Obsidian Merino Pants – First Lite Performance Hunting
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Obsidian Merino Pants
Obsidian Merino Pants
Obsidian Merino Pants
Obsidian Merino Pants
Obsidian Merino Pants
Obsidian Merino Pants
Obsidian Merino Pants
Obsidian Merino Pants
Obsidian Merino Pants
Obsidian Merino Pants
Obsidian Merino Pants
Obsidian Merino Pants
Obsidian Merino Pants
Obsidian Merino Pants
Obsidian Merino Pants
Obsidian Merino Pants
Obsidian Merino Pants
Obsidian Merino Pants

Obsidian Merino Pants

Ripstop Merino and Stretch Nylon

$180.00 USD

Color/PatternFirst Lite Cipher

Silent, odor resistant, and comfortable from 100 degrees into late season, the Obsidian merino pant takes the torch from the best-selling Kanab 2.0 pant with the fit being based off our hugely popular Corrugate Guide Pant. The Obsidian's ergonomic design and proprietary, stretch merino/nylon fabric work in conjunction to move and flex with the body and provide maximum durability all while preserving the qualities you love about Merino. Reinforced with rip-stop nylon, this woven merino pant has no UV signature or shine and fends off odor-causing bacteria better than any synthetic. Stretch nylon panels also enhance range of motion and provide durability and support in high stress areas. The Obsidian pant is equipped with detachable suspenders for a superior fit with pack or harness and can be used with other First Lite pants. This piece is machine washable and will dry quickly over a branch or on a line. These features make the Obsidian a superior choice for a wide range of stationary and active hunting applications.

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Obsidian Merino Pants Details

Layering Position

  • Next to Skin


  • 88% merino wool, 2% ballistic ripstop nylon, 1.5% polyester, 8.5% spandex
  • True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear over or under other layers
  • Merino-nylon midweight woven ripstop fabric
  • Body-mapped stretch nylon reinforcement
  • Belt and suspender loops (suspenders included)
  • Naturally odor resistant
  • Extremely quiet--ideal for both spot and stalk and stationary hunting
  • Naturally UV absorbent to eliminate shine and fire-resistant
  • Stays warm whether dry or wet

How It's Built

  • Material: Woven Ripstop Merino Blend
  • Cut: Athletic
  • Primary Uses:
    • Spot & Stalk
    • Tree Stand
    • Upland
    • Fishing
  • Weight: 22oz.

Where to Use

  • Temperature Range:
    • 20F - 45F
    • 45F - 60F
    • 60F - 80F
    • Above 80F

Customer Reviews

Based on 556 reviews
Product Size: M
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 180
Fit Comments: Perfect fit
Location: In the woods
Primary Use: Hunting and scouting
Top quality gear

I am 6’ 2” tall 180 lbs and med tall size matches me perfectly. It is obvious these pants are designed with the hunter in mind. Pockets in the right locations, pants stretch preventing binding. I wish I would have purchased from first lite sooner.

Product Size: M
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 180
Location: Colorado
Primary Use: Hiking, Hunting, Working
Surprisingly warm

I purchased these in the spring of 2018. Comfortable, lightweight, warm.
Very versatile pant. I've worn them in the summertime guiding hiking trips in Colorado high country. With no insulated underwear up to 85 degrees and high activity I stayed dry and comfortable. I've worn them on Turkey hunts in Florida in 80 wet weather, no issues. On the other side of the spectrum I've worn these in single digit weather on duck hunts with a synthetic baselayer underneath, and insulated waders on top. I stayed incredibly warm. I'll even wear these to work. I work in a lumber yard in steamboat springs right next to the yampa river. It got down to -30 some mornings and I'd wear these with some insulated coveralls, no problems. I can also wear just these in the yard with a synthetic baselayer down to 20 degrees and stay comfortable with moderate activity. The only drawbacks I would say is they seem a bit thin. I'm worried they will hang up on something one day and rip but luckily it hasnt happened yet. I would eliminate some of the pockets. I tend to spend time digging around the 10 pockets to find my chapstick or mouthcall. Also the price is a bit steep, but I suppose for as many different situations I've worn them in, the price of 3 different pants would add up to the same. So far so good.

Product Size: 34 x 35
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 195
Don't Wash these pants!

Outa the box these pants were awesome! I am 6'4" and finally a pair of pants that fit in length, soft feel, comfortable to wear....... UNTIL I washed em. Hand wash and line dried now they come to my mid shin. Such a bummer. Does any short guy want em?

Product Size: L
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 255
Location: Alaska
Primary Use: Hunting
Perfect Western Pant

I wore these pants on a 14 day moose hunt in 2019. I brought two pair of these and two pair of a competitors pants that I know are proven to test durability and comfort for a long hunt. These Merino pants in my opinion are far superior to softshell pants. They breath much better when you are crawling up mountains and busting through muskeg and tussocks. The weather during this hunt ranged from 10 degrees and snowing to 60 degrees and sunshine. These pants were worn for 5 days each, with depending on weather merino boxers or full length long johns underneath, I never felt like I was over or under dressed. These pants are also thin enough that they can easily be layered under rain gear or a pair of puffy pants for glassing. The only downside of these compared to their shoftshell counter part is it doesn't quite protect from the moisture as well but will dry just as quickly. I highly recommend these pants for any type of hunting where movement is the strategy of choice.

Product Size: L
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 210
Fit Comments: Admittedly, the fit is great.
Location: Ouachita and Ozark mountains
Primary Use: Hunting
Poor Quality

Especially considering the price of these pants, you'd expect them to be much better quality. I'm just not entirely sure how you're supposed to hunt in these. They're way too thin to be used in places like my home state of Arkansas where you can expect to encounter quite a bit of brush. That's fine though, they aren't supposed to be brush busters. Just, seriously, do not even look at a thorn - they'll rip.

So you can't really use them to stalk or spot and stalk or otherwise really hunt. Oh and they're great when wet, right? No, not really. Wool is supposed to insulate when wet, but wearing a synthetic base layer and these pants during a light rain I couldn't stop shivering. It was in the 50's, but my $180 pants forced me to head back due to weather. They're so thin you can only really depend on them to keep you warm in situations where a comparable synthetic pant would also keep you warm. Except a synthetic pant will shed water or not get shockingly heavy with water. Also, these take forever to dry. I've hunted in Pendleton wool shirts for years without the same issues these pants present.

Then you can hunt in these when you don't leave a trail and it's dry out, right? Nope! I got holes in the crotch of these pants after a single 10 mile day. One real day and I had significant holes in the crotch from where my thighs rubbed together. Also the zippers broke immediately.

I've had the stupid pants for three seasons now. They are tattered, have holes, broken zippers, get heavy and cold when wet, and cost me $180. Who the hell are these for? Stand hunters. But then you could basically wear camo pajama bottoms and be just as warm for significantly less cost.