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Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters
Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters

Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters

3.5-Layer Waterproof Construction


In Stock & Ready to Ship

We know that great all-season leg gaiters for hunting are designed and constructed to last a lifetime and the Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiter is no exception. Overbuilt and as burly as your favorite boots, this 37.5 by Cocona Technology gaiter utilizes Hypalon straps, Cordura insteps and bombproof seams to keep you dry in the roughest hunting country. Field tested in BC and all over the Western US, the Brambler is your new ironclad gaiter.

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Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters Details

Sizing Note

Sizing boot gaiters can be a bit tricky.

Generally, if you wear full boots (Kenetreks, Danners, Lowas) and/or have large calves (size 10 and bigger) you will likely want to go with the LG. 

If you have smaller feet or calves (size 9 and smaller) or wear a lighter boot or trail shoe (Salomon, La Sportiva) you will want to go with the SM.


    • Exclusive 37.5 Active Particle Technology 
      • Exhausts moisture and maintains core body temperature 
      • Traps odors (human signature) and releases them when laundered
      • Heavy-duty construction featuring 3.5 layered construction
      • Adjustable calf strap
      • Snap reinforced velcro closure
      • Hypalon stirrup with black metal buckle adjustment
      • Black, metal lace hook


      How It's Built

      • Material: 3.5-Layer Construction
      • Primary Uses:
        • Spot & Stalk
        • Tree Stand
        • Upland
      • Weight: 12oz.

      Where to Use

      • Regions:
        • Intermountain/Rockies
        • Southwest
        • Midwest
        • Northeast
        • BC/Alaska
        • Pacific Northwest
      • Temperature Ranges:
        • Below 20F
        • 20F - 45F
        • 45F - 60F
        • 60F - 80F
        • Above 80F

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 247 reviews
      Kyle Wilson
      Product Size: L

      Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters

      Joe Garrison
      Product Size: L
      Height: 5’11”
      Weight: 230
      Waist Size: 37
      Inseam Length: 34
      Draw Length: 29.5
      Primary Use: Hunting
      Looks great!!

      Haven’t used them yet. They are well built and look great!!

      Robert Iv35
      Product Size: L
      Height: 5’7”
      Weight: 155
      Waist Size: 32
      Inseam Length: 32
      Location: Mountains of central Alaska
      Primary Use: Sheep hunting
      Best gaiters ever

      These gaiters far outperformed anything I’ve ever had and they’re so comfortable I didn’t even know I was wearing them! They kept me dry on 8 straight days of rainy weather, zero condensation in my boots! Protected my pants when trudging through briars and were pivotal to crossing streams and staying dry.

      Eddie T
      Product Size: L
      Height: 5’11"
      Weight: 210
      Waist Size: 36
      Inseam Length: 32
      Location: Everyday hunting
      Primary Use: Extra protection for my boots and pants.
      Great protection

      I have never owned a pair of gaiters before as I thought so many people could not need that extra level of protection. I was wrong. These gaiters not only provide extra protection for your boot uppers but also for the lower part of your favorite hunting pants. The laces on your boots do not hang up on anything or collect all the burrs from your trek but they also protect your pants from those as well as keeping them dryer than they would normally be and keep them from being torn from a days hike through some rough terrain. I’m sold on the extra level of protection they offer.

      Claude Young
      Product Size: XL
      Height: 6'0
      Weight: 195
      Waist Size: 34
      Location: Idaho Alaska
      Primary Use: Hunting deer/elk

      Brambler Hunting Boot Gaiters

      Product Size: L
      Height: 5’10”
      Weight: 162
      Waist Size: 32
      Inseam Length: 32
      Location: Hunting. Hiking
      Primary Use: Hunting. Hiking
      Great Gaiters

      I was in between sizes. I wear a size 12 boot but have smaller calves. I went with the large. They fit well and I can cinch them down tight enough around my calf’s that they doesn’t fall down. Would the smaller size be better? I’ll never know… but so far they have held up great. I’m glad I purchased them.

      Ryan Miller
      Product Size: XL
      Height: 5feet 9 inches
      Weight: 265
      Waist Size: 48
      Inseam Length: 30
      Location: wet and rugged terrain.absolutely great product!

      Best gaiter on the market!

      michael babcock
      Product Size: XL
      Height: 5’11
      Weight: 220
      Waist Size: 42
      Inseam Length: 34"
      Draw Length: N/A
      Location: All outdoors activities
      Primary Use: same

      I was gifted a first lite shirt.socks and underwear last year. All items have exceeded expectations. I recently ordered gaiters, obsidian foundry pants and their merino hoody. All of these items exceeded expectations. The fit is great and these items perform. First lite keep doing what you doing. It works. Thanks mike

      Nick Schaefer
      Product Size: L
      Height: 6'
      Weight: 200
      Waist Size: 33
      Inseam Length: 32
      Location: Montana
      Primary Use: Early Turkey/Bear, Deer, and Elk
      Best Gaiters I Have Used

      These are hands down the best gaiters I have ever used. They stay high without falling down and helped my boots perform amazing in snow in my early season turkey hunt. Can't wait to use these in late fall for deer and elk. They are incredibly high quality and are built to last. The velcro seams are almost too good, one they are on they stay on. I wear a size 10.5 boot and got the L/XL and they were perfect, they would fit a size 10 boot or larger. They hug really snug so they didn't rub and make too much noise, I would be careful on a close stalk but noise won't be too much of an issue.

      Jacob Karns
      Product Size: M
      Height: 5'9"
      Weight: 160
      Waist Size: 30"
      Inseam Length: 30"
      What Gaiters should be

      If you've never looked into gaiters before you should! These will it only keep you dry but also add an extra layer of protection against brush, along with animals and insects