    - Rich on 6/8/2017
    Better than Kanab 2
    Just got my Obsidians and I can see why they're better than the Kanabs--I like the cut better as they just seem quieter and less likely to snag. Great pockets and the size was spot on in a large.
    - Idahizzle on 6/7/2017