Llano 170g Merino Short Sleeve

The short sleeve version of the First Lite layering system, the Llano Short Sleeve is your next-to-skin layer for warm weather. Made from 100% pure Merino Wool, the Llano keeps you comfortable in both hot and cold temperatures. Merino is naturally antibacterial--it can't hold on to those stinky little bacterial cells that cause you to stink, so you're good to go for multiple days in the field when you can't exactly grab a hot shower. Merino is also UV absorbent which means it absorbs light instead of reflecting it, keeping you dull instead of shining in the field. The Llano Short Sleeve is truly the benchmark of next-to-skin base layers, in a short sleeve configuration.

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Llano 170g Merino Short Sleeve Crew Top in First Lite Fusion SM 5





Product Details

    Layering Position

  • This is a next-to-skin layer, the first layer you put on in the First Lite System
  • Features

  • True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear under other layers
  • 17.5 micron, superfine, pure 100% merino wool
  • Pure Merino Wool is naturally antibacterial, meaning there is no treatment necessary to retain its odor resistant quality even when used for several days in a row
  • Unlike other fabrics, Merino keeps you comfortable from extremely high temperatures down to the coldest digits as well
  • Merino Wool is also naturally UV absorbent to eliminate shine and fire resistant
  • Lightweight, jersey-knit fabric
  • Flat lock seams for next-to-skin comfort
  • Ergo cuff with thumb loops
  • Stays warm whether dry or wet
  • Covered by First Lite's Warranty

    • Sizes

      Available in men's sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL


      Machine Wash Cold and Hang Dry

      Cut Shooters Cut
      System Position Next to Skin
      Material 100% Merino Wool
      Actual Product Weight Size MD N/A
      Primary Usage Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Waterfowl, Upland, Fishing,

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Awsome Shirt
I have worn this shirt on several long hunting trips now in a variety temperatures. On a trip to public land in Ohio I hiked to and from my stands for a week and never got that funk that most layering clothes get. Very comfortable and doesn't hold moisture which kept me warm in the 20 degree weather. Highly recommend this shirt.
- Caleb on 1/5/2018
Good light layer
I would use this shirt as an added layer any day. The reasoning is my light pack wore a hole in it over my collar bone so it gets 3 stars overall but 4 if using while layering - it's very comfortable.
- Ray on 12/16/2017
Love this T-shirt!
I am really impressed with this item. Used it every day on a 5 day elk hunt and was thrilled with its performance. Does control odor much better then a synthetic, and seems very durable compared to other merino T's I have used. If I am hunting this is almost always next to my skin.
- Nix on 12/7/2017
Great quality and fit
Great base layer. I bought the ASAT pattern. Hate to see First lite stop carrying it. Great quality shirts. Wish i had bought a couple more
- Russ on 12/4/2017
best t-shirt in the world
Ordered one of these for hunting in September in the Fushion Camo. However after one trip wearing it as a base layer, I immediately got back home and hopped online and ordered a couple in Black that I could wear around the house. Before I new it I was wearing these to the Gym, to run in, to kick around the house and even on a couple dates. Seriously the only t-shirts I'll buy anymore, just need some different colors!
- Sean on 11/9/2017
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- JamesAmura on 11/7/2017
Fits great and breathes well. Felt great on long hikes in high heat and warm in colder conditions. Looking forward to hunting with it.

Definitely looking to buy the long sleeve when it comes back in stock Cipher
- Dave S. on 10/31/2017
Great for warm season hunts or around the town
Like a lot of FL gear this piece is very versatile. I have warn it for warm weather hunts, layering, around town, sleep shirt in backcountry. As always no funk.
- Jerud on 10/24/2017
Great next to skin layer!
If you're looking for a versatile next to skin layer, this is second to none! I pair this with a chama and I' comfortable for most of the day during early seasons. Runs true to size. I am 6' and around 175lbs and wear a medium.
- Dan Mickelson on 10/20/2017
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- Ralphhaf on 10/16/2017
Awesome Shirt
Went with a large and it fit perfectly (normally wear large short sleeved shirts). Great comfort and after a few days hunting, no smell. I had it paired with the Chama hoodie. Love the merino and I'll be ordering a long sleeved Llano as soon as it's available in Fusion.
- Ryan on 10/3/2017
Great Foundation
Foundation of my layering system. Wear it for anything to pronghorn hunting in 80+ deg heat to waterfowling well below freezing. Super comfortable (like really, really comfortable) and has NO stink. Has stood up so far to two hunting seasons worth of everyday wear and many machine washings.
- Jon on 9/25/2017
One of the best undershirts available.

I love these shirts. I wear one almost every day, in temperatures from 0-80 degrees. I'm an LEO and love how this shirt preforms under my bullet proof vest. Wearing them daily I have had zero durability issues. I can get about two years out of a shirt. I highly recommend.
- Joshua on 9/14/2017
Great shirt , but I need to wear it more.
I have this shirt but i really need to wear it more. Its well made, breathes great and is super comfortable on my skin. The problem is its camo and if I have it around I'm hunting and all I ever seem to wear the Half-zip LS all the time. I have mostly used it in the winter as part of my layering system and have no complaints. I need to order a few more in non Camo Colors for everyday use.
- james on 9/12/2017
Great Short Sleeve Merino
Best merino base layer money can buy and the finest I've found. Athletic fit.
- Clint on 9/5/2017
My fav shirt
I am a Florida dude and I swear by aerowool so on my last order I threw in a Llano to give it a try and I was blown away with how comfy this shirt is, probably the most comfortable T-shirt I've worn. Great Job First Lite, your gear continues to amaze!
- Ryan on 9/3/2017
Need two!
Use if hunting, hiking, fishing and or anytime I think I might get a bit damp. This dries amazingly quick and wicks the moisture better than anything. I have not had any of the durability issues that a couple other reviewers have had and find myself reaching for this shirt more than any other during the summer. Need to work up the funds for another as I seem to be pulling it out of the wash more often than not.
- Ethan on 8/10/2017
Incredible material and stitching
I started with the aerowool shirts then purchased the llano. I see the usability of both products. The llano is noticeably heavier weight than the aerowool. I have been wearing both products in the ballpark of 70 degrees in southern California. I use them as work shirts and have long hours of running around. Being able to sweat, have it quickly dry, and still be presentable at work is worth every penny. I'm slowly phasing out all my cotton shirts for a mixture of aerowool and full Merino.
- Dustin on 8/7/2017
- q on 7/30/2017
Most Comfortable Under Shirt Out There
The Llano 170g SS is the most comfortable undershirt out there and Is great for my warm weather scouting trips to September dove hunts and usually start all of my layering systems with the Llano SS.
- Seth T. on 7/17/2017
All Around Awesome!
This base layer tee is great for whatever you're doing. From pouring sweat on hot days to the base of your layering system, this shirt is always with me. I've worn this shirt for six days straight an never did it stink. It helped keep me warm below freezing, and dried fairly fast after I'd drenched it in sweat. The first thing I noticed when it arrived at my house was it's comfort. This shirt is an absolute pleasure to wear. When the temp gets up to 80 plus I might opt for something like the Minaret Aerowool just because I naturally run a bit warm, but I'm positive you'd be fine either way. Great product all around, Love it!
- Jacob Williams on 5/6/2017
Great merino base layer.
The Llano is a fantastic product. It is high quality Merino that so far has been very durable. The medium fits great above the waste (5'9'' 175). My only complaint with the Llano short sleeve, and the Llano long sleeve is that they are a bit too short. I have tried this product to wear under nomex while fighting wildland fire and it does not tuck in well. I also use it for working out, and this is totally a personal preference but I like a longer shirt to wipe sweat off with. As a part of the layering kit it is impossible to beat. As a stand alone shirt I wish it was a few inches longer.
- Allan on 4/27/2017
Best undershirt
I love these shirts. I wear one almost every day, in temperatures from 0-80 degrees. I'm an LEO and love how this shirt preforms under my bullet proof vest. Wearing them daily I have had zero durability issues. I can get about two years out of a shirt. I highly recommend.
- J Hindman on 4/12/2017
Best base layer Ive ever used
I use this as a base layer during my hunts or just on its own during the summer for fishing or hiking. The quality of materials is second to none and its performance is awesome. I can wear it for a few days and it still smells like day one. I am 6' 172 lbs and the medium fits me perfectly. Thank you First Lite for the amazing products, they are my go to for any outdoors activity.
- Daniel on 4/4/2017
All around solid base layer t-shirt
I have used this shirt on archery elk, fall pronghorn, and 50K ultra marathons from the coastal rain forest to high desert Wyoming. Keeps me cool, warm, dry and stink free for days. During a recent 50K trail run in the pouring rain, kept me warm, and my skin protected from rub rash. I highly recommend this shirt for its versatility.
- Jason on 11/28/2016
I wore one of these shirts for a 7 day deer hunt and never took it off. When I got home I was greated by my wife but as soon as I took my shirt off she screamed "what is that smell!!" I guess it locked in the odd perfectly until I removed it. Now I own one in every color. I highly recommend this shirt to everyone I know.
- Ara on 11/1/2016
Perfect for wildland/prescribed fire
As part of my job I work on a prescribed fire crew and in addition to our issued Nomex our base layers are required to be natural fibers. For years I just wore cotton shirts and would sweat through them quickly and then freeze on early spring/late fall burns. Enter the Llano SS. Since wool is a naturally fire resistant fiber I was good to go to try it out. What a game changer! This shirt breathes really well when the activity kicks up and maintains some warmth when you slow down. The fit is really great as a base layer, as I'm 6' 160 lbs and a medium fits me perfect. This would be a perfect shirt for early dove season or early desert hunts where the temps tend to be pretty high. Two thumbs up for this awesome little piece!
- Justin on 9/3/2016
I miss my old shirt
Used to be able to get this in XXXL but apparently no more. I miss this shirt and wish I could still get it.
- Joe on 8/11/2016
Great for all conditions!
I use this as a base layer while hunting and while backpacking. This product keeps me cool when it's hot and warm when it cold. Not sure how it works but it's f#$%ing awesome! A must need for what ever outdoor activity you plan on doing!
- TSolso on 8/4/2016
Must have peice of kit
I use this shirt for camping and hunting and about anything else. I usually bring two and swap out every day even though I don't think its necessary. Its super soft with a great athletic fit and NEVER stinks!
- Chandler on 5/31/2016
Excellent fit, cant beat merino
Excellent athletic fit. Cool in heat and warm as a base layer. Breathes awesome. Very happy would recommend anytime
- Tony on 5/15/2016
My go to shirt
No matter where I'm at or what in hunting the short sleeve Llano is going with me. I have hunted in 90+ degree weather on Sapelo island to below freezing in the mountains of north Georgia and the Llano is what I always us as my base layer. I have wore it for more days than I would like to say in a row (My mom would be ashamed) and have never had any odor. Dries fast no matter if sweated through or rained on. Wish I could give it 6 stars!!!
- Slaton on 5/2/2016
great Tee
layer it under every thing
no matter what always in my gear
- lucian on 4/11/2016
softest shirt I've ever worn
Got this for casual use but also to wear under body armor for work. doesn't smell, stays dry, and really soft.
- David on 4/10/2016
Can't make it Stink!!
I bought this shirt to do my on trail on its abilities. I have worn it for the past two(2) weeks on the treadmill and cant make it snitch of BO. Not to mention it is by far the most comfortable shirt I have ever worn. Thanks Steve Rinella for turning me on to these products.
- Josh on 2/26/2016
Better Than the Rest!
I discovered merino wool about 15 years ago and have been using it as a base layer ever since. My first pair were a REI brand and I used them every winter until this year when they wore out. Merino wool is invaluable to me for working out in the weather on a daily basis year in and year out. Recently, I made a pact with myself to acquire more merino gear in an effort to be more comfortable and enjoy working in the elements a bit more. I have bought Smartwool and other brands, but they don't compare to the quality of these shirts! I use these shirts from everything to lounging around the house to wearing them as a base layer under long sleeve work shirts on milder days. Also, I will take these short sleeve shirts and layer them underneath a long sleeve midweight merino shirt for cooler days. I can't say enough about the versatility of these shirts here. I have 2 and I wear one almost everyday in some fashion. I am hoping the guys here will maybe come up with some lighter gray color in these so I can incorporate these into my dress casual wear to wear underneath lighter color button ups. I encourage any one looking at these to pull the trigger because Firstlite is the best hands down! No one else compares!
- Hambone79 on 2/6/2016
This shirt is so comfortable that I even wear it around town. It's strong and durable, moisture buildup is no issue, and is super quiet.
- Jason on 1/16/2016
Wear this year round
From hot to cold I always wear this T. Its comfortable during mid summer hot and humid archery touraments here in Oklahoma. Also in colder temps when you need a a base layer to strip down to when climbing mountains.
- easton on 10/29/2015
Comfortable, versitile, and NOT delicate!
This shirt (I have 2) are my go to base layers in all conditions. They are warm enough by themselves for most early morning bow hunts, but cool enough to stay comfortable when it heats up. The best part is they work great for multi-day hunts without the stink that comes with every synthetic I've ever tried (including all the big names).
I also have to vehemently disagree with the previous reviewer about the durability. I wear these on every hunt I go on and rarely wear anything over them. I carry a Stone Glacier or Mystery Ranch pack everywhere I go, and am rarely on a trail. The shirts show no sign of wear, but feel as soft as the day I got them. I eventually plan on getting rid of all my lesser quality shirts to get more of these.
- Paul on 4/18/2015
Best merino shirt I've owned
I've owned a number of other brands of merino baselayers and this one beats them all. The hand is nice and soft, the material is plenty durable for merino and the ease of care makes this my new favorite shirt. I will definitely buy it again when the time comes.
- Jerimiah on 3/20/2015
Comfort and funtion
Remarkable comfort in a wide range of temperatures, too delicate to wear solo under my pack (Eberlistock) Holes developed where the straps lay across the shoulders. Bumbed my $70.00 tshirt has wholes in ot after one use.
- Shaun on 3/9/2015
Comfortable but to delicate
Increadibly comfortable, great in a range of weathers....... but developed holes were my back pack straps lay on the sholders (eberlistock). Disapointed that my $70.00 (chinese made) t-shirt couldn't stand the rigors of the one day pack trip. It is comforable for every day use though.
- Shaun on 3/5/2015
Best warm weather Shirt I own
So I am a central California hunter and our season is at the peak of the hottest days of Summer and I've been hunting with this shirt for a few hunts but on my last hunt it was a balmy 104F with a 5 mph wind which frankly felt like a blow dryer. the best part was I was never too hot or uncomfortable in this shirt. I am now a believer in merino wool, so much so I just ordered my cold weather gear for my Oregon elk hunt. Thanks FirstLite
- Steve on 8/22/2014
My all time favorite
This is my favorite piece of clothing out of the first lite system. Perfect for sitting around the campfire on those warm summer nights and absolutely the best for the hot summer black tail hunts!
- Clayton on 7/30/2014
Great Baselayer or only layer
You really can wear this shirt summer to winter, as a base layer or as your only layer, it does a great job in all situations. Worth every penny.
- Joe on 6/19/2014
My Favorite Short Sleeve
This shirt can do it all! I recently wore it dove hunting in the Imperial Valley in 100+ degree temps, it kept me cooler than any other cotton or synthetic shirt. Adding the fact that it will not stink no matter what and it is a no brainer.
- Aaron on 6/18/2014
My favorite shirt!
I have several of these shirts and wear them whenever I get a chance. From working in the fields on an August day in the South to a cold January hunt in the Mid West this shirt does a great job!
- Kentucky Whitetail Farms on 6/18/2014
Best Hot Weather Shirt
I wear this on the fire crew all summer and they're the best shirt for hot weather. I can wear it for weeks on the line and there's no stink.
- TheHornyToad on 6/18/2014