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Corrugate Foundry Pant

Retooled, rebuilt, refounded.

Using our customer's feedback, First Lite's Product Team took the five-star Corrugate Guide Pants and made them even better. We've added key features that address in-field shooting comfort, ventilation, waterproofing, and reinforced high abrasion areas. Complete with upgraded hardware like closed crown zippers and paracord toggles, the Corrugate Foundry Pant is built to go farther and stay longer. See for yourself below.

Removable Knee Pads

Removable knee pads constructed of durable, closed cell high-density EVA foam provide hunters with in-field comfort while kneeling or when in a prone shooting position. Secured by an interior mesh pocket, the knee pads are easy to remove for washing or activities that don't demand their presence.

Hip Vents

Zippers have been integrated into the upper leg/hip area for quickly dumping heat or robust ventilation during high exertion activities. The zipper's closed crown slider and paracord toggles reduce pressure points and noise.

Waterproof & Reinforced Components

The pant's knees and seat feature a nylon chap and an interior waterproof laminate for increased durability and water resistance.

Double Sided Cargo Pockets

The cargo pockets were relocated to the front of the pant for quicker access. They feature a double pocket storage system with an easy-entry area on the back and a closed crown zippered top pocket for comfortable security.

Rigid Waistband & Numeric Sizing

Our rigid waistband anchors the stretch nylon construction no matter how much your pants get loaded down with gear or moisture. The numeric sizing lets you dial in your fit to your favorite pair of jeans.