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Mountain Athlete Triad Sock
3 Layer Seamless Construction

Utilizing the most advanced knitting technology available, First Lite is raising the bar in one of the most important areas of your hunting clothing system--your socks. The Mountain Athlete Triad Sock uses three layers of material in a seamless construction to put the important elements of comfort, durability and padding where you need it and less where you don't. Keep your dogs happy with the Triad.



Product Details

Layering Position

  • - Next to Skin
    • Features

    • - Sizing: Size 10 and under should order Small. 11 and up should order size Large
    • - Three Layer Seamless Construction
    • - Naturally odor resistant
    • - Mid Weight Upper
    • - Heavyweight Padded Foot Bed
    • - Ankle and Arch Lock Foot Support

      • Cut
        System Position Next to Skin
        Material Merino Wool Blend
        Actual Product Weight Size MD 2.6 oz.
        Primary Usage Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Upland, Fishing

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29 Reviews
Runs Small
Runs Large
Super Comfortable 8/2/2018

I'm always nervous about new socks, especially for summer use in the mountains. I asked the CS rep about these and if I would need sock liners to pair with them, I never leave the house without sock liners. She suggested I try these sock as they are, and they were awesome. They kept my feet fairly dry and I never felt any slipping around and I was not wearing sock liners. I logged about 50 miles in 4 days with one pair of socks and they were perfect. Just air them out every night and they will perform every time! I'm buying three more pairs now.

How it fits
They fit great

Nickname: James
Height: 5'10" - 6'
Weight: 190lbs - 200lbs
Size: L/XL
Location: California
Use: Spot & Stalk
Sweet Socks 7/31/2018

Love these socks! I rotated 2 pairs on a 7 day mule deer hunt and they served me well! Always kept me warm and dry.

How it fits
Little tight on my HUGE (Trump voice) calves.

Nickname: Ripsaw650
Height: 5'8" - 5'10"
Weight: 210lbs - 220lbs
Size: L/XL
Location: Utah
Use: Spot & Stalk
The only socks I wear during hunting season 7/31/2018

From bow hunting in early September to late season muzzleloader hunting these are my go to sock. Your feet stay cool and odor free on hot days yet warm when the temperatures drop.

Nickname: Samuel
Location: Virginia
Use: Spot & Stalk
Great light sock 7/29/2018

Great for hot weather use. Thin construction but sturdy.

Nickname: Max
Height: 5'10" - 6'
Weight: 170lbs - 180lbs
Size: L/XL
Location: Oregon
Use: Lifestyle
Go to wool socks 7/29/2018

First pair of socks I've owned from FL. Breathe well and fit me great. Super comfy socks. Haven't formed hot spots yet with them on. Fully expect to use these on long back country hunts.

Nickname: Jimmy
Height: 5'10" - 6'
Weight: 190lbs - 200lbs
Size: L/XL
Use: Spot & Stalk
Great socks 7/28/2018

I love these socks, even when it's 90+ in the mountains checking cameras the feel amazing. The only sock I feel I can wear more than once and be grossed out by it.

How it fits
They fit a bit snug around the calves, I probably should have ordered the bigger size for that reason, would be great if the re was a bit more give.

Nickname: PiperV15
Height: 6' - 6'2"
Weight: 200lbs - 210lbs
Size: S/M
Location: Washington
Use: Spot & Stalk
Love them... 6/26/2018

I've been wearing these around the house, on long hikes and while donning waders for fishing and they are great. These reach almost to my knee, which I like; they stay up and they stay dry. I feel like I could get away with taking just one pair for week long backcountry trip. My new favorite socks for sure.

Nickname: Chris
Best fitting socks ever 4/16/2018

I hate socks because they either don’t fit in the toes or in the heel, but these things are dope!! The compression around the ankle surprised me, but I love it!! They feel great and fit great!

Nickname: Nate
all around go to sock 2/22/2018

This isn't a heavy sock by any means but I love the fit and the fact i can wear it for multiple days and it doesn't get that epic crunchy / stinky sock feeling. I take two/three pairs of these everywhere due to the padding where its needed and thin/breathable where it should be. great sock

Nickname: Mitch
They say merino makes all the difference... 1/11/2018

It's not just any merino, quality matters. Not all merino wool is created equal. This summer I participated in a Fly Fishing event that took us to backcountry waters all over Colorado. I had a new pair of the Mtn Athlete Triad socks, along with other merino brands. The difference between them was night and day. The First Lite Mtn Athlete Triad socks were comfortable, durable, better at managing moisture in my boots, and they remained significantly more comfortable by the end of a long day. After that experience, I replaced my old wool socks with First Lite merino wool socks before hunting season. Now after a full season of hunting on these socks, I'm totally sold. From elk in Montana, to pronghorn in Wyoming, to mule deer in Colorado and Texas, these are my new go-to hunting socks.

Nickname: RyanM
Best Socks I've Ever Worn 1/2/2018

I've never been one to pay much attention to socks, until now! Wore these for my first horn hunting expedition of the year and my feet never felt better. Socks were comfy, fit well, and did a good job regulating the temperature within my boots. I'm now a believer!

Nickname: Tyler
warm-comfy 12/3/2017

I had my boots stretched and re-soled and forgot to reapply my Obenauf's so when I stepped out of my raft into the freezing river to head to my stand my feet was instantly soaked. I was pissed as my thought was "damn, I just wasted this entire trip and have to bail" ,I was wrong!!!! I took off my boots and dumped the water and wrung out my socks then put everything back on fast as it was only 24F at the time. My feet was toasty warm in no time and I was very happy and stayed and hunted all day-wet boots but warm feet thanks to these socks.

Nickname: Nathan
Warm and Dry 11/18/2017

Socks were great on their own. Padding in all the right spots. No smell after several days. Dried quickly each night and ready to go in the morning.

Nickname: Evan
Good socks that stay put 11/7/2017

Worn them 3 times now and love them. They stay put and have reduced fatigue in my feet. Depending on the boots I'm wearing I've worn them with and without a liner sock. They've performed equally well. Will order more.

Nickname: Mike N
Great Sock 11/3/2017

These socks are fantastic for a couple of reasons. They are tall enough to get over the calf muscle and stay up. This is important when wearing other layers of clothes because you won't have pull them up every time you stop. Another great feature is the lack of hot spots when wearing them. They are sturdy, but not bulky. They are warm when needed and don't get too hot. Cannot recommend them enough.

Nickname: AK
Love it, but not for those with huge calves 10/10/2017

I have calves that others have joked that I need to feed, as large as others thighs. I wish these wouldn't be so tight, I think another size up would be needed.

Nickname: Kyle
Awesome socks 9/13/2017

I have hunted 7 total days so far in my socks and I can say I over them,I've always used smart wool ski socks and the first lite socks hands down blow them away! The socks are comfy,and my feet did not get hot in warm weather though rely impressed!

Nickname: Brandon
Good sock, but... 8/24/2017

As with all FL gear construction and feel are great, really want to use them... BUT, I ordered a Large and they are not large enough. The package the socks come in say L=9-12 but the website doesn't clarify sizing for socks, normally this isn't likely a problem for all you normal people, but I have Shideshow-Bob feet (sz16). needless to say my big feet are well beyond that size range. I tried them on, they fit OK but I'm pretty certain they'll prove too small and result in some blisters. I'll likely be returning them for more First Lite gear!

Nickname: Nickster
Overlooked piece of gear! 8/21/2017

This sock is awesome! I picked these up on a sale thinking that I would give a good pair of socks a try. Glad I did that. I get really hot, sweaty feet. I have tried a lot of things to fight off blisters but these are the best. Feels like wearing a sock with a liner. Now I wear them all the time! Wish I would have tried sooner! Highly recommend them.

Nickname: Benjamin
A must have for happy feet! 7/6/2017

The Triad sock is extremely comfortable, durable and stays in place. I mainly use mine for hunting, long distance running and any cold weather wear. I have never had a blister, sore spot, fabric wear or odor after multiple days of use. Definitely the best socks I have used. I recommend these sock to everyone.

Nickname: Naomi
Great Socks 6/27/2017

I have worn these socks days on end and haven't experienced any fall down or odor. I even wore them breaking in a new stiff boot and the padding helped reduce the blisters and soreness associated with new boots. I would recommend them to anyone.

Nickname: Craig P
Never leave home without them...literally 3/16/2017

Purchased these last season and will never leave home without them again. Literally, I love these so much that I wear them to work sometimes (and I work in an office). Breathe very well and have the perfect fit...these have never stretched out or fallen down. The merino wool essentially makes these scent free in my opinion (though when you take them off in the tent at night before bed watch out! ha). Buy these now if you haven't already - no regrets.

Nickname: Todd
Best all around sock ever 12/23/2016

These things are just so comfortable its hard to take them off. I find myself making sure they get washed as soon as I can so I can wear them again. Even for just everyday wear. Love them. Need to get a few more pairs!!

Nickname: drummerREM
Underrated 9/19/2016

Socks were never something I thought too much about, until I tried these. I thought fatigued feet and cold toes were a norm. Not with a quality pair such as the Mountain Athletes. A lot of foot support comes from these socks. And the warmth and comfort from these will change your day. My feet were noticeably less tired, and my toes stayed warm through wet and below freezing temperatures. Took them off and put them in the sun in midday and they were dry in 15 minutes. I can’t believe I used to wear sub-par socks. Never again.

Nickname: RileyMT
Best socks around 8/30/2016

I hiked in these dudes three days for a total of 22 miles at 11000' and my feet never got so much as a hot spot. The old merino socks I used to wear would give me some solid blisters after just one day. Very very comfortable and they stay in place- no sagging

Nickname: Chaz A
Underrated piece of gear... 8/20/2016

These are the most comfortable pair of socks I have worn. Underwear and socks are an overlooked piece of gear for many hunters/hikers, but the designers at First Lite nailed it on the Triads! Super comfy and they don't break down after a hard day in the boots. Both the Triad and Compression socks seem to be holding up well, but the Triads remains my favorite...

Nickname: Nick K.
Worth it 8/8/2016

Don't be phased by the price. These socks are great. I have worn them a lot with my snake boots to keep them from rubbing and they are awesome. The wool is great because they can keep your feet really warm and absorb the sweat when it gets hotter. These socks will have you wearing them days in a row. Super comfortable and worth it.

Nickname: Elizabeth
best socks so far 4/11/2016

love these, wish I had more.

Nickname: lucian
Absolutely Incredible! 2/23/2016

Extremely comfortable, and incredibly durable; I've pretty much lived in two pairs between August and mid-January, hunting, and running hunts, from the mountains of Colorado, to the hills of AZ, to the river bottoms of KS, and they are STILL in great shape! I've washed them countless times, and worn them for weeks at a time (alternating between the two pairs) without washing, and they still look almost new, and still stay up 95+% of the time. My feet don't stink, I've had zero hot-spots, and no noticeable thread-wear so far. WELL worth the money.

Nickname: Chris Roe