Llano 170g Merino Crew Top

The longstanding cornerstone of the First Lite layering system, the Llano is your next-to-skin layer for any activity. Made from 100% pure Merino Wool, the Llano keeps you comfortable in both hot and cold temperatures. Merino is naturally antibacterial--it can't hold on to those stinky little bacterial cells that cause you to stink, so you're good to go for multiple days in the field when you can't exactly grab a hot shower. Merino is also UV absorbent which means it absorbs light instead of reflecting it, keeping you dull instead of shining in the field. The Llano is truly the benchmark of next-to-skin base layers.





Product Details

Layering Position

  • This is your next-to-skin layer, the first layer you put on in the First Lite System
  • Features

  • True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear under other layers
  • Actual Weight: 7.8oz
  • 17.5 micron, superfine, pure 100% merino wool
  • Pure Merino Wool is naturally antibacterial, meaning there is no treatment necessary to retain its odor resistant quality even when used for several days in a row
  • Unlike other fabrics, Merino keeps you comfortable from extremely high temperatures down to the coldest digits as well
  • Merino Wool is also naturally UV absorbent to eliminate shine and fire resistant
  • Lightweight, jersey-knit fabric
  • Flat lock seams for next-to-skin comfort
  • Ergo cuff with thumb loops
  • Stays warm whether dry or wet
  • Covered by First Lite's Warranty

    • Sizes

      Available in men's sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL


      Machine Wash Cold and Hang Dry

      Cut Shooters Cut
      System Position Next to Skin
      Material 100% Merino Wool
      Actual Product Weight Size MD N/A
      Primary Usage Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Waterfowl, Upland, Fishing,
      Temperature Below - 20F, 20F - 45F, 45F - 60F, 60F - 80F

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Merino lives up to the hype
I've always worn poly-pro as a base layer and it's been okay, but never anything to write home about. After hearing about First Lite and how great merino is, I decided to give the llano base layer a shot. On a recent duck hunt I was wearing the llano long sleeve crew under a chama hoody with temperatures in the 50s. After an unexpected rain shower passed through, I was soaked. I am still amazed that I never felt at all cold even while being wet. I am even more amazed at how fast both layers dried out after the rain had stopped. The First Lite llano lives up to the hype, and I'm now a firm believer!
- Cory on 10/2/2017
By far the best base layer
Hunted with this as my one and only layer in 90 degree temps and it performed awesome. It dried out very fast and breathed great. My other base layers (non-first lite) started to stink after a few uses and this thing still didn't stink after a 12 day elk hunt. I probably used this as my base layer for over half the trip. Highly recommend this top.
- Nathan on 9/22/2017
Solid base layer
The llano is a great base layer, no frills but solid and warm.
- Brad on 9/21/2017
Good but could be more durable
Overall I really like this shirt as a base layer and it serves that purpose very well. I deducted one star though for durability. If you're going to use this shirt as an outer layer for early season or turkey hunting you'll need to be very careful as the smallest snag on a branch is going to put holes in it. I think that's just part of the nature of merino but the new aerowool stuff seems to do better in the durability department.
- Tim on 9/2/2017
Soft and smooth for wool
This is a great shirt as a comfortable, smooth, soft shirt. I was surprised how smooth and comfortable this shirt was. I have had other wool shirts that you deal with a little coarser fabric for the qualities of wool. This one was no compromise, it is great. Also works as a great stand alone shirt for an active hike with a pack on a cold day.
- Kevin on 8/30/2017
Go to base layer
This is my go to base layer and all outings start with this layer. Whether I'm hunting in September or January this is the first layer I put on. Its comfortable and now with the extended torso, the shirt remains tucked in all day long. Firstlite has improved this layer to perform exactly how I need it to.
- Eric on 8/26/2017
My go to first layer
Warm or cold, stand hunting or hiking all day this is my go to first layer. when it's hot and your sweating the shirt bleeds heat out, when it's cold as it gets, it keeps you warm all day without the stink of synthetic garments.
- Matthew on 8/8/2017
Excellent all around top
I've tried multiple tops from several different companies and the Llano is by far my favorite. I've worn it on many hunts ranging from hot September NM elk to freezing February Barbary Sheep. It breathes great and can handle the huge variation in temps that the southwest desert can throw at you. The Llano is definitely my go to piece of hunting clothing.
- Sakarias on 7/28/2017
Second skin comfort
This is the one piece of First Lite that I always have on during my hunts. The reason, comfort. This thing is soft against the skin, breathes well, and does not itch...which surprised me for a wool product. I am constantly amazed at how well First Lite wool regulates body temperature. If I am warm, I feel this allows enough air flow to keep me from overheating yet if I'm cold this provides enough insulation to take the bite out of the air. This is a top notch base layer you cannot go wrong with!
- Thomas on 7/17/2017
When i first put on the Llano I was amazed at how soft and warm it was for being so lite. You wouldn't believe its will because of how soft it is, yet also very breathable!
- joshkolasch on 7/6/2017
You won't leave home without it!
The Llano is a must have for you layering system! First Lite's merino wool is super soft and comfortable. The well documented benefits of merino wool, combined with the top shelf quality offered by First Lite make for a base layer that will become the foundation for your layering system. The Llano fits great with the tapered shooters cut. No excess material hanging around. Love this shirt!
- Gabe G on 5/24/2017
Nice shirt, just shrank a little
This is a great first layer shirt. It seemed to run a little smaller than the Chama hoody. I purchased a large of each and the llano sleeves are just a tad short for me, especially after washing it a few times. There isnt much i would change other than maybe purchasing a larger size next time.
- Northern Indiana on 5/9/2017
Great Product
I wore this shirt for several days while turkey hunting this spring, not only comfortable as part of my layering system but a great outer layer while hiking in the afternoon as the temps rose into the 70's.
- Jim on 5/5/2017
As good as it gets for a base layer.
No matter the season, no matter the weather, no matter the hunt, this is always where I start in my layering system. It fits perfectly as a base layer (5'9'' 175 lbs). If it is the middle of the winter and I am going heading out to call dogs in sub 0 weather, the Llano is the first top I put on. If it is August and I am going out to look for pronghorn, the Llano is the only top I put on. Essential piece of clothing for any merino enthusiast/three season hunter.
- Allan on 4/27/2017
Excellent Baselayer
I used the Llano as a base layer on spring turkey hunt, with temps from mid 30s to 50s with some rain, snow and sleet. In the upper temps this was all I wore, in the colder range I added a Chama hoody. The shirt breathes very well, was comfortable, i cooled down quickly after hiking up hills and it seems to dry fairly quickly. I'm taking it on a deer and elk hunt in October so I'll update my review then. So far it is an excellent piece of gear.
- gregbru on 4/26/2017
Hands Down the Best!!!
This baselayer is amazing. I've been wearing it by itself lately while turkey hunting and it moderates my body temperature very well. In the morning when there's still a bit of a chill it keeps me comfortable. As I start climbing the steep ridges of East TN to get after the birds it wicks my sweat and keeps me cool. I paired this piece with the Chama hoody back in winter and it was plenty warm enough all the way down to 40°. I may have to add a couple of these to my everyday wardrobe.
- Jordan on 4/22/2017
Only base layer I will use
The merino crew is the perfect base layer for any outdoor activity. The merino does a great job of keeping you insulated when its cold, and keeping you dry and comfortable when it gets warm out. This material also does a fantastic job absorbing odors.
For sizing reference I am 5'11" 180lbs and the medium fits perfect.
- Nathan on 4/8/2017
Best Base Layer on the Market
I took this piece out to scout for some turkey recently in East Tennessee. It was in the mid 40s that morning. I also had my Chama hoody with me but I didn't need it. I couldn't believe how warm this piece was, especially to be so light. Even though it kept me warm it regulated my body temperature very well. It was also very comfortable directly on the skin. A must have piece for your First Lite system!
- Couch on 3/28/2017
I bought this shirt for my 1st layer and it is amazing. It is super comfortable, quiet, and kept me warm when the temperature started to drop. I have also worn it in 70 degree weather and it breathes well. Holds no odor which I love. You can tell as soon as you put hands on it the quality of it is great! Will definitely be purchasing more!
- Shaun on 3/26/2017
Spot On!
As a First Lite supporter I can't say enough good things about them. Received this shirt in the mail today and it was just as expected, perfect. Great fit, non-itch comfortable and easy to maneuver in. A must for any base layering system. 6 foot 175 lbs, Large fits just right. The new Cipher camo is even better in your hands!
- Zach M on 3/10/2017
Great Base Layer
Wore this shirt as a base layer for 5 straight days fishing in September in AK, and in HOT August Arizona weather for Velvet bucks. This shirt kept me warm for fishing when used as a baselayer and cool in the summer heat and did NOT smell after day 5 of constant flyfishing or sitting my stand!. Will be buying another in Fusion and cant say enough about my First Lite Products so far.
- JeremyA on 2/10/2017
You won't go back!
Started here with my first First Lite product. I went with ASAT pattern because I used ASAT's leafy suit last year and had great results. After receiving this and trying it out this entire season, I will never buy large chain camo clothing again. First Lite's products are amazing and comfortable. I now have my entire hunting outfit by First Lite. From my boxers to my coat. The pricing is expensive, but it is worth every penny, high quality clothing. The Llano in particular was worn out one cool fall morning, 35 degrees with a fleece vest just to keep me warm until I was at my stand. Once I was there I was sweating because the vest was too much, the Llano alone would have been fine. I removed the vest and within about 20 minutes the Llano had wicked the sweat and dried and that was all I wore for the next 2 hours. I then had to add my Halstead fleece. The products do what they say and are warm and comfy. I highly recommend spending the money on First Lite's products.
- Brad B. on 1/1/2017
Great base layer even when the temps rise
Perfect base layer for those who prefer no zipper next to skin. Fit is great and very breathable
- drummerREM on 12/23/2016
Nice shirt
Overall I really like the shirt's performance and love the Fusion pattern. Not sure about the durability of the material. I wore it one season, with relatively light use and it already has holes on the sleeves and 1 on the chest.
- RK on 11/22/2016
Stink-Free Comfort
I wore the Llano Crew for a couple LONG days of unseasonably warm elk hunting. Below freezing at night and then warm up to about 60 during the day. When sloggin around with my full day pack, I tend to sweat like a "lady of the evening" in church and the Llano kept up with me. Moisture wicking and transfer was quick and I was amazed that it didn't stink at the end of day 2. Long arms are a plus. Thumb holes at the sleeves made slipping the Halstead over the top easy and the hem is long enough to stay tucked in. Fits true to size. Couldn't be happier!
- Josh on 11/7/2016
Don't think twice, buy it!
Wore the shirt for the first time with some cooler temps in Indiana where we sit in tree stands for hours. About 40 degrees and walked about 300 yds uphill, as uphill as we have in southern Indiana, to get to my stand. Had this shirt on with a fleece vest over it. Once I was in the stand I realized how hot I was and removed the vest. About 20 minutes later the Llano had wicked and dried my sweat. I sat there in just the Llano warm as could be. Any other clothes I've worn would not have wicked and dried that quick and kept me warm. First Lite is now my go to apparel, this stuff works!
- Cascae on 10/25/2016
Accept no immitations...
First Lite was founded on Merino Wool. So its not surprising that they still lead the industry in that category. Ive tried other brands of Merino base layers and none can hold a candle to First Lite. I dont leave on a trip with out it. From Spring Turkey to Late Season Muzzleloader Deer, its versatility is unparalleled.
- Gerry Shaw on 10/21/2016
Best hunting shirt I own
I don't know how I'll be able to hunt in any other shirt in the heat again. I loved it. Well thought out, soft, dried fast, and didn't stink too bad after 2 days of rugged hiking. Smelled better than scent control synthetic shirts after a couple of days for sure. I haven't used it as a base layer yet on a cold hunt but I know it'll perform great.
- Jon on 10/10/2016
Best stuff ever
I've been hunting in this shirt in CA in very warm temperatures all early season this year. It is so true that it regulates temperature as stated. I've been out on some chilly mornings and in 90 degree heat. It also never ever smells bad. To sum it all up, I sold most of my other gear and will use only first lite from now on. Excellent products excellent customer service. Best in the business. Thank you first lite!
- Brad on 10/4/2016
This is my favorite wool shirt of all time. It's my go too piece no matter what kind of weather, what kind of temperature- anything. First Lite merino is like no other. I have other similar wool shirts from other companies. While I like them too, nothing feels as soft and seems to last as long as First Lites llano. For me, this is the original, and I highly recommend. I also own them in the short sleeve.
- Brian on 9/28/2016
This is my favorite wool shirt of all time. It's my go too piece no matter what kind of weather, what kind of temperature- anything. First Lite merino is like no other. I have other similar wool shirts from other companies. While I like them too, nothing feels as soft and seems to last as long as First Lites llano. For me, this is the original, and I highly recommend. I also own them in the short sleeve.
- Brian on 9/28/2016
Best shirt I ever purchased.
I can bowhunt with in shirt day after day sweating and dirty, and it just doesn't stink. I even tore a small hole in one of the arms going through the brush the first year and through the rest of that first year and three more years that hole has not really spread. It is barely bigger than when it first happened. Pretty tough material for being so light and breathable. It's nice to be able to buy products and not be disappointed. Way to go First Lite!
- Dave on 8/1/2016
A Perfect Base Layer
Comfort is important to me, and this shirt is about the most comfortable thing out there. I used the sizing chart and ended up sending back my large for an extra large. I normally wear an xl in everything else so I would say these are true to size and ignore the sizing chart. I'm 6'2" 210 lbs if that helps. I always hang try after washing to prevent shrinkage.
- Nick on 7/21/2016
Perfct fit
An elk hunting essential. Warm yet breathable and moisture wicking. Keeps me warm in the morning and cool midday
- Tony on 6/23/2016
A MUST have!
By far the softest and most comfortable top I have ever worn. One of my favorite features of this piece is the thumb loops. Not only does this help keep me warm in the morning, but makes it super convenient when adding on other layers over this shirt. No having to hold onto your sleeve while slipping on an additional layer. It doesn't matter if it is 20 degrees or 90 degrees, this shirt is on me.
- DialedInHunter on 5/3/2016
Great Product
I bought the llano crew in asat and can't recall a day of hunting bow or rifle that I have not worn it. Its perfect for my early season archery hunts and the prefect base layer for the late seasons. The fact you can wear it alone in a wide variety of temperatures is amazing and worth the investment on it's own. Want to add more of these in other colors to my clothing arsenal!! I LOVE the thumb loops for the extra warmth in the morning or evenings and makes layering hassle free!!
- James on 5/2/2016
Best Merino
I have tried most brands of merino and always go back to First Lite. Their merino feels the best against your skin and is very soft. This shirt feels great in the heat or cold.
- Clint on 4/14/2016
I don't hunt without it
This is my first layer whether it is sunny and hot or overcast and snowing. Merino is vastly superior to synthetic layers. Buy this shirt, you will not be disappointed. The only problem I have was that they came out with the QZ a few years after I bought this one, so I'm still waiting on my Llano to wear out so I can upgrade to the QZ.
- N. Hedrick on 4/9/2016
Material is Great, Fit is subpar
Durability and quality of construction is A+. However, this is listed under "lightweight" and in my opinion it is a little heavy for warm weather (70 degrees and above). I was also not impressed with the fit. I prefer an athletic fit, snug to slightly loose in the torso, snug to slightly loose in the arms and chest. I ordered a medium and a large and the medium fit great in sleeve length but too tight in the chest and too short in the torso length. The large was a little long in the sleeves, a touch loose in the chest, and the torso was still too short. I can understand if I fall in between sizes for sleeve length and chest sizes, but it keeps coming untucked because of the torso length and I would imagine most people will wear this shirt tucked in. I also felt the torso width was a touch on the big side as well and that it could have been tapered to offer a more snug fit throughout. This may be personal preference. My measurements are: chest = 43" Arm length = about 35 inches Waist = about 35" Hip = about 38"
- Brock on 4/8/2016
My go to top for packing out moose in Alaska
I spent five days packing out two large bull moose last fall here in Alaska wearing this shirt. Man am I impressed. This shirt wicks away moisture and reduces smell over those long brutal pack out trips. My buddy who was not wearing First Lite gear went out and bought some as soon as we got back. That alone speaks volumes, buy some!
- Scott on 4/4/2016
Not just for hunting
Bought a few of these in Fusion and Pine. Best fit and most comfortable LS base layer ever. Live in it, sleep in it, make everything more comfortable. Has stood up to multiple days of use and many washings with NO sign of shrinkage, twisting, stretching or tearing.

I now wear one of these under all my Pendleton wool shirts, which are a favorite dress/ workshirt. The Llanno makes gives my Pendleton's a whole new level of comfort and warmth.

NOW, get those button down's back in stock so I can stop wearing Pendletons. Give us some solid colors too.
- Bendirx on 1/25/2016
Best Base Layer!!!
As a treestand bowhunter in NY it's essential to not get sweaty on your way into your spot so you stay warm in stand, especially for that last "magic" hour of the evening. I have used the FL merino baselayers for 10 hunts so far in 2015 (temps ranging from 30's to 50's) and have been beyond impressed. I still sweat on my way into the stand but I have no idea I'm sweating until I get home and undressed. No more getting cold from sweat in my stand! 0 hunts in a row and these do not smell (including the armpit area). They are also comfortable like PJs. Highly recommend FL merino wool!
- DMJ on 10/28/2015
I love this shirt!
Don't let the price scare you away. These shirts are worth the money. Feels great on your skin, keeps odor down, and magically regulates your temp. This shirt feels light but works to keep you warm and cool. Wore this on my Colorado elk hunt this year and loved it. It was my favorite piece of clothing. I am 6'2" and athletic. The large fits me well. Shirt would be perfect if there was a little more length, but still stays tucked pretty well. I am buying more for casual use as well.
- MattR on 10/28/2015
Llano is an EXCELLENT PIECE!!!
Let me start by stating that I ordered the LARGE in ASAT.

I'm 6', 185 lbs, 34 waist. Athletic build and this thing looks and feels like it was tailored for me. Mine arrived on a Saturday morning, quick wash and I wore it that night through Monday afternoon.

I put it to the test right away (drove up to Mt. Lassen to do a little camping).

Temperature started at about 75, drops to mid 40's at night, and back up by mid day. I hiked about 3 miles each day and never took it off.

ASAT camo is great for Sierra Neveda country, I will be adding the Chama Hoody and Uncompahgre to go with this Llano and Corrugate pants. So far, I really like First Lite gear.
- Fishontro on 9/7/2015
Perfect weight.
It's the perfect weight for early season and layering. The cut is too slim unless your very fit, and the stock is always out of my size. I now wear the Kanab pants and a competitors top for the cut and stock level. I want to buy more but I refuse to wear snug clothing when it's 90 degrees out on an elk hunt in the Colorado mountains. If your bushwhackin' nothing this light is super durable but it does surprisingly well.
- TDominguez on 6/17/2015
Love it!
A buddy of mine suggested First Lite after a late cow hunt. I started with this top and fell in love. I've used it hunting, skiing, camping and even doing spring yard work. I'm sold. I'm buying the full 'system' for archery season this year.
- DrewDown on 3/14/2015
Good Product
Nice merino base layer. Light but warm and wicks nicely.
- Lloyd on 2/15/2015
Great Replacement for UA 2.0 Base layer
I noticed that my UA 2.0 Base Layer would smell like BO after just one afternoon in the field, so I recently bought this as a replacement. My Chama hoody never got as funky as the UA. It's comfortable enough that I've worn it around town so people know I'm an avid outdoorsman. I've only hunted in it once since it is a recent purchase, but I'm certain it's going to perform great, like the rest of my First Lite gear.
- Chad on 1/19/2015
Not Impressed
I was very excited to purchase and wear this shirt and other FirstLite products after reading reviews and since they started here in Idaho I expected them to be perfect for Idaho hunters. I purchased this shirt and the Kanab pants. The shirt has holes in it after one season of use (15days MAX) and the pants ripped the very first day I had them on. I expected a lot more from something that cost so much money. I was not impressed with them.
- IdahoHunter on 11/19/2014
Before buying First Lite I did extensive research on both Sitka and First Lite. I couldn't choose so I put both to the test. I love how this shirt fits, feels, and performs. Merino wool is what I will be wearing from here on out. I absolutely fell in love with both my Sitka Merino shirt and First Lite Llano. The only CON I have with this shirt is that after the first day of use the stitching along the arms, from the wrist, up to the elbow is fraying. Other than that I love the extra sleeve length of this shirt and the ability to cover the palms of the hand with the thumb hole. The length of torso and fit of the shoulder are perfect. I'm 6'3" and fit perfectly in a 2XL. I bought it in ASAT as well as the Kanab's. I can use this shirt for 3 to 4 days and it will smell the same as the first day I put it on. After each day I drench the shirt with scent killer and in the morning it's ready to roll. During the day while sweating constantly in early season archery, this shirt wicked away moisture and dried out in minutes. I'm very impressed with Merino Wool and will be adding to my arsenal of First Lite gear!!
- Hunskenn on 11/6/2014
Good Stuff - Fuzion camo is great
This was my first piece of First Lite clothing, and I'm a fan. I have other brands of merino wool base layers and there was no difference in terms of comfort or fit, which is a huge compliment because I love my other stuff. I paired this shirt with a Labrador for three straight days on a Western Idaho mule deer hunt and was comfortable the entire time, 40F to 90F, sunshine, and even some rain. I made my wife smell the shirt when I got back - she would have thought it was still new.

What really set this shirt apart from my other merino wool stuff was the First Lite Fuzion camo. Love it! Not once (that I know of) did an animal see me before I saw it. Meat in the freezer!
- B on 10/17/2014
Comfort all around
Picked this up after years of fighting with cotton and polyester. Super comfortable fit and great at all temps while scouting thus far. Can't wait to add to my First Lite system. I feel like I'll be a better hunter this year because of my controlled comfort level, asat camo, and scent control! Can't wait!
- Jarrod on 7/14/2014
Great base layer, all around piece.
This is by far the best base layer I've owned. Keeps me warm on cold morning, but can layer down when it warms up.
- Lester on 7/11/2014
Great For Elk Season
During Elk season in Montana I have to have something versatile, the weather is always unpredictable the Llano Crew is breathable, and has great flexibility allowing us all the freedom we need, absolutely love it great product!
- RAISEDHUNTING on 6/24/2014
Best top ever
The Llano crew is the most comfortable top I have ever used.
- THEHAMMER on 6/22/2014
Just right for morning chills
Excellent product. Great for those days when you only need a light layer to shake off that damp morning chill in early spring and late fall. Also works well for concealment inside a ground blind. Love the thumb holse too to keep the sleeves in place and the wind out.
- birdhunternd on 6/20/2014
As a female hunter it is hard to find quality products that fit and hold up. I have this shirt in a small and the sleeves are slightly long; but has thumb holes to hold it in place which is an added bonus when layering. I have worn it in hot weather and cold with equal comfort. Very impressed with the quality of wool used, does not itch and does not stink even after wearing five straight days in elk camp. Nice work First Lite!
- kimmifer on 6/19/2014
Perfectly functional and comfortable!
I have had trouble finding a comfortable base layer being a short female. The merino doesn't gather scent after continuous wear during hunting season. It's soft and flexible underneath many layers. The men's cuts are not completely off from a woman's measurements, and I'm totally comfortable in it. It keeps me warm and easily fits underneath whatever I'm hitting the woods or the river in. I wear this for long treestand sits, hikes, and flyfishing in the winter under waders. After several washes, it does not get all pilly or stretched out like other merino wool products I've used. I am 110% satisfied and will be a returning customer.
- Jess DeLo on 6/18/2014
Total Comfort
I have worn many other products that either left me hot and itchy, cold and wet, plain cold, and stinky after just one wear. I used First Lite during bow season and despite the extreme pace and fluctuating temperatures I was able to stay dry, warm, cool and scent free for over a week. This product is the most comfortable I have tried and I am a tough customer when it comes to base layers. I would recommend First Lite for anyone who feels they have tried all the top brands and didn't get what they paid for. First Lite products deliver on promises made by them and the one's their competitors could not.
- Uniform on 6/18/2014
Shockingly Durable
I have had this product for the past 4 years, it has been used constantly, washed and dryed by a machine and is still going strong. This product will keep your body temp regulated and not itch while doing it. I only just had a hole develop down by the cuff and have to say I expected that to happen much sooner since it is 100% merino.

I'll be getting another once this one really starts to shread but I have a feeling it'll make year 5.
- Dotman on 6/18/2014
Worth every penny
I wear this shirt as the base layer in my winter whitetail set up, and tried it for the first time as a stand alone piece for spring turkey. It was 80 degrees and it performed flawlessly, keeping the sweat off of my skin and comfortable in un-seasonably warm weather. The natural scent control properties of the merino as well, make this the best hunting shirt I have ever worn.
- Slayer Keyes on 6/18/2014
This Shirt Is Legit
I wear this shirt, well not the same one, nearly every single day. I get tired of taking clothes on and off because the temp changes. I don't know how it works but when I have this Llano Crew on I seem to always be the right temp. Nice work First Lite!
- Idaho Joe on 5/30/2014
Multiple Applications
I wear my Llano elk hunting in 80-90 degree days in Idaho as well as one of my base layers for 10degree mornings on the Snake waiting out mallards. I even wear it cross country skiing with great success. Great product.
- BryanB on 5/28/2014
Great Product!
Have been very pleased with my Llano crew, very high quality merino with no itching. Hunting here in Arizona layering is very important as weather temps fluctuate from cold to hot very quickly. The llano breathes very well in 80 degree weather. Doesn't hold stink.
- Emmett Jim on 5/27/2014
Simply the Best
I've worn many similar shirts over the years from top companies in the business and this shirt is by far the finest piece of gear I have worn. No matter what month it is or what activity you choose to wear it for, you can't go wrong. Amazing wicking cap
- MattyCrusher on 5/27/2014