Mountain Athlete Cold Weather Sock
Heavyweight Merino Sock

The ultimate in cold weather comfort for sitting in your stand or duck blind. All of the same features as our Crew but with added material and height to ensure your feet and lower legs are warm on those cold Fall and Winter hunts.



Product Details

Layering Position

  • - Next to Skin
    • Technology

      • - Size 10 and Under: SM/MD. Over Size 10: LG/XL.
      • - Merino wool interior
      • - Plated nylon/spandex exterior
      • - Heavy weight terry construction
      • - Arch lock support panel
      • - Mesh paneled forefoot
      • - No seamed toe
      • - 19" length
      System Position Accessory
      Material Merino Wool Blend
      Actual Product Weight Size MD 3.2 oz.
      Primary Usage Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Waterfowl, Upland, Fishing

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10 Reviews
Warm, breathable, and dry very fast 7/9/2018

Best socks I have for hunting and hiking in Alaska. I've stepped in water that went over the top of my boots and I got soaked. My feet stayed warm while they were sopping wet on the way back to camp. I took them off when I got to camp and they were dry in a matter of hours even in cool conditions in the late fall of Alaska. Would recommend!!!

How it fits

Nickname: Tyler
Height: 6' - 6'2"
Weight: 190lbs - 200lbs
Size: L/XL
Location: Alaska
Use: Spot & Stalk
Awesome Socks 4/13/2018

When I got these I immediately put them to test working outside shoveling roofs and driveways. I have super sweaty feet so usually after a hard days work my feet stink to high heavens. I'm happy to say that these smell like they did when they were brand new and they kept my feet nice and warm.

Nickname: Christian
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Nickname: loalvalay
The Best 9/25/2017

My go to socks for waders and late season whitetails. Comfortable, warm, dry, good cushion, and I can wear multiple days in a rows without them getting funky. What's not to love?

Nickname: Jon
Nice Sock 5/10/2017

This sock appears to be well made but I was surprised on the thickness of the liner. It is alot thinner than previous wool socks I have owned from reputable companies. I am interested to see how the sock performs once the cold weather returns.

Nickname: Troy
Not Your Average 1/16/2017

One of the best investments I've made for hunting. I wore the Mountain Athlete Cold Weather Sock on 2 different hunts this past fall. Each time they kept my feet dry, comfortable and protected. After 3 straight days of hiking through the hills, the socks still didn't stink.

Nickname: Spencer
New go to socks 10/22/2016

These were my go to hunting they're my go to everyday socks in the winter.

Nickname: Ryan
My go to sock 4/14/2016

These are my go to socks for cold weather. Feet stay warm and dry. Worth the price!

Nickname: Clint
Sock it to me. 1/19/2015

I bought 2 pair at Cabela's prior to my elk hunt in CO. They kick ass. They are comfortable, warm, and don't stink even after a day of walking in the mountains. I aired them out overnight and could not smell them the next day, so on the feet they went.

Nickname: Chad
The cat's a$$ 1/12/2015

Just got these in the mail. After working outside all day in them in 30 degree weather I can say that they are the real deal. Great product.

Nickname: Chiggy
Superb 12/16/2014

These socks will not hold moisture or scent. If you are someone who is concerned about scent control think no more. I wore these for 10 days straight bowhunting the rut in Iowa. These socks did not smell one bit after my hunts. I once thought a sock was a sock but I was wrong. This product greatly exceeded my expectations.

Nickname: King
meh 10/22/2014

I absolutely love the compression sock and for some reason assumed that this was like the compression but thicker, its not, I should have read the details before ordering them. I had hunted all september in colorado with the compression sock and it was fantastic in the low 30's. Just got back from a rifle hunt mid October and wore these for the first time. They slide down my calf within an hour and my toes were seriously cold, temp was 28 degrees. I don't wear insulated boots.

Nickname: Jarrod
Its Just a Sock?!?! 6/20/2014

I mean seriously a advanced can it really be? This is what I always thought when buying a new pair of socks for any foot filled adventure.....until I tried the FL line of socks. Most comfortable,warmest and best fitting sock in the sock game PERIOD.

Nickname: Caseylavere
Undefeeted against the cold 6/18/2014

Finally a sock that kicks the cold right in face. These bad boys have kept my feet warm in a tree stand in October, in a rifle stand in November, and ice fishing in January. No need to put hand warmers in my boots anymore.

Nickname: Toph
Best Fitting Sock you can buy. 5/29/2014

These socks fit with Every style of footwear from Waders to Lace Up boots. They kept me feet warm and dry all fall.

Nickname: Anthony Lopez