Minaret Aerowool Crew Top

We married our top-shelf Merino Wool for odor mitigation with the incredible moisture wicking properties of our outerwear technology, 37.5 by Cocona, and created Aerowool--the ultimate active hunting and warm weather ultralight base layer. Anytime a premium is placed on moisture evacuation during active hunting or use in hot climates, First Lite's exclusive Aerowool is your new go-to base layer. The Minaret Crew is the top layer of the system, providing fantastic moisture wicking with the odor mitigation you know and love from Merino to help you stay cool in the most demanding environments.





Product Details

Layering Position

  • This is your next-to-skin layer, the first layer you put on in the First Lite System
  • Features

  • True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear under other layers
  • Actual Weight: 7.2oz (Size Large)
  • 17.5 micron, ultrafine First Lite Aerowool Fabric
  • Aerowool is naturally antibacterial, meaning there is no treatment necessary to retain its odor resistant quality even when used for several days in a row
  • Aerowool is designed specifically to keep you dry and comfortable in high exertion or high temperature environments and activities
  • Aerowool mesh vent panels maximizes ventilation
  • Flat lock seams for next-to-skin comfort
  • Covered by First Lite's Warranty

    • Sizes

      Available in men's sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL


      Machine Wash Cold and Hang Dry

      Cut Shooters Cut
      System Position Next to Skin
      Material First Lite Aerowool
      Actual Product Weight Size MD N/A
      Primary Usage Lifestyle, Spot & Stalk, Upland, Fishing
      Temperature 60F - 80F, Above - 80F, 80F+

Product Video

Aerowool (OG)


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Early season favorite
Wore this light breathable layer on my early season elk hunt in wyo. kept me cool and dry and kept the stink away. Will continue to buy and wear
- Tony on 9/15/2017
This base layer is great in the early season. The sleeves keep the sun off you and the merino wool material keeps you cool. This piece can be incorporated into your layering system in the mid season. The solid colors are great all around for any occasion.
- Daniel on 9/13/2017
Great shirt but didn't hold color.
This shirt was awesome for keeping me cool. I really liked the vented armpits. My only complaint it that the Fusion color faded drastically after one wash cycle. I washed this piece exactly as the directions said. Never had this issue with any other Firstlite piece.
- Tyler on 9/4/2017
Perfect for warm weather hunts
The dove opening weekend saw temps around 90 with usual miserable humidity Mississippians and others in the SE have grown accustomed to. I wore this top three days straights during afternoon hunts with the aforementioned weather and have air dried it each night. I still cannot smell an foul stench or anything that smells like someone sweat in this shirt all weekend. It does it's job just as advertised. It will be my go to in a few weeks when archery opens.
- Drew Pinkston on 9/4/2017
My go to warm weather shirt
Living in the south there are times when a long sleeve shirt is necessary, bugs or scorching sun can send you running for cover, I was very happy with the Aerowool's ability to shed heat and keep the sun and bugs at bay. I'll be wearing this one for everything from dove hunting and early teal season to October deer season when the mornings are cold but the sun is still strong in the afternoons.
- Matthew on 8/30/2017
Nothing better for Turkey or early season big game.
I wore this for 14 days turkey hunting in New England this May, anyone from the area knows of the 50 degree mornings and 75 degree days characteristic of May. That's a heck of a temperature swing when you're "running and gunning" and packing light trying to cover ground hunting turkeys in the woods. The answer is as simple as wearing just this up top when you're moving and then slipping on a cirrus ultralight or something similar when you're calling. Also great for those early whitetail seasons in the south when you're soaked through in sweat just walking 100 yards going through humidity you can cut with a knife. And the best part, this shirt will dry a lot faster than anything else so you aren't miserable and wet the whole time.
- Caleb on 8/24/2017
A step above
Ive been wearing the llano 1/4 zip long sleeve for a while now and recently purchased the Minaret Aerowool Crew Top. I wore this item on an archery antelope hunt in early August in SE Oregon. This top is simply put as amazing!!! super absorbent of odors and sweat and dries amazingly fast. Even after many long days it didn't begin to smell funky. This will be my new go to top piece for warm weather.
- Jason on 8/23/2017
Perfect for archery season in Montana!
Exceptional fit! Comfortable and just enough stretch for the bow. Great for a wide range of temps. Felt cool and dry even in sunny, 75 degree weather!
- Chris H on 8/17/2017
Great shirt! Dries super fast! Like the sleeves and zipper.
Great shirt, perfect fit. Wore this the first time on another scouting hike in the Sierra the other day. I already have the short sleeve version and loved how quickly it dries. At mid-day the sun was pounding. To avoid further sunburn on my arms I put the sleeves forward and was surprised how cool I stayed.
- M on 8/14/2017
New favorite!
This has quickly become an absolute must for everyday wear! Light weight, no stink, and comfortable!
- Selway on 8/11/2017
Great early bow season top
I'm heading out west and already have the Artemis Hoody (wmn Lg)& Llano crew(mens sm) to go with my Alturas pant, (also have the womens longjohns) and was looking for a lightweight piece to add to my gear and this is perfect! Super lightweight, thin & breathable.... and as warm weather is expected early, it appears to be perfect for the elk opener. I wear a med or large in womens, and the small mens fits me perfectly. Thanks First Lite--love the Fusion camo & love the merino wool--I've been bowhunting over 34 years and always reach for my First Lite camo each morning when I hunt. Where were you years ago??!
- Alyssa on 7/26/2017
Great for guys who run hot
No matter how cold it is, when I'm hunting (ie hiking with a weapon), I sweat. First Lite's base layers are great options for me since they wick away moisture, are light, cool, fit well, and keep my stank to a minimum. This latest piece of gear is my new favorite! And don't question the thumb holes; you'll learn to love em.
- Kevin F. on 7/20/2017
Perfect early season shirt!
This and the Wilkin are my go to shirts for early season archery hunts. They breath a little better than the Llano, are more durable, a bit lighter weight, and dry quicker than the Llano making them the perfect next to skin layer for early season hunting. The Aerowool material is not quite as soft as the 100% merino, but not noticeable enough to make a difference.
- Gabe on 7/12/2017
My hunting shirt!
I bought this as a base layer and it is, however most days It stands alone as my hunting shirt. As the other reviews state it is comfortable and dries quickly.
- PNW Joe on 4/14/2017
My hat is off to you
My hat is off to your astute command over this tovab-cripo!
- Tasmine on 3/9/2017
Great warm weather & 1st layer
Great shirt to have as a warm weather and a great fist layer shirt on those days colder than 30 degrees. Hunting in the IL for whitetails when its 90 degrees out with 90 percent humidity. You got to have a shirt wicks away moisture and that’s extremely breathable.
- Outdoor Dan on 3/3/2017
My first FL product purchase.
This was my first purchase of first lite product, needless to say, I own many other pieces now. I was first sold on the camo design, and then quickly sold on the quality. Great shirt for early season scouting, turkey hunting, and simply as a first base layer to wick away moisture. One of my favorite aspects about the shirt is the thumb holes. This allows for easy layering without getting all of your sleeves bunched up on your forearms. Simple thought, but very convenient and effective.
- Zachary on 2/27/2017
Super comfortable and dries unbelievably fast!! My go to base layer for hot scouting trips and early season hunts!
- Morgan Uhrig on 1/21/2017
Go to layer for Hot weather
Spent 8 days out in NM chasing high country muleys in 80 degree weather then down chasing ibex this aerowool would get soaked from long hike and in no time it would be dry as if didn't just almost die hiking up the mountain. The only downfall is it absorbs some smell after about two days of hard hiking unlike my llano. Still my go to warm weather shirt.
- Keaton on 11/4/2016
Great shirt but not quite as comfortable as Original Merino LS Shirt
I bought the original Merino and this shirt to compare on my last elk hunt in Sept in Arizona. Temps in the 80s during the day. This shirt was a bit uncomfortable and scratchy compared to the Merino shirt. I also felt a little hotter in it. It did dry out fast when I stopped finally moving and sweating, but it felt more like synthetic Scent Control shirts than the original Merino LS shirt. I'd buy the Merino next time for comfort.
- Jon on 10/10/2016
Stay cool, dry and odor free.
The Minaret top is an essential piece of gear. It can be used as a top layer on warm/hot days or be worn as a base layer on colder days. The Minaret does a great job at regulating body temperature. The shirt is incredibly thin and comfortable. I am 6'0, 215 lbs and a large fits great.
The thumb holes are useful in keeping the sleeves from riding up. The side panels from armpit to hip are not camouflaged and they appear to be a different fabric from the rest of the shirt. The small perforations suggest the panels are for making the shirt breath better.
This shirt is awesome and worth it's weight in gold. I'll be wearing my Minaret all season long.
- Glenn on 10/4/2016
Awesome warm weather piece!
I've worn the Minaret Aerowool Crew Top all summer long here in IA, in anywhere from 60 to 100 degrees. It's kept me warm when temps drop down in the evening, and as cool as possible on sticky hot 100+ degree heat index days. It will wick away moisture and is EXTREMLY breathable, as the slightest wind would be felt and cool me down.
- Jeremiah on 9/6/2016
Cut down the stink!
I've been prepping for deer season in southwest PA with the aerowool products and have been blown away! With temps around 95+ degrees, I've been sweating... alot. The aerowool took a solid 4 days before I could notice a difference in its scent. Compared to regular poly which takes only a few hours to start stinking, this stuff works wonders. Can't wait to use it during season. Great job First Lite.
- Geoff M. on 8/12/2016
Great warm weather shirt
I got this shirt as a lighter weight alternative to my chama hoody. It feels tougher built for bushwhacking and pairs well as an under-layer.
- Rob-M on 8/11/2016
This shirt is super thin and did its job perfectly. All day hikes in the mountains of Mexico - 90-100 degree heat and the shirt stayed dry! Yes, I did sweat a ton, but the shirt wicked the moisture away and kept me dry. Couldn't have been happier!
- Taylor K on 8/5/2016
Great experience
Spent the weekend checking out elk zones in the boulders of Idaho, it was hot dry and buggy! Great top, my new go to
- Bryan B on 7/25/2016
Great experience
Spent the weekend checking out elk zones in the boulders of Idaho, it was hot dry and buggy! Great top, my new go to
- Bryan B on 7/25/2016