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It’s no secret that the key to being comfortable in a wide range of hunting situations is to layer your clothing. Each layer provides the optimal performance benefits for its specific intended purpose, be that of base/next-to-skin, mid/insulating or outer/shell layer. First Lite’s layering kit deliberately built a performance system that eliminated the weak link. Its mission is to provide comfort, odor control, and thermal regulation to facilitate the perfect hunt. From early season California black tail to late season Iowa whitetail, the underlying goal is always to help you hunt at your best.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The First Lite kit uses a comprehensive approach of fabric technologies. Using focused fit and hunting specific features, we produced a series of products that are designed to work together and address the widest range of conditions with the least amount of redundancy. It effectively provides every necessary component to hunt, from hot to cold and dry to stormy. Each piece was created as a part of the whole. Though strong individually, they are optimized when used together. The First Lite layering kit is the most effective in the world.