Spring Turkey - Intermountain West – First Lite Performance Hunting
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Spring Turkey - Intermountain West

Chase Millemann: Operations Manager

In Idaho, turkeys don’t often stick to roads. Therefore, my thunder chicken kit has to be breathable enough to hike in a ways, but warm enough to sit still and call. On top of this dynamic, spring in Idaho can mean snowstorms or sunshine so my system needs to accommodate a wide range of temps. Below the belt, I typically rock the Wick Boxer Short under the versatile Obsidian Pant. On top, I begin with the Wick Long Sleeve Crew and Kiln Hoody. For cold mornings and bad weather, I rock the Uncompahgre Puffy and Vapor Stormlight Rain Jacket. Additionally, for added concealment, I pack the Phantom Leafy Jacket and Phantom Leafy Balaclava. I top this kit off with Talus Fingerless Gloves and a Tag Cuff Beanie.
Phantom Leafy Suit Top


Color/PatternFirst Lite Fusion
Vapor Stormlight Ultralight Rain Jacket

$240.00 - $250.00

Color/PatternFirst Lite Fusion
Uncompahgre Puffy Insulated Jacket

$190.00 - $200.00

Color/PatternDry Earth
Obsidian Merino Pants

$170.00 - $180.00

Color/PatternFirst Lite Cipher
Trucker Hat

$20.00 - $25.00

Color/PatternDry Earth
Tag Cuff Merino Beanie

$30.00 - $35.00

Color/PatternFirst Lite Fusion
Talus Fingerless Merino Glove


Color/PatternDry Earth
Flex Field Belt


Men's Kiln Hoody

$115.00 - $125.00

Color/PatternFirst Lite Cipher
Men's Wick LS Crew

$80.00 - $85.00

Color/PatternFirst Lite Cipher
Men's Wick Loose Fit Boxer Short

$40.00 - $45.00

Color/PatternFirst Lite Cipher