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Mountain Athlete Compression Sock

The Mountain Athlete Compression Sock is built to provide comfort and support for high-mileage outings. With progressive compression built in to the lower leg, these socks will promote blood flow and keep your muscles in place while decreasing soreness.





Product Details


  • Sizing: Size 9 and under should order Size Small. Sizes 10 and up should order Size Large
  • Merino wool interior
  • Plated nylon/spandex exterior
  • Mid weight terry construction
  • Arch lock support panel
  • Mesh paneled forefoot
  • No seamed toe
  • 19" length


Available in mens sizes: S/M, L/XL

Layering Position Accessory
Material Merino Wool Blend
Primary Usage Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Upland, Fishing
Region Midwest, Northeast, Pacific northwest, BC/Alaska, Southwest, Intermountain/Rockies
Temperature 20F - 45F, 45F - 60F, 60F - 80F, Above - 80F

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Great Sock
Great sock! Has the feel of an athletic sock for long hikes but the function of wool. I never see anything like it. This sock will be my go to for the early Nevada hunts.
- Ben on 9/19/2017
In addition to the Triad, these are the most comfortable socks I've ever put on my feet. 20+ miles a day and absolutely zero issues, hot spots, blisters, etc.
- Chandler on 9/19/2017
I am a sock snob
I am constantly searching for the perfect sock combination. In the past I find one that works good but then they shrink or will fall off calf. Wore this for 3 days and did great. They are a compression sock so they are a little tight but they also don't slide around on your heels and make boots feel like crap. I believe this are my warm weather go-to sock now. Just ordered the MA cold weather sock, hope they are just as good
- Scott on 9/15/2017
My go to sock
I purchased a pair of these socks for a long distance endurance military competition (32Km ruck run with 40lbs rucksack, 4Km portage with canoe and rucksack, 8km paddle, and a final 6Km ruck run again with only the 40lbs rucksack) after training with them for a week with just the one sock I began using them as my liner sock, mostly because for the last 2 decades I have worn a sock system of a wool outer and a nylon/spandex liner. Once I switched back to this format with mountain athlete compression sock as the liner I could not have been happier. I ran the entire competition on dirt roads without hot spots or blisters. I always grab for these socks first!
- Aaron on 9/13/2017
Best sock for hiking
i wore these socks for a full week archery hunting and they live up to the standards as said in the areas of delivering sweat from your feet, no stink and they help with no blisters and the toe seam is comfortabel.
Good job First Lite.
- Johnny on 9/12/2017
Love these
Best socks I have ever worn. Comfortable and pulls water away from my feet. Nice feature with the wool is they don't stink like a normal sock will. I have worn them for up to 4 days in a row in the backcountry without them smelling terrible.
- Jake on 8/29/2017
Wore for 20 miles in the backcountry and never had any issues with hot spots, slipping, or blisters. I have been so impressed with this product. Definitely the top of my list of must have gear!
- Chelsea on 7/6/2017
Amazing Sock
Wore these socks several days camping and hiking in June and the socks never fell off my calf and never developed an odor. Well worth every penny!
- Craig P on 6/27/2017
Great Sock
Sock seems to be well made and a large fits me great. I am a size 11 shoe and 12 boot. Sock really grips the back of your calf so it doesn't fall after a period of activity.
- Troy on 5/10/2017
I alternated two pair of these socks during a 40 hour outing through extremely rugged, vertical and wet terrain. The temps ranged from below freezing to mid-70's and while my feet were always wet from countless creek crossings and wet conditions, I never had any issues. No blisters, hot spots, or socks falling apart. And the compression actually compressed, which was huge in helping to keep my feet and legs comfortable. Love these socks!!
- Erik on 4/9/2017
Merino Compression Socks are Amazing!!!!
These are amazing socks! I was advised by a physician to try compression socks to assist recovery from a lower leg injury, after being kicked by a mule while on a hunting trip. I have tried cotton compression socks, and never liked the cold, clammy, wet feel of them. These socks provide great compression, make my legs and feet feel great, keep my feet warm and dry, don't smell, and are easy to put on and take off! Buy them, you won't be disappointed! "Thank You" First Lite, for making an incredible product!
- Bob H. on 3/26/2017
Great for recovery!
As someone who is physically active, travels frequently and hunts hard, I appreciate an actual compression sock. These socks are exactly as described and amazingly hold compression for extended periods. I recently wore them on a 5 day range session and amazingly they maintained compression the entire week. These socks are great for everyday wear but even better for recovery. Athletes realize the importance of compression and these socks are a great item to have. They're comfortable enough for everyday wear but really do help when your legs and feet are exhausted. Highly recommended.
- Mike on 12/26/2016
Good fit and stay in place
While the triads are my favorite for an all purpose sock, these are a very close favorite. They have a great snug fit and stay in place all day. Highly recommended
- drummerREM on 12/23/2016
Great socks
These socks keep my feet warm and dry throughout my hunting season. I wore these socks from mid August through early November. They keep my feet comfortable through extreme heat and extreme cold. They dry extremely fast.

I use compression socks for ultra marathon running. I am thrilled that someone finally brought this technology to the hunting world. These socks help fight fatigue on my back country hunts.
- Tyler on 11/6/2016
Worth every penny!
These are hands down the most prized socks I own. They dry rapidly and cushion perfectly through the many terrains I hike into.
- Jeannie Steiling on 8/22/2016
Great Socks!
These socks are great from everyday wear to hunting. The compression helps with fatigue and the merino makes it possible to wear them multiple days without odor. I pack two pairs on hunts, switching them out daily. Buy two pairs, you wont regret it!
- Nick K. on 8/20/2016
These are great socks. I wear them in my snake boots. They keep by feet comfortable all day and are nice and tall.
- Adam on 5/4/2016
Great socks for long days in the backcountry. These work good no matter the weather. Keeps my feet dry.
- Clint on 4/14/2016
Best Hunting Socks
One thing that has always been a downer....having comfortable and warm socks that do not fall down while you walk. By far the best hunting socks I have ever owned, and they are awesome for snowmobiling as well!
- Matt on 4/8/2016
One of my favorite socks
Very comparable to Smart wool PHD hiking socks. I wear these in the early season with a poly liner sock and they perform well. Just about the perfect weight and thickness for early season and high activity mid season hunts. Stayed up on calves better than Smartwool PHDs and so far haven't pilled as badly as my smartwools. I will say I have a lot more use on my smartwools so time will tell.
- Brock on 4/8/2016
Best socks I have worn....
I LOVE THESE SOCKS...It is 108 degrees in AZ right now and I am breaking in my hunting boots with these socks. They hold my foot and calf secure and breathe very well. These will be my goto socks for the upcoming season: from August whitetail in the desert to Fall Muley in CO and Nov elk in NM....GREAT PRODUCT FIRST LITE.
- AZHunter2012 on 6/14/2015
A MUST for any hunter
I didn't realize the importance of a good pair of socks until I purchased these compression socks. Absolutely a must in the back country. I like the length that goes nearly to my knee and the tight compression area that goes around my calves prevents me from getting sore on those long and steep climbs. Super comfortable. And the merino wool prevents any odor whatsoever. I will literally not leave for a hunt without these socks!
- Matt W on 5/7/2015
can't wait to put em on
Best fit and feel of any sock I have. 10 miles a day and the feet feel great. There is a small problem they are not made for guys with large muscular calves. They are also a tad short for me, Would have been 5 stars if they would go up a bit higher on my legs.
- Junkie on 11/9/2014
Seriously great socks
Wore them all September in Colorado. I felt like my feet in general were more comfortable. Normally my feet just ache after a day of hiking.... but even on days where I put in 15+ miles of hiking my feet felt fine at night. Comfortable and warm.
- Jarrod on 10/22/2014
If you wear these you wont even know it becasue you wont be thinking about your feet at all. How often do you "notice" your feet unless something is going wrong. I've stayed warm and dry with these with no problems from winter into summer.
- Schleppy on 6/18/2014
My favorite piece of hunting gear.
If your feet stay dry and pain free = you're more comfortable.
If you're more comfortable = you hunt longer.
If you hunt longer = you get more stuff dead.
If you get more stuff dead = you're not a bad hunter.

Don't be a bad hunter, get yourself a pair (or 6) of these Mountain Athlete compression socks!

Of all the hunting gear I own, these socks are in my top 5 must-haves. Can't recommend them enough.
- Aaron Farley on 5/28/2014
Dogs Stopped Barking!
I have horrible, f'ed up feet. These compression socks really helped me so that I wasn't crying by the end of the day. And most amazing, they never stink, even after several days! Cheaper than my Smartwools, too.
- TheHornyToad on 5/27/2014