First Lite's Commitment to Conservation


The days of being able to simply take from the land are over. As sportsmen and women, we all have an obligation to help protect wildlife and wild places that goes beyond purchasing a license and paying taxes on gear. Our very passion depends on it. As a manufacturer of outdoor apparel, we at First Lite feel this responsibility all the more. Our business model is predicated upon Americans' ability to get out into the woods and pursue free-ranging game. For this reason, we go out of our way to support folks and organizations that are standing up for wildlife conservation, public lands preservation and hunter access. Whether its as casual as donating a jacket to a local DU banquet or as significant as corporate gifts to our non-profit partners, First Lite is committed to conservation and protecting our hunting heritage.

Round Up For Conservation

In conjunction with our conservation partners, First Lite is proud to have created Round Up For Conservation. This initiative allows customers to round up their purchase by a dollar amount of their choosing to the benefit of one of four conservation organizations (listed at left) we feel are doing particularly good work in the field. Alternatively, the sum can be split between all four groups. In today's world buying your next piece of gear is simple. First Lite believes supporting conservation should be just as easy.

Conservation Accolades

  • 2016 Shift Festival Award for Business Leadership
  • 2016 Open Country Award, Outdoor Life Magazine
  • 2015 Larry Fischer Award, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers


    Pheasants Forever
    Backcountry Hunters and Anglers
    Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership
    National Wildlife Federation