Midweight Neck Gaiter
Midweight 250 Merino-X

With an extra 2" in length and featuring 250 gsm Merino-X, the new and improved Midweight Neck Gaiter could be the most comfortable, versatile and important addition this season. The Neck Gaiter can be worn around your neck for warmth and comfort and then easily pulled up over the back of your head and up over your nose for extreme cold and maximum concealment. The Neck Gaiter is also a great piece of gear for winter fishing, snowmobiling, skiing or snowboarding when the weather gets cold and nasty.


Product Details

Layering Position

  • - Next to Skin
    • Features

      • - 250 gsm Merino-X
      • - Merino is naturally odor resistant with no treatments or chemicals to wear out
      • - Retains warmth when soaking wet
      • - Lightweight,interlock fabric
      • - 18" overall length
System Position Accessory
Material Merino-X
Actual Product Weight Size MD 1.8 oz.
Primary Usage Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Waterfowl, Upland, Fishing

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perfect for mid to late season
I love this neck gaiter. I use it with the tag cuff beanie during mid and late season deer hunting. Really saves your face from the cold wind.
- Tres on 2/7/2018
Super Versatile!
Easily one of the most versatile pieces of kit you can have. It weighs next to nothing and it can be used as a neck gaiter, face mask, hat, ear warmer the list goes on.
I had to walk back to camp through a blizzard and this piece was a life saver, it kept my exposed ears and nose safe from stinging winds. Now I never going hunting without one.
- Michael on 1/24/2018
So Perfect!
I had never felt the need to use a neck gaiter previously. I was missing out! Merino was very comfortable. The length is great so you can pull it up over you face in really cold and/or windy conditions. Perfect addition with minimal weight to the gear list.
- Paul on 1/21/2018
neck gaiter
Great product and an awesome addition to any outdoors persons wardrobe. Will buy several in a variety of colors.
- Joshua on 1/9/2018
First Lite, please don’t ever get rid of this gaiter!
I wasn’t sure how much warmth I could expect from something so light weight. I have been blown away by this piece. It’s small, but it adds so much comfort and warmth on those chilled, frosty mornings. I’d slip it over my face as soon as I got settled in the stand, and it added so much warmth. I’d even have to pull it down around my neck from time to time to keep from getting too warm. This gaiter holds heat and offers quick and easy concealment to hide from your prey. Keep this one forever, First Lite.
- Jordan on 1/7/2018
Loses its form too quickly
I've used one of these (I have several) for the past 4 months in a variety of conditions. Its a decent bit of gear for concealing your face and keeping the chill off, however, the fit leaves a bit to be desired. The fit is great/slightly snug when its new out of the package or fresh out of the laundry, but after a single use, the gaiter gets stretched out and won't stay up on your face... If you don't have access to a fresh gaiter or laundry, you're forced to wear the piece 3/4 of the way over the back of your head (way up over your ears) if you want it to stay in place over your lower face. If not worn in this fashion, it will slide off your face and be lying limp around your neck in no time. When the gaiter is being pulled up and down between ambush sites, think archery elk or predator hunting, its irritating to constantly be adjusting the gaiter while on stand to keep it in place. For me, the piece needs to be integrated with a more stretchy type fabric before its a must have bit of gear.
- Plivey on 12/19/2017
I can say this is warm enough after using it in very cold weather, including storms. But it is light enough that it could probably be used in warm weather for concealment as well. My favorite part about this was it never seemed to get overly wet from breathing into it while cold outside. I used to wear things like this skiing that were made of synthetic material and they were always wet and cold after half a day of breathing on it.
- Evan on 11/18/2017
Good stuff
The extra length is perfect, allows for the gaiter to be tucked in the collar of my shirt to keep out drafts, covering my face for warmth and concealment, but still enough material to "bunch" around my neck for warmth. So far only used for tree stand sitting in 15-30 degree F range but i like it a lot.
- Jared on 11/14/2017
Good for cool weather but certainly not “extreme cold”
I was hoping this gaiter would keep my face warm during a recent high 40 degree, windy Ohio treestand sit. It did ok for a while but eventually the cold winds were too much for it. It’s not thick enough to handle the “extreme cold” they mention in the product description. I’ll have to try the balaclava, hope that is warmer. That being said, it is well made and performs great in the 50-60 degree range for comfort and concealment. I also have the aero wool version for the hotter temps which works well there also. 3 stars for the inaccurate product description.
- Brian on 11/5/2017
Multipurpose goodness
Love this little gaiter in ASAT! Great for use in temperatures ranging from cool (not quite enough on its own for sub-freezing) to hot. I've used it as a regular old face mask, an eye cover, an ear warmer, and a headband. I really like that it can fit over a braid or ponytail without becoming too snug or short. Whenever it starts to feel a little loose, I just chuck it in the wash and dry it on the lowest setting for a little while and it's good to go. My better half-come-hunting buddy loves mine and keeps trying to swipe it, so I guess it gets a double thumbs up!
- Liz on 10/15/2017
Great cold weather gear
Very versatile piece of gear that conceals just as much as it keeps you warm! So small that I will carry it everywhere, not itchy at all, and it keeps heat from dissipating when I just wear it around my neck.
- Dan on 10/9/2017
Versatile Gaiter
Am able to wear it when it is 60 degrees or 0 degrees effectively. Use this for deer hunting, ice fishing, and upland hunting. Very happy with length as well.
- Christian on 10/5/2017
Awesome quality
Can't wait to use this versatile product in the field. Soft and comfortable.
- thommy on 10/2/2017
Favorite Piece of Gear
This is such a simple yet functional piece of gear it quickly became my favorite acquisition last season. Honestly can't think of the last time I didn't either wear it or have it in my pocket while out in the field. It's my face mask during duck season, sweat band in the summer, stocking cap in the winter, head warmer on windy days, makes a great pillow in camp when stuffed with a puffy jacket, and the list goes on...
- Jon on 9/25/2017
Nice to have
The merino neck kept my neck, ears, and face warm when the temperatures were in the mid 30's. I'd like to try it out when it gets colder, I think it will work well. I did notice that it began to stretch out and loosen after longer use. I think it will shrink back after it goes through the wash.
- Brad on 9/21/2017
Great addition
Nice long cut that can cover face and whole neck. I always have this in my pack.
- Clint on 9/5/2017
A must have!
I have worn this neck gaiter hunting in Montana's sub-zero temperatures, as well as in 130 degree heat flying helicopters in the Middle East. The merino wool never failed to regulate temperature keeping me comfortable and dry, no matter how adverse the conditions were. Also, surprisingly durable! I have had my gaiter for over 6 years and it still looks and feels new!
- Christopher on 8/17/2017
Always goes along...
This is one piece of gear that is always with me when in the field regardless of whether it is hot or cold. Used as sunshade/face cover when it's hot and used to keep neck, ears, and face warm when it's cold. Does exceedingly well in both applications.
- Dusty on 8/9/2017
Won't leave home with out it
This is probably my favorite and most versatile piece of gear. Between fishing and hunting I pretty much use one of these year round. On the boat its great to keep the sun off when its hot out and works equally as well keeping you warm when its cold. During hunting season it keeps the bugs off during early season and is surprisingly warm as it gets colder...best part is, being wool it still keeps you warm even when the condensation from your breath starts to build up on it. While camping during hunting season I pull it over my ears and the top of my head while in the sleeping bags and it helps regulate my temperature perfect.
- Lincoln on 8/3/2017
Long Piece
This piece seems a little long.
- Nick on 7/27/2017
Always in my pack
I keep my First Lite neck gaiter in my pack from early fall to early spring. I over heat quickly and it is the perfect weight for me. It protects my neck and head from everything from hunting, ice fishing, snow mobiling, hiking, and sledding with my kids.
- Josh on 7/17/2017
Staple piece
This neck gator is great for concealment and warmth. I've used it for camouflage while turkey hunting and for warmth and as a wind breaker while big game hunting. I don't leave home without it!
- Anna on 6/1/2017
Fantastic piece of gear
whether I am fishing steelhead in the cold winter months or calling in elk during September, I always have the merino Neck Gaiter with me around my neck... great for blocking the cold air or concealing your self from the wondering eyes of the wapiti... Either way this is a must have for your arsenal. Keep up the great work First lite...
- Jeremy on 4/3/2017
Long and Solid
Great piece of equipment. Nothing ruins a hunt like getting cold and for me I get colder much faster when my neck is exposed. I'll use this from turkeys to long days in the drift boat.
- HuntORE on 3/2/2017
Must have piece of Gear
I purchased this a few weeks ago for my recent white tail trip to Wisconsin an I am glad I did. The temps were a little unusual this year ranging from highs of 70 to lows of 30. I utilized this gaiter for concealment and warmth and it outperformed in both areas. When it was hot out it wasn't overwhelmingly warm and when it was cold it added just enough warmth to take the chill away. I wore this morning and night for 7 days straight half of the time completely covered my face and it still doesn't smell like anything. I cant believe it. Additionally I had several bucks/does/turkeys stare right at me and they have no clue I was there. Thanks again FL for another great piece of hunting clothing.
- Charles on 11/10/2016
Perfect addition
An excellent facemask or neck gaiter. Perfect weight for mid to late season.
- George on 10/27/2016
Perfect addition
I wear this every time I go out. Keeps you very warm and isn't bulky at all.
- James on 7/29/2016
I have several of these..... they are perfect! Keeps the wind off your neck, covers your face, pull over your ears and still can hear. Super comfortable with no itch what so ever. Plenty long enough so when you cover your ears it still covers the base of your neck.

Please make one in blaze orange!
- Bart on 7/11/2016
Many uses!
I own several of these in ASAT camo, and love them. I wear them as neck gaiters, and even head gear, and also covered my fletching during a light rain to keep my feathers a tad dry. I just need a couple in black for the turkey blind.
- Mitchell on 4/25/2016
Versatile!! Warm weather, cold weather, sun protection. It works, it stretches and it stays. Fine job with this gaiter.
- N. Hedrick on 4/9/2016
I wear this on dusty convoys in the gunner seat as well as hunting coyotes! I have even pulled it up and wore it as a headband for long trail runs!
- Sean on 4/8/2016
My favorite face mask/gaiter.
I use this as my face mask for turkey and deer hunting in ground blinds. I have worn mesh and polyester ones before, and they are uncomfortable and smell terrible after a couple days of hunting. I wasn't sure how this would work during warm turkey hunts, but it has been fantastic so far. Regulates temperature well, so I'm comfortable in the cool early morning as well as the warm afternoons. It's not itchy or irritating to wear for long periods of time either.
- Zach on 4/8/2016
Awesome piece of gear
Love the neck gaiter. Saved me from getting a wicked sunburn out on the drift boat, equally excells keeping me concealed while hunting.

Amazingly warm on those cooler days, but also wore it pronghorn hunting in the blazing heat and helped keep me cool?!?

First Lite merino wool is amazing I guess is the only thing needed to be said.
- Jake on 2/12/2015
Small pieces of clothing like this can make a trip go from good to great. This product does that. The material is very comfortable and does an amazing job at regulating temps. The cut is long enough that it can easily be pulled up to conceal the face but still cover the next.
- Kentucky Whitetail Farms on 6/18/2014
Face saver
I wear this gaiter during rifle hunts when it's colder out. It's great for stopping wind chapped lips and face.
- Idaho hunter on 6/4/2014
Don't Leave Home without
Essential in cooler months and also a great addition for warmer exposed days in the field, I take First Lite's neck Gaitor on all my adventures.
- rodgesa on 5/29/2014
Fishing and Hunting
I wear the gaiter fishing and hunting--pretty much all year long. It's awesome when I dunk it in water in heat or for hiding my face bow hunting. Super versatile and lasts forever.
- LipRipper on 5/27/2014