Grizzly Cold Weather Glove
Waterproof with Wool Liner

Nothing can kill a good hunt like dangerously cold hands and let's face it--Often times, the colder the weather, the better the hunting. Enter First Lite's Grizzly Cold Weather Glove, a revolution in hunting that delivers the ultimate cold weather glove. The Grizzly features a waterproof outer with leather palms, an articulating trigger finger, hang tabs, "snot pad", wrist and arm cinches and construction that is built to last. This outer can also be used with most of First Lite's other gloves like the Shale, Aerowool Liner Glove, or Scree. The included removable liner mirrors the three finger concept and features a combination of shearling wool and synthetic insulation. If you're looking for the ultimate cold weather hunting glove, the Grizzly is your last stop.


Product Details

Layering Position

  • - Insulated Outerwear
    • Features

      • - 3.5 Layer, 37.5 Technology Outer
      • - 37.5 Synthetic Insulation
      • - Wool Shearling Liner
      • - Wrist Retainer Leash
      • - Leather Palm
      • - Locking draw cord to seal in heat and seal out the elements
      • - Webbing loop for upright hanging of the glove while keeping out precipitation

      Cut Cut to Wear Over Your Kit
      System Position Accessory
      Material 37.5 by Cocona, Merino, Shearling Wool
      Actual Product Weight Size MD 9.6 oz.
      Primary Usage Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Waterfowl

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Grizzly Glove

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Amazing Glove
I can’t wait to use these for this years elk and whitetail hunting
- Rocco on 3/20/2018
Hardcore Gloves
I just received these gloves! They are going to be a limb saver in my whitetail stand this winter. I've worn them around the house while breaking them in and they are warm! Look forward to trying them in the field. I may have ordered them a little on the small size. I usually wear an XL but after measuring my hand I ordered a Large. They are a little snug, but I think after breaking them in they'll be good. Another solid First Lite Product.
- Yari on 3/13/2018
great gloves
I recently purchases a set of these gloves for myself. I was looking for a pair of warm gloves for those cold hunting days when you are just sitting and looking. These gloves are warm. I have finally bought a pair of gloves that are durable for hunting and warm too (and I have bought plenty before). The quality of the material and the list of features make the price bearable. Size was good too. I typically wear a size large and these fit a little big, but an XL would be too big.
- Richard on 3/8/2018
Incredibly Well-Designed Gloves
This is essentially an "unboxing" review. I rarely do these, as I prefer to discuss products after I have a chance to "get to know them" in the field; but these gloves warrant an exception as they are exceptionally well-designed.

Many of you may be shocked by the price. Yes, it is high but these gloves are incredibly well thought out, innovative, feature-rich. No corners were cut in the design of these gloves.

Though I have owned many high end ski gloves (Reusch, Hestra, etc) I have suffered many years of cheap box-store hunting gloves, burned through MANY dollars of hand warmers and struggle through the pros and cons of using hand muffs in lieu of gloves, these things are great.

Is it a mitt, or a glove? The way the index finger is free and the other 3 fingers are together. Really the best of both worlds. You can do basic things you can't with mitts, such as carry a trail cam in your hand, adjust the knobs on your climber, adjust the knobs on your binoculars - that would not be feasible in mitts.

I will be upfront here - you will NOT be shooting in these, however; you WILL NOT HAVE TO - These gloves have a cool wrist strap system. Kind of like a "leash" on a snowboard. Second benefit? These gloves have every awesome feature of high end ski gloves, like leather palms and knuckle padding. Want to to go mountain sledding or downhill skiing and biff? No yard sale, no problem. Though the price may seem steep, measure twice and buy once - you will not lose these with the strap system. All gloves should have this feature!

Snot pad is awesome also! This should be on every glove! Also makes it quieter.

Removable liner? Check! Waterproof? Check!
My prior favorite gloves are rotting from the inside due to lack of his feature.

Only feature missed is a hand warmer pocket. I get it, all y'all come from a lineage of ounce-counters and hand warmers are ounces. But for those of us in the upper Midwest who sit in a treestand all day in minus 20 weather .... Wouldn't hurt.

Overall these gloves these gloves are exceptionally well designed and versatile for any kind of outdoor activity in COLD weather. Snowmobiling, skiing, on the move hunting; muff substitute (field testing required on this) these gloves do it all. Don't act like you're not impressed.
- Wooden on 3/1/2018
Perfect Winter Glove
This is honestly such a well thought out piece of gear! There isn’t a better glove out there and this has you covered weather you’re glassing on a cold windy day or sitting in a duck blind.
- Jacob on 2/27/2018
Stay Longer
This is where the slogan really comes in to play. Your hands will never send you home early again. I picked up some frost bite on my hand last season sitting late for whitetails and said it's time to get serious about gloves. There wasn't a single hunt this year where my hands were even close to cold or wet. These with the talus gloves underneath on the super cold days does the trick. Warm and dry
- Max on 2/24/2018
last glove you will ever need
Saying these are warm is a understatement. I hate cold hands more than anything and these gloves have solved that problem. I was worried they would be too warm but truthfully when my hands start cooking I just pull them off and let them hang from the arm tab and its perfect. Sizing was tough. I wear a large in everything and the sizing had my looking at a medium. My gut said go large and I'm glad I did. I even tried on my buddies extra large and truthfull that would work as well since these aren't finger gloves, they are mits. so my advise is size up. These are so tough you will never hurt them and I've worn them down to -25 and been cooking. If they made socks like this I would have 5 pairs.
- Mitch on 2/22/2018
Stay warm when it is cold
I love these huge mitts. I had a pair of Kuiu Northstar gloves, and my hands were always cold. These mitts keep me nice and toasty. Easy to take off quickly to still make a shot with your bow or gun.
- Tres on 2/7/2018
Top Tier Cold Weather Glove
I've been looking for a cold weather glove that provides what the Grizzly Glove finally does. I can comfortably sit in a stand in sub zero wind chills and only worry about my toes now. I've bought a few different competitors gloves prior to this. Wish I would've saved my money and just went with these when I saw them.
- DJM on 2/6/2018
Warmest set of gloves I own
Great gloves for extremely cold conditions. I have been using them for late season treestand sits as well as ice fishing in Ontario, Canada. I have worn them in -30 degrees Celsius and have had no issues with my hands. They work great with a thin wool liner underneath if you need to pull a trigger or use an archery release, you can just slip it off when you are about to take your shot of draw your bow.
- Joey on 2/6/2018
Wow!!!!! Tough, warm, dry, and worth the investment
I don't see myself buying any late season hunting gloves for quite a while. I also use them for snowmobiling, snow boarding, and any other nasty conditions. I like the removable liner, i use the lightweight merino glove underneath to help retain moisture in the wool and that's helped with any sweating.
- Jack on 1/31/2018
Love them
I have used these gloves during backcountry hunts and as my snowboarding glove and have always been glad I've had them. Fit is perfect and length is great even for backcountry snow trips. So toasty warm and very functional in multiple temperature ranges. Extremely cold and windy I use the full gloves or I use just the shell and a thin layered glove underneath especially more of wind blocking system is needed. Great all around. When the conditions get nasty that is when these gloves shine.
- Paul on 1/21/2018
Awesome! (see size note)
When I showed these to a buddy who doesn’t like leashes, he said, “Dude I’d just cut those off.” I said, “Dude! You don’t have to, they’re removable!” The leashes are super easy to put on with the elastic cuff and make the glove weight comfortable when it’s dangling from your wrist. No more small cinch cord digging into your wrist. I love it. As someone with circulation issues I appreciate the awesome warmth of these gloves.
- Winners from the chairlift to the backcountry on 1/15/2018
Best cold weather gloves... ever
I used these for the first time in late season muzzle loader in western NY and also split season duck/goose. It was single digits and for the first time EVER my hands didn't just not get cold, they were Warm. I am a huge skeptic of socks, boots and gloves. These gloves won me over. Best I've ever used.
- Chris on 1/13/2018
best cold weather glove ever!
These gloves are game changers for cold weather hunts. I put them to the test in single digit temperatures hunting whitetails in the East and they keep my hands warm sitting on stand and almost too warm when on the move still hunting. The retainer leash is probably my favorite feature. Being about to slide the glove off and not worry about dropping it is great piece of mind.
- Joseph on 1/9/2018
Great product
There is nothing misleading about what this product has to offer. It lived up to my expectations while I was sitting in my tree stand in the middle of a frigid Wisconsin deer season (rifle). A full mitten would be nice, seeing as my index fingers got a little cold. The straps that go around your wrist are just so convenient, that came in handy many times. Overall this product is great.
- Riley on 1/7/2018
The Grizzly was on my "wish list" for a long time. I have a lot of FirstLite gear and have been really happy with their products. However, this glove was a disappointment. I've bought some gloves and other winter gear from, but I've been really happy with my other FirstLite gear so I decided to give them a try. At a $170 they really disappoint. As far as warmth, they don't even come close to my Marmot gloves (Which were expensive but much less at $95). I was totally disappointed in the quality. The inside is "fake wool" fabric that feels cheap. I could hear the velcro coming apart as I slipped them off and on during my hunt. It's not all bad, I love the wrist retainers and the length is awesome, but I'm shaking my head at the quality and warmth of the Grizzly. I had much higher expectations from a company that prides itself in quality hunting gear. Unfortunately, I would not recommend this product to a friend. At $50 I would be happy with this product, but at $170, FirstLite falls way below the competition for a quality cold weather glove. Disappointed.
- WYBIGHORN on 12/19/2017
XL is too small for me
I'm 6'4 210lbs. XL gloves usually fit ok for me. Unlike almost all FL gear, these seem to run small or rather the thick wool doesn't compress down. Either way they are tight and the elastic wrist band tends to ride just on my lower palm. XXL+ needed.

I also don't care for the independent index finger - it got cold and that isn't worth the trade off for dexterity for me.

The leather palm is really well made and overall these are nice, definitely need a bigger size though. 1.5 in longer in the hand, 1in wider, with longer gaiter.
- MI Hunter on 12/18/2017
Winter glassing gloves
When it comes to my hands getting cold I'm a wimp so I had been looking for cold weather gloves. The Grizzly's work great, they are a little heavy to carry just for glassing but they keep me glassing longer. I bought size large and the elastic cuff feels pretty tight, I plan on using something to help stretch it out so they will be more comfortable. Also I don't think someone can shoot while wearing the Grizzly's though I don't think that was the intension of the pointer finger being seperated.
- Justin on 12/17/2017
Bang for your buck
I have worn a multitude of different "cold weather gloves". These are something special due to their design and mobility. Most cold weather products are stiff and frankly don't allow for much to be done with them on. I plan on using these outside of hunting and in the mountains skiing. They stood up well this week during a -25c ski day. Don't hesitate on buying these beauties because they will beat out any other top-notch brand.
- Garrett on 12/4/2017
Awesome gloves!
These were a game-changer on my 4th season deer hunt. My hands are always the first thing to get cold, but with these gloves they stayed nice and warm so staying out in sub-freezing temps was not a problem.
- Eddie on 11/19/2017
You Need These Gloves
I spent nine days of early/mid-November in The Bob Marshall Wilderness hunting deer and elk in temperatures ranging from single digits to mid-30's, with snow or rain almost every day. Every piece of my FL gear was critical, but these gloves topped the list. My hands were never cold, and the dexterity was unbelievable. If I had to choose a favorite piece of FL gear, these gloves would probably be 1A, with everything else being 1AA. Do yourself a favor and buy the Grizzly gloves.
- Matt on 11/17/2017
perfect ergonomics, but waterPROOF?
based on chat assistance prior to ordering, was under the impression that the 3.5layer waterproof was around the entire glove, with just leather patching over some of it. this is not correct. the entire palm-side leather is just leather. just leather is not waterPROOF. it may be very water resistant for some amount of time until oils/treatments wear out, but that is not waterPROOF. Though I'm sure they're quite water resistant brand new, and there is nothing else on the market better (all the comparable Sitka/kuiu etc. also have leather only palm sides and waterproof 3 layer back sides), so they still get 4 stars. definitely much more functional than a standard mitt, with TONS of warmth. can shoot shotgun with em, though a properly light trigger on a rifle, unless maybe two stage, would be sketch. and for those of you wishing for a straight mitt, if you sized correctly, you should be able to get all four fingers in the mitt section if you like. on that note, definitely upsize from your normal glove. I wear medium shooters glove, I was advised by support to get large grizzly, and sure glad I took their advice, a perfect fit. looking forward to putting them to work in the negatives duck hunting and ice fishing
- Dan on 11/14/2017
Could be a lot better
These gloves are ok but they certainly could be a lot better, especially for $170. I'm in northern Canada and most of my hunting is well below freezing. The outside shell (aside the leather) is a polyester material that is by no means quiet. Some sort of fleeced nylon would be much quieter, full leather would be even better. The velcro attaching the liner on the inside is a terrible idea. If you pull the gloves on by only grabbing hold of the shell, you'll hear the velcro noise for miles, again, not quiet. But also not necessary, the velcro doesn't do much to actually affix the liner anyway, I will probably end up trying to remove the velcro from mine. The liner is nice and warm but I'm not as happy with the separate forefinger as I thought I would be. Its still too big to fit into my trigger guard so the glove has to come off for shooting anyway. so having it separate just leaves my forefinger colder than the rest so I'd sorta rather just have a full mitt. I will likely mostly use these for skiing and shovelling the driveway, not so much for hunting.
- Julian on 11/8/2017
Hand Saver
We all have that one body part that gets to cold and were done for and mine is my hands especially as a western bowhunter. But with these bad boys and along with my other First Lite gear am able to stay out longer and further before calling it. "100% committed to the gear"
- DL on 9/29/2017
My hands can go numb at 50 degrees with a cool breeze. Needless to say my late season hunting has been curtailed for quite sometime. I've spent more money on gloves than I care to think. These are by far the best I've come across. I was on a late season muzzleloader hunt last fall and could be more pleased. Easy on-off and the tethers have helped me from losing a glove a time or two. My hands sweat, a lot, and being able to take out the liner to dry is a huge bonus. Warm, comfortable, and the dexterity is impressive with the lobster claws.
- VanH on 7/12/2017
Warm and fuzzy
For a super warm glove, these have more dexterity than anything else I've tried. I'm even able to duck hunt with them on during those 0 degree mornings in CO. The trigger finger design is nice for that but my index finger does get cold at times. I would prefer this to be a full mitt that I can just pull off when I need to shoot or do things around camp during the winter. On days when it is warmer but the weather is nasty I have used the shell with just the light weight merino liner glove and that worked pretty well. I also use them for snowboarding on super cold days and snow shoeing. The wrist lanyard is great for not dropping them off the ski lift or in the mud and water when duck hunting. The wool inside is starting to pack down in areas from sweating in them but it fluffs back up if you put them on a glove dryer and comb the wool with your fingers after they are dry...should have been doing this after every use.
- JayCreegs on 4/13/2017
Deer hunting in Minnesota can be brutal. I've always had issues keeping my fingers warm but never found gloves that were both warm and practical for hunting. These are worth the price. I found the snot pad pretty gimmicky at first but it became one of my favorite features once I needed it. I spare no expense on keeping my head, hands and feet warm. These gloves have become my gamers for cold weather hunts.
- Dave on 3/16/2017
Very Very Good
6'3", 200, average sized hands. The large fits tight, but not too tight. The liner is very warm. I can still wear a pair of thin liners with them. These things kept my hards while shoveling snow and I expect them to keep my hands warm glassing. I'm not too sure about the velcro attaching the liner and the shell. I suspect it has a purpose but I would like to see an internal button system or something similar. These gloves will keep you warm and dry no questions, great product.
- HuntORE on 3/2/2017
Great cold weather glove!
I've been using these gloves over the last month for everything from ice fishing to snowmobiling and I couldn't be happier. The added dexterity from the lobster design is very helpful and the warmth and comfort and unbelievable. I have been out in temps well below zero without needing a liner glove and when I do have to pull my bare hands out they instantly reheat after slipping them back into the gloves which is very quick and easy.
- Eric on 1/16/2017
Best cold weather gloves!!
I purchased these gloves with expectations that have been exceeded! From my experiences hunting whitetails in the frigid north east, its always my fingers that make me leave the stand. With the Grizzly Cold Weather Glove my hands remain warm and extremely comfortable which truly allows me to "Go farther, stay longer". I highly, highly recommend these gloves to anyone who relies on their gear for the relentless pursuit we call big game hunting.
- Ben on 1/12/2017
Get them
Used these on a 3 week november sheep hunt ad coldn'y have happier with their performance. Super warm and tough as nails. I would slip a hand warmer into each mitt on the really cold days, just to keep my hands hot when the need might arise to draw back my bow. I usually wear a large in gloves but went with XL on these and am glad I did. The only gripe I have is with the elastic wrist band that is probably there so you don't loose them when you pull them off. I never used them and would have to tuck them under the liner so it wouldn't snag my release when putting my hands in or out. Easy remedy would be to just remove them. Either way if you want a good quality cold weather mitt get these, I'm glad I did.
- Rick on 1/11/2017
Next best thing to sticking your hands down your pants.
First glove/mitten I can actually keep my hands warm in. If your hands run cold like mine do, the Grizzly's are worth their weight in gold. Whether you're riding a 4-wheeler up a mountain in driving rain/sleet/snow or going out to shovel your driveway when it's -47 windchill, you'll realize pretty quick you get what you pay for.
- Jack on 1/5/2017
Warm. Durability concerns.
Very happy with the warmth of the gloves. Handled a cold Wisconsin winter very well so far. My concern is there seems to be some pilling of the liner and every time I take them off some of the wool liner comes out as well, causing me to wonder just how long they will last before I need to order a new set of liners.
- Brad on 1/5/2017
Grizzly cold weather glove
Well it got cold enough to test these they really keep your hands warm,also the wrist straps let you throw then off and still have them when you need them back on
It gets a humid wet like cold in the south they work!
- cvappo on 12/16/2016
First Lite did it again!!
Another quality piece from First Lite, I have to say that I was skeptical at first because im very picky when it comes to hand and foot wear. These gloves fit the bill for sure, very warm, water and wind resistant. I have not had to use hand warmers in these like all the other "arctic" or "cold weather" gloves iv tried. I would highly recommend these for anyone hunting in the northeast for those pesky white tails, or anyone looking for a quality and durable mit to keep you in the stand longer.
- Ben on 11/20/2016
First Lite did it again!!
Another quality piece from First Lite, I have to say that I was skeptical at first because im very picky when it comes to hand and foot wear. These gloves fit the bill for sure, very warm, water and wind resistant. I have not had to use hand warmers in these like all the other "arctic" or "cold weather" gloves iv tried. I would highly recommend these for anyone hunting in the northeast for those pesky white tails, or anyone looking for a quality and durable mit to keep you in the stand longer.
- Ben on 11/20/2016
Excellent Glove for Cold/Wet Conditions
I just got off the mountain in idaho for a rifle elk hunt. It rained/sleeted/snowed 40 of 48 hours. The grizzly mitt was the single best piece of clothing I had with me. Waterproof, warm, and just enough dexterity to perform most tasks. The wool interior was awesome when I needed to slip them off and back on in the rain. Stayed warm and never wetted out. A must have for late season conditions.
- Ed on 10/16/2016
I couldn't wait for these to come out, and now I am sure it was well worth it.
These are going to be my go to gloves in the field and around the house.
Also the 5 dollar shipping was great since it usually costs an arm and a leg to get stuff up to me in northwestern Ontario.

Keep up the great work.
- Dan on 8/5/2016