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Minaret Aerowool Short Sleeve Crew

We married our top-shelf Merino Wool for odor mitigation with the incredible moisture wicking properties of our outerwear technology, 37.5 by Cocona, and created Aerowool - the ultimate active hunting and warm weather ultralight base layer. Anytime a premium is placed on moisture evacuation during active hunting or use in hot climates, First Lite's exclusive Aerowool is your new go-to base layer. The Minaret SS Crew is the short sleeved, top layer of the system, providing fantastic moisture wicking with the odor mitigation you know and love from Merino to help you stay cool in the most demanding environments.





Product Details

Layering Position

  • This is your next-to-skin layer, the first layer you put on in the First Lite System
  • Features

  • True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear under other layers
  • Actual Weight: 6oz (Size Large)
  • 17.5 micron, ultrafine First Lite Aerowool Fabric
  • Aerowool is naturally antibacterial, meaning there is no treatment necessary to retain its odor resistant quality even when used for several days in a row
  • Aerowool is designed specifically to keep you dry and comfortable in high exertion or high temperature environments and activities
  • Aerowool mesh vent panels maximizes ventilation
  • Flat lock seams for next-to-skin comfort
  • Covered by First Lite's Warranty

    • Sizes

      Available in men's sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL


      Machine Wash Cold and Hang Dry

      Cut Shooters Cut
      System Position Next to Skin
      Material First Lite Aerowool
      Actual Product Weight Size MD N/A
      Primary Usage Lifestyle, Spot & Stalk, Upland, Fishing

Product Video

Aerowool (OG)

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Runs Large
It's a Tee shirt 8/2/2018

Wear this early season, and its a First lite base layer. What more is there to say. Can't beat their base layers.

Nickname: Marc
Height: 5'8" - 5'10"
Weight: 160lbs - 170lbs
Size: M
Location: Michigan
Use: Tree Stand
Go to summer shirt 7/31/2018

I wear this thing all summer! Love the mesh under the pits.

How it fits
Fit is great!

Nickname: Ripsaw650
Height: 5'8" - 5'10"
Weight: 210lbs - 220lbs
Size: XL
Location: Utah
Use: Lifestyle
Great item 7/30/2018

I use this as a base layer while hunting in Southern AZ. It is a great base layer and keeps me dry. I swear a lot and do a lot of moving. It also keeps my scent down.

How it fits
Fits well

Nickname: Cuestas
Height: 6' - 6'2"
Weight: 210lbs - 220lbs
Size: L
Location: Arizona
Use: Spot & Stalk
Best base layer Tee year round! 7/28/2018

The First Lite Minaret Aerowool Short Sleeve is the only baselayer shirt you need. I use it for hunting, hiking, mountain biking, yoga, running, skiing, boating, you name it! I run hot and sweat a lot, this shirt is the perfect thickness and won't stink either.

Nickname: Josh
Height: 6'2" - 6'4"
Weight: 190lbs - 200lbs
Size: L
Location: Wyoming
Use: Spot & Stalk
Best base layer Tee for any activity! 3/23/2018

I use Aerowoo all year long as a perfect base layer Tee. This winter I've used it skiing for 5+ days straight without any noticeable stink, and I sweat a lot. No need for any other base layers whether you are hunting, biking, hiking, skiing, running etc...

Nickname: Josh
Great all around shirt 3/19/2018

I bought several of these to wear as a layer and/or everyday work shirt. They are comfortable, well cut, breath well, and obtain no noticeable odor.

Nickname: Chad
Feels good 3/10/2018

I wore this for the first time while moving to a new office and it got real nice and warm in there with everyone moving around but this shirt kept me at a nice temperature the whole time.

Nickname: Brian
Sizing is perfect 3/3/2018

I love this short sleeve as a base layer for hunting, snowboarding, or everyday use. The fit was great and the sleeve length is adequate enough where you aren't showing your pits when raising your arms. The only negative I have is that it seems to hold in some pit stink sooner than I would expect from a First Lite wool garment even if its a blended material.

Nickname: Paul
Great tee 2/26/2018

Very comfortable next to skin

Nickname: Josh
Great Baselayer In Warm Weather! 2/15/2018

I bought this shirt to wear under my bulletproof vest while working as a law enforcement officer. It has served as the best undershirt I can find. The fit is great and the shirt draws moisture away from my body. I ordered a Medium, but I was notified that they no longer had Mediums in stock so I was sent a Large. I love the cut of the shirt and will be ordering more when they become available! I love Firstlite products!

Nickname: Tyler From Arkansas
Great for warm weather 2/7/2018

I love the minaret shirt. I hunt in Texas for deer, and it is normally 80 to 90+ degrees at the beginning of bow season. This shirt is comfortable and cool. Dries VERY quickly. Much quicker drying than an all-wool layer.

Nickname: Tres
Amazing warm weather layer 2/6/2018

Used this during unseasonably warm weather for early days of hunt as base layer. Got pretty warm for 4 days. Dried incredibly quick on the line and did not smell like you'd expect from what I was putting it through. Would've worn another day confidently if weather would've dictated.

Nickname: DJM
amazing base layer, excellent for hot weather hunting 1/20/2018

I've used this as base layer and for hunting early season elk, or hunting in Texas. I ended up picking up another solid for when I travel... you can't beat the breathability or comfort.

Nickname: Jack
Mmm good 1/4/2018

I love this shirt and wore it all season. Once the season was over, I still wear it far too often because it's the best shirt i have owned. The quality is great and performance is perfect as a base layer for flexibility in any and all weather conditions. I'm 5'8, 190, and the large is perfect. Mmm it's good!

Nickname: kyle
Great Next-to-Skin 1/2/2018

For the longest time I'd just throw on a light T-shirt as a next-to-skin layer... The first time I put this on instead there was a noticeable difference in moisture evaporation... I was actually cooler and dryer on a real warm early-season hunt in. Awesome choice!

Nickname: Kory
Perfect 11/18/2017

What a great shirt this is. Wore it as a base layer under a half zip long sleeve and heavy jacket. There were times I knew I was sweaty hiking but it always felt warm and quickly dried. It never smelled either after several straight days of use. The armpits are a very breathable fabric slightly different from the rest of the shirt.

Nickname: Evan
Perfect T 11/13/2017

I've worn this grassing the blind on a warmer Massachusetts day as my outer layer and as my base layer on colder days. The ability of this shirt to wick away my perspiration amazes me. Have paired it with my Chama and Sawtooth and they preform flawlessly. My only complaint is it seems that my Fusion pattern (purchased online, not directly from First Lite) seems to have faded after only 4 wearings and 2 washes.

Nickname: GJB1124
Love this shirt! 11/7/2017

This is my second Minaret top! After wearing the first one for 5 minutes I knew I would be ordering at least one more! Great fit, keeps me dry when I am sweating and it adds a great light weight layer for the mid to late season hunts!

Nickname: John
New Favorite Tee shirt 10/24/2017

Solid color shirt that I wear all the time. Will definitely be picking up the long sleeve version for next years bow elk hunts.

Nickname: Jerud
awesome base layer for hunting and a great undershirt 10/18/2017

Aerowool is great stuff, definitely the lightest and most breathable merino I've used so makes sense that a short sleeve would be the go to when it's the warmest or you're doing some serious physical exertion. This fits the bill for that for sure. Great base layer for hunting but also very comfortable under a collared shirt. Haven't noticed any snags or loose threads despite a ton of use.

Nickname: Graham
Must have 10/9/2017

I wore this shirt every day during a week long hunt and it worked just as predicted, perfect. Its adds a nice base layer but also great for your long hikes out as a stand alone product. I really like how fast it dries. Will probably order another soon!

Nickname: Blake
Probably the most comfortable shirt I've ever put on. 10/7/2017

Lightweight, comfortable, dries fast and fits very well. I'm always borderline L/ XL and the XL in this fits very well. I've only used it a few times as of now, but in 85 degrees bow sets it has been awesome. This is one of those shirts you should order in every color!! Thanks FirstLite, awesome shirt!!

Nickname: Patrick
Performs as advertised 10/2/2017

This shirt kept me cool riding my bike to October Fest in 79 degree weather. As the temperature dropped into the 60 is also kept me warm. The shirt fits great and is one of the most comfortable base layers I have.

Nickname: Johnny
Great early season base layer 10/2/2017

I used this shirt as a base layer with the Wilkin Half Zip Aerowool Top. I put several miles a day during a spot and stalk hunt in temps ranging from 45-70's. They make a nice combination and I was comfortable throughout the day. The material dries fast, which is a bonus when temps drop later in the day. Sizing is spot on for the two shirts and is the same as the merino wool tops.

Nickname: Eric
Camo patterns fade fast. 9/27/2017

Wore a new minaret short sleeve shirt everyday of my 5 day hunt. Soaked it in sweat everyday and it dried out very fast during breaks and overnight. Downfall is the shirt pilled pretty bad to the point it faded the camo pattern. I would buy this shirt and all Aerowool in solid colors only. My fusion pattern looks 2-3yrs old in 5 days. Aerowool starts out darker camo of the the same pattern in Merino items. I sent pics to FL and was told too bad, so sad.

Nickname: BFD
Great warm weather shirt 9/21/2017

Great shirt, comfortable and light. Dries fast after getting sweaty. The placement/arrangement of natural vs synthetic fabric is spot on. Cipher camo print is great, but the real advantage of this shirt is in the tech. its a great base when its hot. Its my new go-to in warm weather.

Nickname: John
Best hot weather base layer 9/5/2017

Best hot weather base layer you can get. Dries extremely fast.

Nickname: Clint
Classic comfort 8/25/2017

I am all about a great feeling shirt and this Minaret Aerowool shirt has become my go-to base layer for the early season! It has worked great for midday scouting when its too hot for long sleeves and then has came in handy as the base layer when I need to add the Minaret long sleeve over the top.

Nickname: John
Best warm weather shirt out there 8/24/2017

This shirt dries exponentially faster than the tan cotton T shirts used in the military,I use it a lot both at work and on my off time. The orange trim and logo causes issues in uniform but I guess that's up to you to decide if you're in a place where you can pull it off. This is my go to shirt for literally anything I need to do outdoors in the humidity of the Deep South.

Nickname: Caleb
AR 670-1 Compliant (almost) 8/24/2017

I'm a believer! This shirt is great, runs a hair bigger than the merino counterpart, but dries super fast and doesn't stink like a synthetic shirt. It's pretty damn close to the Army's new "TAN-499" undershirt (I'm wearing it right now in uniform) and it rocks. The only thing that would make this better would be if FL started making base layers in "official" TAN-499 (which is pretty green/brown not too tan). The wool and aerowool would go over well with 'Joe' and be Army flight and vehicle safe (cotton, wool, or nomex) no drip no melt! I'll wear them in the cockpit for sure!

Oh, and I wore it for nearly a week without washing it just for science sake... It works!

Nickname: Nickster
Breathable and just plain works! 8/17/2017

Did some scouting in 95+ degree weather. Crazy how well this shirt breathes and how fast it dries. Its comfortable and light. I plan on wearing it in the fall as a base layer too. Wish i had five of these!

Nickname: Darren
Great shirt! Dries super fast! 8/14/2017

Great shirt, perfect fit, comfortable to wear and dries really fast. Tried it first time on a scouting hike in the Sierra last week. Got into a little thunderstorm early in the morning. So, rain and quite a bit of sweating. By the time the sun came out the shirt was dry- I found it hard to believe. Only wet spots were under the straps of the backpack.

Really great shirt, will order more.

Nickname: M
Minaret Aerowool Tee 8/1/2017

I ordered one minaret short sleeve crew and when I saw how well it would work for me I ordered a second. I did however, need to order a size larger than I take in my long sleeve First Lite gear. I am 5'8" and 160lbs and I wear a medium in the minaret, but a small in the llano and uncomphagre pieces.

Nickname: Danos
Great base layer 7/31/2017

I wore this under my Wilkins and it worked as a great base layer. When I got warm, I shed a layer and just wore this as my main layer. It drys within minutes and is really light weight. I'll be buying more.

Nickname: Trevman
Men's but I love it for women! 7/26/2017

I bought this shirt in a small and I love it so much! Great for early season hunts and I love the fabric. So comfy! :-)

Nickname: Eileen
Field Tested and Approved 7/22/2017

After several days of back country elk scouting and working our tail off, this shirt has earned itself a front row seat! Wore this shirt for 3 days straight, no lie. Got home to my fiance and almost convinced her the shirt was brand new out of the package. You name it, this shirts meant for it, from hunting to fishing to dinner out with friends.

6'0, 175lbs, large fits perfect.

Nickname: Zachary
Great undershirt 7/18/2017

I wear these under my body armor while on water patrol in Florida and I could not be happier. You think a fart in a warm elevator smells bad, smell a game wardens body armor after a weekend of water patrol. I started wearing these with the hope it would cut down on smell and it works amazingly well. I do not have to peel them off when I get home like many other dry fit style shirts I have used in the past. The wool doesn't stick to you like synthetics or cotton. I am an aerowool believer.

Nickname: Ryan
Must have for hot weather! 7/18/2017

The short sleeve Aerowool Crew is perfect for hot weather. If you are exposed to hot and humid conditions during the summer months, this shirt works perfectly as a base layer or worn as an outer layer alone. The Aerowool keeps you cool, breathes great, retains no odor, and dries fast. This shirt is a must have for warmer conditions.

Nickname: Jared
Excellent!! 7/13/2017

Breathable and fits perfect. I use as a base layer under a ballistic vest. Keeps me much cooler and dry compared to many other products I've tried. As a hunter it makes a perfect base layer as well. I've also just worn as an outer shirt and it looks great.

Highly recommend

Nickname: Chris
Perfect! 7/12/2017

So glad they came out with the short sleeve version of the Minaret! Breathes awesome, fit is spot on, and dries fast. My go to shirt for summer training hikes, scouting, and early season warm days in the field.

Nickname: Gabe
Minaret Aerowool Short Sleeve Crew 7/6/2017

I needed gear that I could dual utilize as a base layer for chasing mule deer in the fall and keep me cool under my ballistics vest while at work. In the blistering hot 115 degree days in the State of Arizona the Aerowool short sleeve shirt performed flawlessly. A firm believer in First Lite quality !! For those of you in law enforcement Aerowool is a must as a base layer while out in the field .

Nickname: Mike
Awsome shirt! 6/20/2017

Sizing is spot on if you want an athletic fit and if you want a looser fit just go up a size. This shirt is going to be my new go to for all of my outdoor pursuits here in Alaska, From fishing in the summer to hunting in September, I'll be wearing the Minaret.

Nickname: Jesse from AK