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Frequently Asked Questions

The Brand

Q: I heard about First Lite being great gear but what makes you better than other hunting brands?

First Lite is comprised of hunting fanatics who live, breathe and sleep hunting. Our gear is designed by hunting freaks in the mountains of Idaho who use the gear day-in, day out. We do not compromise in our expectations and only sell the very best in field-proven hunting apparel. We can build the best because we can literally hunt on our lunch break. Your First Lite gear wasn't designed and tested by a tennis enthusiast who rides a fixed gear bike to work. It was designed, born and tested in the Rockies of Idaho by a small group of guys who only speak one language: The passion of hunting. You can learn all about us on our About us Page.

Q: I filled a great tag thanks to First Lite gear. Can I send you guys some pictures or video?

We love hearing your success stories and passing your images around the office and to friends in the industry. Send images and video links to [email protected]. Who knows...you might just make it on our Facebook page, Youtube channel or Twitter feed!

First Lite Merino Wool and Performance Layers

Q: It seems like more companies are now offering merino. What makes First Lite Merino the best?

First Lite was the first company to engineer 100% merino in camo. Our Merino is the highest quality, 100% Merino available. When comparing to our competitors, we encourage you to ask them if their product is really 100% Merino and what micron it is. First Lite's Merino is as fine as 17.5 Microns, meaning you will stink less, stay more comfortable and have a garment that will last longer. Learn more here.

First Lite and 37.5 Active Particle Technology Outerwear

Q: Why does First Lite use 37.5 Active Particle Technology in their outerwear?

First Lite chose 37.5 because it is the most advanced technology on the market. Active Particle Technology means it is more breathable, allowing it to finish the job of evacuating moisture and stinky bacteria that our Merino base layers begins. Where many, bigger fabric brands will leave you a sweaty mess at the top of the ridge, 37.5 helps you stay dry, comfortable and odor free. Learn more about 37.5 right here.

How to Shop and Order

Q: I've looked at your information and watched your product videos but I'm still unsure. What can I do?

Unlike most brands, we actually want to talk to you. Yeah, that's right--call us. You will likely talk to Casey who knows everything there is to know about our product and what you need so you can feel totally confident in your investment. Call our Customer Service Team right now at 208 806 0066 ext. 1. They can steer you to the right dealers, answer your questions and even take orders over the phone.

Q: I want to order an item but do not see an option to select the pattern I want, is the item out-of-stock or has FL stopped making said piece?

When an item does not have a pattern associated with it, FL is sold out of all sizes within that pattern/product. The item and pattern will show as available once quantities have been updated.

Q: If an item is out-of-stock, can I backorder the item and have it shipped to me when it is available?

Though we do not take back orders, First Lite encourages you to check with our dealers. They will typically retain inventory longer than we will.

Q: When will First Lite be getting more product back in stock?

We get several shipments throughout the year. Call Customer Service at 208 806 0066 ext. 1 for more information on when to expect your desired style.

Fit and Sizing

Q: What are the sleeve lengths and overall lengths of First Lite Garments?

Please see our Size Chart.

Q: What is the fill of the Uncompaghre Puffy and Sanctuary Jacket?

First Lite uses proprietary synthetic insulation from 37.5 Like all synthetic insulation, it will continue to insulate even if it gets wet. Unlike any other insulation on the market, our insulation has Active Particle Technology which helps transport moisture away from your body and to the outside environment. This means that if you are active and wearing your insulated jacket or pant, the moisture your body creates will not get trapped in the insulation and cause it to get damp.

Uncompahgre Puffy: Body = 100 grams/m2. Arms = 60 grams/m2.

Sanctuary Jacket: Body = 200 grams/m2. Arms = 160 grams/m2.

Q: How Should First Lite Garments Fit?

First Lite base layers are designed to fit comfortably snug as they perform at their best when in direct contact with your skin. Outerwear and pants should fit as expected, with attention to cut that allows for easy movement without excess material. Any First Lite piece should be form fitting but not restrictive.

Q: If I purchase a size LG in my lightweight pieces, do I need to size up to XL in my mid/heavyweight and outerwear pieces to accommodate for layering?

You will not need to size up when adding/layering over multiple pieces. Our top layering pieces are designed to be worn as a system and sizing should remain consistent throughout our product line. However, the Kanab lightweight pant runs slightly on the generous side and if you are on the fence between sizes, we suggest sizing down. The same can be said for all of our bottom layering and outer pieces.

Warranty and Our Commitment to You

Q: What's your warranty? Does First Lite stand behind its products?

We have built an outstanding reputation for our customer service--before and after the purchase. We offer a one year manufacturer's warranty for all of our products covering defects and the like. But no matter how old your product is, give us a call. We work hard to take care of our customers and to stand behind the product.

See our full Warranty Policy here.