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Chama 230g Merino Hoody

Considered the most versatile base layer component within the First Lite layering system, the Chama Hoody simply cannot be beat as a do-it-all piece for any outdoor enthusiast. With its 230g Merino fabric, the Chama Hoody can be either your first or second layer and will keep you comfortable and odor free from September through turkey season. The hood is extremely low profile so that you don't know it's there when you don't need it and flat lock seams means no hot spots under your pack. If you're looking for a true ace of spades in your layer system, look no farther.



Product Details

Layering Position

  • This is a first or second layer, meaning it can be the first or second layer you put on in the First Lite layering system
  • Features

  • True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear under other layers
  • Actual Weight: 11.2oz
  • 18.5 micron, superfine, pure 100% merino wool
  • Pure Merino Wool is naturally antibacterial, meaning there is no treatment necessary to retain its odor resistant quality even when used for several days in a row
  • Unlike other fabrics, Merino keeps you comfortable from extremely high temperatures down to the coldest digits as well
  • Merino Wool is also naturally UV absorbent to eliminate shine and fire resistant
  • Lightweight, jersey-knit fabric
  • Flat lock seams for next-to-skin comfort
  • Ergo cuff with thumb loops
  • Stays warm whether dry or wet
  • Covered by First Lite's Warranty

    • Sizes

      Available in men's sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL


      Machine Wash Cold and Hang Dry

      Layering Position Midlayer
      Material 100% Merino Wool
      Primary Usage Lifestyle, Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Waterfowl, Upland, Fishing
      Region Midwest, Northeast, Pacific northwest, BC/Alaska, Southwest, Intermountain/Rockies
      Temperature Below - 20F, 20F - 45F, 45F - 60F, 60F - 80F

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Love it
Loving the Chama hoody! Warm, lightweight, comfortable.
- Tom on 10/2/2017
My new go-to for all hunts
The chama hoody is like the swiss army knife of hunting clothing. It's an incredible mid-layer when paired with a llano base layer; and it makes for a great base layer on it's own. It's incredibly versatile and can be used in every hunting scenario I can think of. The chama hoody regulates temperature extremely well, dries quickly, and resist odor. The hood is functional and stays in place while moving. I've found my new go-to hunting clothing.
- Cory on 10/2/2017
Regardless of where and what you hunt, this piece of apparel is a must in your arsenal warm enough for cool mornings and yet breathable even when it warms up. I will say i wish mine didn't fade so fast in color but i guess with the material its hard to keep the color-'100% committed to the gear"
- DL on 9/29/2017
The Chama really is so versatile- I bought one for warm season hunts but found it to be a great item for layering and liked wearing it so much I got another in Pine for wearing around town.
- Matt on 9/29/2017
Can't beat merino wool
This is another superior top. The material weight makes for a great top layer in the fall. the zipper allows for easy temp regulations in the afternoon and the hood keeps the evening chill off. It's tough to beat the quality and performance of merino.
- Sparky on 9/28/2017
I just wore this for an elk hunt in Idaho, and it was great. It didn't smell rancid after a week in the woods unlike other shirts I have. It was also warm and nice to have on in the rain and snow that we got. I purchased the fusion pattern which is a pretty nice pattern for out west or back here in NY.
- Brian on 9/23/2017
Versatility at its finest
The Chama Hoody is a versatility machine. This top is my go to no matter the season. My favourite part about it (and merino) is this thing can last weeks of stinky use and still smell new. I don't feel bad for my girlfriend when I return home from a hunt and Im still wearing the Chama Hoody. My favourite physical aspect is the hood. It is sleek enough that it is never in the way, yet still provides warmth. Pairs well with the Windriver balaclava. Have recommended the Chama Hoody to many friends and family!
- Jake on 9/22/2017
Sold on the hoody
This hoody over the top of the Llano crew was the perfect combo. I loved the hood feature when the wind picked up and the temps dipped. It kept me warm but breathed enough that I didn't get too sweaty going up and down the mountain. I would really like to see one of the lighter base layers with a hood also. Would be great for keeping the sun off your neck. This might be my favorite piece of hunting clothing.
- Nathan on 9/22/2017
This thing is fantastic, warm, breathable and rugged...held up on a belly-crawl stalk vs cactus in western SD. Essential for any hunting trip
- Rosscoe on 9/20/2017
Bought this hoody as an early season archery piece. In fluctuating temperatures from morning to afternoon to evening, this hoody was amazing at regulating exterior body temp. Nice snug fit is great for shooting.
- Chandler on 9/19/2017
Must Have
I have owned this item for about 2 years now, and wear it almost every day, from around the house, to fishing, to hunting. It is a must have in your layering system.
- D.A. on 9/16/2017
Perfect layering
Awesome layering for a lightweight but very warm option. Perfect for bow hunting or cool mornings in the stand
- Tony on 9/15/2017
Great hoody but runs a little large
This is a high quality lightweight garmet that is soft and warm as merino should be. Only gripe is that the sizing runs a bit on the large side, especially in the sleeves - I'm a 34/35 dress shirt and these sleeves have a couple extra inches in them. Definitely has some room to put this over another layer.
- golfzerodelta on 9/14/2017
Maybe my favorite piece of kit
I love the Chama hoodie. Absolutely essential piece of my layering system.
- Chisum on 9/13/2017
Stays in the Pack All Year
Love this thing, I carry it with me everywhere, even in the truck during the spring and fall. Keep the hoodie up and get rolling, throw it on top of the Llano and you can take it down to the 30s. Great fit to layer.
- Trevor on 9/13/2017
All-Around Layer
Took this for the first time on a high-country Colorado archery elk hunt. Perfect for cool mornings and windy evenings. My new go-to layer. I highly recommend this product.
- cClark on 9/4/2017
Incredibly versatile
I'm very impressed with how versatile the product is. It's a great layering tool as a set, and it also works very nicely to regulate temperature on its own. Special plaudits should be given to the sleeves/cuffs: they work very well in a standard setting, using the thumb loops, and when pushed/rolled up.
- Nicholas on 8/22/2017
Essential Equipment
I am in the Canadian infantry and bought one of these hoodies in pine to wear under my combats before deploying on a three month exercise that spanned winter and spring. With temperatures fluctuating back and forth between -30 and +12 Celsius I ended up wearing this constantly only taking it off to change out my undershirt for the first 37 days, following which it was always in my ruck to take the bight out of the cold nights. It retained it's warmth and did not pick up any smells, when I got home my wife could not believe that it had not been washed. I would, and have recommended this thermal layer to anyone who will listen. The only thing I would change is the logo, I would make it a little less visible.
- Aaron on 8/20/2017
I am 6'5 and 225. Being tall and skinny (ish), I have always struggled to get the arm length I need without the body being two sizes too big.

This hoody is great, fits my arms with some to spare in a large, and fits the torso as it should.

Great product, keep up the great work !
- Leigh on 8/11/2017
Chama Paradise
A couple of things, merino wool has limitations. Usually the softer the fabric, the finer the fibers, so when a top is as soft as the Chama, don't go busting brush in it. That said, the top is what it's supposed to be: very soft, warm, the fit is perfect for me and I plan to wear this throughout the hunting season and every weekend this winter. This is a great layering piece.
- SteveinAK on 8/9/2017
great product but not for me
I ordered the hooded chama when I bought several quarter zip llama's and the fleece and puffy jacket. For ME I didn't have a need for this as i fell in love with the fleece and puffy jacket and teaming them with the Llama, I never had a need for this mid weight. Great piece and truthfully I wish they made a hooded quarter zip llama for hot days as the hood is priceless.
- Mk7mmstw on 8/1/2017
I own four
I bought my first Chama Hoody back in 2012 and I loved it so much I bought another one when First Lite was getting rid of the Realtree colors. After a couple of years I bought one in green and one in black so that my wife didn't always have to look at me in camo. My new ones feel heavier, I don't know if it is just because they are newer or if they are a heavier weight.
- Josh on 7/17/2017
Works for everything.
I literally wear my Chamas' everywhere. From my tree stand to Thanksgiving dinner the Chama is one of my all time favorites.
- Seth T. on 7/17/2017
I use this mostly when I'm coyote hunting. It has a small pocket on the left sleeve which is money because I put my mouth calls in there for easy access. The hood is great for when mosquitoes won't leave my face alone. The fit is a little baggy around the mid section but it's not a big deal for me. I love this hoody and will definitely purchase more.
- Shaun on 7/16/2017
Great Breathability
This is a great piece for an outer layer in the early season or can be worn under your jacket in the mid-late seasons. The merino is some awesome material.
- Hunting Wyoming on 7/13/2017
Best hoody I own
I wear this hoody all the time, even when its not cold its comfortable to wear. Keeps you just the right temperature. I wear an XL in most hoodies but this one I got in a large and it seems to fit great. Because I know this will be a base layer on my hunts I didnt want it to be too baggy. I dont use the thumb holes and kinda wish they werent there but thats a personal preference. Solid midweight item.
- Ryan on 6/21/2017
Great for a variety of temperatures
I used my chama hoody on a recent bow hunting trip in South Africa. It worked great as a part of my layering system. I combined the Chama hoody with the Chama 230g Merino Quarter Zip for morning tempatures of about 40 degrees. Later in the day I used just the Chama when the temperature increased to 80 degrees. Even with the increase heat i was able to stay cool during my spot and stalk wildebeest hunt.
3 days in the field and there was almost no smell, do to the merino wool. The hoody runs a bit large so keep that in mind if you buy this useful garment.
- Tanner on 6/2/2017
Best Hoody I Own!
The Chama was one of the first products I purchased from First Lite. this thing is awesome! the temperature change here in Northern Indiana can be a 30 degree difference throughout the day and this hoody is perfect. The warmth to weight ratio is what amazes me. I wear a Llano 170g crew under the Chama with a softshell over it and Im good hunting in 30 degree weather regardless if Im sitting or still hunting.
- Northern Indiana on 5/9/2017
Two thumbs way up!!
Living in the high desert of the pacific northwest a solid layering system is vital. In an area where it's not uncommon to see all four seasons in a single day, you may find yourself adding and removing layers many time throughout your day. As a second or third layer the Chama is first class. I generally run hot, so I struggle to properly regulate my body temperature. I've found that the Chama is a great all around article of clothing. Some rather cold days I've worn the Llano short sleeve, the Wilkin half zip, and the Chama as a third layer, and been amazingly comfortable. On the other hand I've worn the Chama as a second layer backpacking in warmer weather an been fine. By simply holding it in your hands you wouldn't think it's as warm as it is. Awesome product, I'd recommend it to everyone, and I do!!!
- Jacob on 5/6/2017
Perfect light midlayer
Awesome midlayer or baselayer. favorite part of this piece is the wrist gaiters and the shooters cut. The shooters cut really cuts down on the bunching when layering. The wrist gaiters work perfect when layering as well as hunting in gloves. One quick suggestion, if you are using this strictly for layering, you might want to look at the 1/4 zip. Nothing more annoying than multiple hoods balling up behind your head.
- Tyler on 5/3/2017
Hands down favorite piece
This is hands down my favorite piece of First Lite gear! I'm 5'11" and 160lbs. I own several pieces of First Lite all in size medium. This piece is for laying and is slightly bigger than the Llano and is a perfect fit over the Llano. The hood and long zipper are what make this my go to for fall hunts. I drop the hood and unzip it for the walk into the stand to keep cool then throw the hood up and zip it all the way to keep me warm once seated. I wore this over the Llano and no other tops for 80% of my late October Colorado elk hunt in 2016 and was always comfortable. You cannot go wrong with the hooded Chama!
- Thomas on 5/1/2017
This piece is so versatile! It can keep you comfortable in a wide range of tempuratures. Works great over a Llano baselayer or on its own. I highly recommend this piece as it's great for everything from warm spring turkey hunts to late season deer hunts.
- Jordan on 4/22/2017
Long lasting...irreplaceable
I am an infantry soldier before deploying on a 3 month exercise I bought one of these hoodies in pine to wear under my combats. I have been out in the field now for 5 weeks. This thermal layer has been a life saver with temperatures fluctuating back and forth between -30 and +12. Other than to change out my undershirt it has not come off my body. It has retained it's warmth and does not pick up any smells. I would and have recommended this thermal layer to anyone who will listen. The only thing i would change is the logo, I would make it a little less visible.
- Edward on 4/17/2017
Great, Comfortable and Light!
Awesome product. Used it for the early morning Turkey hunting this last weekend and it was just the right amount of warmth. I am 6'2"ish, 215lbs and ordered the XL. It fits perfect. Great length in the arms and torso. Fusion was out of stock so I ordered the Cipher and I believe it is my new favorite camo. Another great product, reassuring the reasons I wear First Lite!
- Casen on 4/17/2017
Absolutely impressed! Got this for part of my layering system and took it out on a winter steelhead trip to test it out and I ended up not even wearing a shell over it in the snow....stayed warm and comfortable the whole week.
- Matthew on 4/15/2017
A must have
I wore an XL in the 2016 season and it was huge. So I replaced it with a L in Cipher. Last year I fell in love with this piece. I sweat a lot and needed just a little something extra over a Llano during high activity in the mornings. It's just enough to take the edge off but it breathes and handles sweet very well. Then too if it starts to rain and it gets wet whie digging out your Stormtight jacket it'll still keep you warm. Then when the temps drop its another layering piece of the Unpronoucable Vest or jacket. The new Cipher looks great. I spend a lot of time on the praire and can't wait to test it.
- AJ Dubé on 4/15/2017
The best hoodie I've ever owned to date
Thank you First Lite! I'm a hoodie fanatic, and a lover of merino. I rarely write reviews but I had to do it for this one.

I learned about First Lite from watching Steve Rinella and Ryan Callaghan on Meateater. I finally ordered the Chama, and when it came in the mail, I wore it on the first day while we were out dipping smelt. It's the perfect blend, nice and warm but not stifling, also versatile and flexible. I really, really like this top. I will definitely be ordering more First Lite gear from now on.

Thanks guys!
- JRadar on 4/15/2017
A must have!!!
I used the Chama Hoodie all last season. From spring turkey to late season muzzleloader deer. It is one piece that is always with me. The scuba hood does not impede your sight line at all. From the warm days all by itself, to the coldest days as an essential layering piece, the Chama is something every hunter should have in their arsenal.
- GShaw on 4/14/2017
Favorite Merino top!
This is a perfect 2nd layer.. Plenty of length in both the torso and arms. . Hood is very low profile so very non obtrusive when down but, offers plenty of protection when up. I would call this a must have piece for a first lite layering kit! I plan on buying another one as soon as they get my size and pattern available..
- Jeremy on 4/3/2017
You need this piece!
Recently tried out the chama with the llano layered underneath. It was an incredible combo! It kept me warm and I was comfortable the whole time. I wasn't sure how to feel about the thumb holes at first but now that I've gotten used to it I really like them. I would say the Chama hoodie and Llano combined together are just about as versatile as it gets for a wide range of temperatures.
- Jordan on 3/28/2017
A versatile product
I have had the Chama Merino Hoody for a year now. I used it extensively during Maine's three month expanded archery, regular archery and rifle seasons. During the warmer weather in September it made for great outer layer. The thermal regulation of the wool helped keep me warm as temps dropped with the sun. But preventer overheating on the walk in. Later in the year it was a great thermal layer under my heavier wool layers. The light hood helped keep my neck warm in the colder weather. The design features of the thumbholes made putting it on as an under layer easier. Overall a very well designed product that I highly recommend.
- Michael on 3/22/2017
Sweet Shirt
I originally ordered a Large Chama. I am 6" and 185 Lbs. The shirt was huge on me. I sent it in for a Medium and received it very shortly near after. The medium fits great and First Lite's customer service was on point. Thanks for an awesome wool shirt!
- Ryan on 3/22/2017
Versatile Piece
I've been wearing the Chama hoodie for a few years and it remains one of my favorite shirts (actually have a couple of them). I use it during early archery on it's own and all through late season as a layering piece. If I had to pick one piece of Firstlite clothing, this is my favorite.
- Justin on 3/17/2017
Excellent Base Layer
This hoody for me was an excellent choice for the early mornings in September for the bow hunt. We all know that the temperatures in September are typically warmer but the Chama Merino Hoody was perfect for just that. It keeps you warm enough in the morning but during the afternoon and into dusk hours it will keep the sun off of you and cool you off. I absolutely love having this in my arsenal of hunting clothing!
- Domar on 3/16/2017
My favorite piece.
I just came back from a two week DIY hunt in New Zealand and end up wearing this shirt every day, all day. Despite the temp's only being in the 70's the NZ sun is a micro-wave that can burn your skin absurdly quick, requiring sunscreen or for people to cover up. I chose the later, using my Chama with the hood on while I climbed around the moutnains. At first I thought I was going to roast being covered up like that, but the shirt breathed incredibly well, allowing moisture to wick away from my skin, helping to keep me as comfortable as possible. I sweat like crazy and was blown away at how fast the shirt would dry once I did stop to glass, and even crazier was it never started to smell. The Merino that FL uses is top notch and I can't recomend the Chama enough.
- Seanrp11 on 3/14/2017
I have never purchased anything from First Lite and been disappointed, and the Chama is no exception. It is versatile, comfortable, and the quality is top notch. Thank you First Lite for the amazing product!
- Dan on 3/10/2017
Great All around hoodie
I concur with what most people have said about the hoodie. Great quality, perfect for those brisk fall and spring mornings. Nice layering application. The only changes I would make are the sizes. I have an XL and a 2XL. The XL is too short in length and fits the stomach area slightly baggy. Would prefer a tighter fit. The hood area is super tight. When placed, the fabric is stretched to go over my head and is uncomfortable. The 2X is perfect in the hood, but the waist area feels like an over abundance of fabric. Like I'm wearing a moo moo or dress. Great length though. I would recommend this product to anyone who is an outdoorsman(woman). I wish there was more elasticity. It seems when you place the hoodie on, it holds the length, size in which you stretched it to to place over your body.
- Dave on 1/22/2017
The versatility of this hoody is incredible! I will not leave my house without it.. I wear this fishing, hiking, scouting, hunting, camping, snowboarding and just about everywhere else.. I have 3 of them. I promise you will love the Chama Hoody!!
- Morgan Uhrig on 1/21/2017
I'm, 6'4", 190lbs. The Large is a perfect fit. wool is everything in the NW, cotton kills. Great piece to any layering system. I never leave home without it. If I could make one suggestion: a little more of an athletic cut in the chest. Thanks FirstLite!
- OREhunter on 1/8/2017
My Go To Midlayer - Exept
Awesome cut - i have the shooters cut so its room and fits great except it needs to be longer. I'm a pretty standard fit guy and sure would like to have another 2-3 inches at the bottom.
- CJL on 1/7/2017
I have used the Chama for a couple of different seasons now:
I love how light weight it is yet adds just enough warmth on a chilling morning or when the sun drops in late September mountains. There are two ways I like to wear this piece; one is a second layer to add warmth, however I have found that it works really well as a next to skin layer as well. I'm looking to add another in the fusion CAMO to the wardrobe!
- Robert on 1/2/2017
Just received today and this Hoody is everything I read about! This is my second merino shirt and a big fan of merino! I bought the pine version(great color) and will be getting a camo soon!
Sizing: 5'11, 185 lbs and wear a 42 regular in a jacket. I went with the medium and am glad I didn't go large- fit is perfect! Well done First Lite!!
- IAS on 12/29/2016
Excellent 2nd layer with a very functional hood
This is a perfect 2nd layer for mold to cool hunts. Plenty of length in both the torso and arms. That is something I have battled in a lot of products and this nails the fit perfect. Hood is very low profile so very non obtrusive whe n down but, offers plenty of protection when up. I would call this a must have piece for a first lite layering kit!
- drummerREM on 12/23/2016
Not as Impressed
First off, I am a fan of First Lite and use a number of their products. That said, I am not in love with this piece like most of the other reviewers. My main complaint is the cut of this shirt, which seems to be similar to other First Lite tops - it's too baggy. I'd prefer a more athletic cut. Through the upper arms and the torso there is too much material. Secondly, I would like to see a more supportive collar that provides more coverage when zipped up but with the hood down. I'd also like the collar to cover more of the lower face when zipped up and the hood is up. I own other 3/4 zip hoodies from traditional outdoor companies that accomplish this and that I prefer to wear. I am a fan of merino wool but find the garments with a bit of synthetic for stretch perform the best. Lastly, I find small pockets on the sleeve useless. They are difficult to use. I much prefer a zip chest pocket for small essentials. It is easier to access and usually a more usable size. That's it. Thanks.
- Deserat on 12/11/2016
Great top
Great top. Very comfortable and the fit is great. I am 5'10 180lbs and the medium fits great with a base layer top underneath.
- Blake on 12/10/2016
A must have piece.
From 90 degree days scouting for desert sheep and sweating your butt off to steelhead fishing with blowing snow, this piece is always my go-to piece of clothing. I leave this hoody in my truck at all times just in case. I cannot say enough good things about the Chama Hoody.
- James on 12/6/2016
Impressively comfortable
I have both the Charma hoodie and the QZ, this is by far my favorite piece. The main reason why I find myself always grabbing either one of these two pieces is its versatility. You can either wear this as a single piece of layer over a Llano. The fit of is amazing as it tapers down the arm which makes it less bulky. At first, I was not sure how warm this would be since it feels thin but trust me, it is amazingly warm! This is a must have for all you mid and late season hunters! well worth the money! Thinking about buying a couple more not in camo to wear around the house.
- Chad on 12/3/2016
Rad Kit!
As a long time merino fanatic, I gotta say that the Chama is one fantastic piece! I have had merino from all the big companies, and I think this merino is the softest I have worn. I love the fit too, true to size, unlike some of the others. A large fits like a large, not a small. The hood is nice, although I rarely use it. Mostly tuck it around my neck to keep the drafts down, as I wear a knitted toque when it is cold out. The only thing I would change is the sleeve pocket. I really have no use for sleeve pockets. I prefer the chest "napoleon" style. Other than that the Chama is the bomb, as is the Fusion pattern. I don't feel like a camo fashionista in the stuff. I can walk my kid to school without the vegans thinking I am a barbarian!
- Blayne on 11/26/2016
Perfect piece
comfy and versatile piece. Holds no oder at all, wore for 21 straight days on hunt, no stink. Drys quickly. The cut is very generous, order a size smaller than normal if you prefer a more typical base layer fit.
- SEAK Hammer on 11/18/2016
Very versital layer
This Chama hoody has quickly become my go to piece. I have used it alone in mid August while in and antelope blind, and used it as part of a layering system all the way through December while sitting in a duck blind. I has keep me warm and comfortable through a wide range of temps.

The only downside I have to the piece is after I washed it for the first time the bottom of the hoody stretched out. When I first put it on it was more form fitting, now when I put it on it flares out around my hip area. It is not a big deal I just like my shirts to not be baggy. It does not effect the performance of the hoody in any way.

I would recommend this hoody to anyone looking to upgrade their current layering system.
- Tyler on 11/5/2016
Super Comfortable and warm
I've currently had the Chama Hoodie for alittle over a year and it hasn't been anything short of excellent. I wear mine next to skin or on top of my base layer for colder sits in the stand. When I first ordered it I wasn't sure about the hood cause I'm not very big into them cause they always get in the way. But with the Chama everything is cut close to the body. Meaning the hood doesn't flare out and sag. It fits perfectly over your head or your hat and you don't have to worry about any excess fabric getting in the way of your anchor point when that buck your chasing steps out. As far as the arms go with the shooters cut. It's pretty awesome knowing I don't have to worry about puting a sock over my forearm or buying one of those weird forearm guards. I just grab my bow draw back a fill my tag. The fit of the sleeve around bicep is alittle loose to accommodate for base layers/undergarments and it starts to taper down around elbow and holds tight all the way to the wrist and thumb hole. The 1/4 zip is also really nice because sometimes you just need some air, so you can unzip that and it's still out of the way of your string. Overall really great piece of equipment, fits awesome, quiet, comfortable, odorless and a must have piece of your FL layering set.
- Cnich226 on 10/5/2016
New Favorite
I kept hearing great things about the Chama hoodie so I thought I would try it out and see how I like it. It has immediately risen to the top of my favorite list. It's extremely comfortable, light weight and warm. I wear it around town and while hunting. It has stood up to climbing big hills of northern Minnesota as well as everything from coffee spills to baby spit ups. Great piece of gear, I'm planning on buying a few of them.
- Tom on 10/3/2016
possibly best clothing buy ever
I recently had an opportunity to bowhunt elk and deer in montana mid september. Temp ranges 30-75° rain, snow and shine. We still hunted, spot and stocked, and stand hunted. Every day for a week straight i wore this shirt. It keeps you regulated no matter the temp and didn't stink at all after 7 days. I usually wore a long sleeve llana underneath for temps below 55°. Fit is great, including the hood. Why haven't you bought this??
- hubie on 9/30/2016
Outstanding! Now my favorite piece
I recently returned from an elk hunt on the western slopes of CO where the temps can vary quite a bit and tend to run a bit warmer than they do cooler. I wore this top for all 7 days of my hunt as either my second or first/only layer then came off the mountain, threw it into my bag until I traveled the 21 hours back home to WI. I pulled it out and my wife couldn't believe how it didn't smell! I have many other pieces of merino wool but this is hands down the most well constructed and best feeling piece. The hood is also a good size whereas my other pieces tend to run a bit small and are not well suited for hunting scenarios. Thanks FirstLite! (insert cheesy smile and two thumbs up here)
- Kindo on 9/23/2016
Every Wear
I have worn my Chama as my outerwear my mid-layer and even as my only layer. This is a very versatile piece that can be used in all weather conditions. I love the cut and the fit and the hood is perfect for extra warmth or concealment on a spot and stalk.
- Itsinourbloodtohunt on 8/24/2016
I have used the Chama hoody Sheep, Bear, Moose and Caribou hunting here in AK. Its a perfect piece of kit for early season. or as a layer. I especially like it as a sleep shirt. The hood stayed on my head all night which is a big thing to me.
- Chandler on 8/16/2016
Wear it more than any other piece of gear I own
The Hooded Chama is awesome. I have a couple and will be purchasing a solid soon for casual wear. This thing is undefinable, I wear it on every hunt from treestand whitetails in WI to Elk in the Rockies not to mention rabbits, turkeys, fishing, squirrels, women, whatever I happen to be chasing! It works from hot to cold, dry or wet, active or stationary. But beware, it was the gateway drug that hooked me on merino!
- Cap on 8/12/2016
Versatile and Practical Hoody
This hoody is comfortable in a variety of conditions and when you need to pack it away, it's compact and lightweight. I used it on an extended backpacking trip into the high country of the Olympic National Park - it kept me comfortable and the hood was nice to keep the flies and mosquitoes out of my ears in the evenings.
- Mountain Hunter on 8/12/2016
Changed my standards for gear/outdoor clothing
This piece is incredible. I had high expectations in consideration of the price and was still blown away by how great the Chama hoody has worked out for me. I've used mine for early season hunts into late season as a layering piece and it performed perfectly in both scenarios. I was especially pleased at how well the hoody worked to keep the man stank at a minimum after five days of pushing through thick bush. I've started to wear the Chama on fishing trips additionally, where it has kept me cool but covered in the sun, neck included. Thumb loops are great for layering and delayering. All around great piece.
- JRichard on 8/9/2016
My Favorite Piece of Merino
This is hands down my favorite piece of First Lite merino. While it works best layered overo a Llano, I wear this hoody frequently over a cotton tee when I know I won't be working up a huge sweat (i.e. fishing from my drift boat).

This weight of merino is super warm, lightweight, and durable. Another thing that is great is the fact that it doesn't need to be washed very often. When you do wash it, it is best to line dry it or dry it at a very low temp, as it will shrink if it is dried too hot! All in all, 5 stars. The Chama has officially replaced my former love of hooded sweatshirts.
- DC on 8/8/2016
This is the best midlayer ever. I have every other mid layer made. It even beats the Patagonia R1. I now have the hoody and the quarter zip. Good work First Lite.
- jp on 8/6/2016
Versatile Shirt
I have used this shirt for cooler mornings and even when the midday sun warms things up it is still comfortable and wicks moisture. Everything they say about the merino wool is true in my experience.
- Jonathan on 8/4/2016
Every time I'm out
I wear this every time I hunt. Perfect outer layer in mid season and great
For layering in the cold
- James on 7/29/2016
really impressed with the fit and comfort, cant wait to snipe things wearing it this fall
- tim cool on 7/29/2016
Just buy the darn thing!
I don't say this lightly, but one of the very best pieces of gear I have ever owned! I wear it almost year round, with exceptions of the hottest days of the summer. Stays on all hunting season, ski season and fishing season. I'm 5'10 and 200 lbs, the large fits perfect. Just buying a second one, so folks stop bothering me about wearing the same thing every day.
- greenheadsmt on 7/27/2016
What a find!!!
I have worn the Chama hoody in weather ranging from 100 degree Texas heat, to 30 degree mornings in the mountains. The Chama does a great job of regulating body temperature and pulling moisture away from my body. While it wasn't intended to be a next to skin layer, I often find myself wearing it by itself. The wool is as soft as any material I've worn and the fit and cut of the shirt is top notch. As far as durability is concerned, this shirt as stood up to some serious abuse. While I would never compare wool to some synthetic product, it has surpassed my expectations as to what wool is capable of.
- ZSD on 7/26/2016
Must I Take it Off
Great Product: From an underlayer in the deer stand or duck blind. To lighter outerwear during spot and stalk, this hoody is great. Wicks great, while also keeping me cool during warmer days. Great odor management, wife has only recently realized that i hardly ever wash it. Very versatile product that I will continue to wear as long as it holds up.

Only knock i have is sizing. I sized down on both my Chamas and they still seems to run a little large in the chest and stomach. Sleeve length is great.
- AP on 7/24/2016
Love it!
Can't say enough about this product. This and the Llano are my go to base layers for anytime I go out. Super comfy, and the fit and cut were all thought out by first lite. This shirt sold me on their products, and the benefits of merino. If you're on the fence about getting the products, jump off and get the Chama you will not regret it. And if you do I'll buy it from you. :)
- David on 7/23/2016
Never with out it
What I like most about this hoodie is that when I go into deer camp I can wear it every day when I am in the field and it doesn't stink. Everyone else wearing smunder smarmour has to bring a new shirt for each day sometimes twice a day. So it is really the cheaper option when you think about it. Chama always keeps me at the right temperature not too hot, not too cold, just right.
- Nick on 7/21/2016
The most important product in the First Lite book. When paired with a Llano SS in the early Fall and Spring or the Chama EXP when it gets cooler, you can hunt comfortably all day. It can be used in such a broad spectrum of weather and environments and the Fusion adapts to just about any region. Great product!
- Drew on 7/21/2016
My Favorite
Hands down my favorite piece of hunting clothing. The versatility is unmatched... zip it up to keep you warm for the cool early mornings, unzip it to get some air flow in the mid day heat still hunting or throw the hood up when you are glassing and the wind is relentless. Just hang it up to air out and it barely stinks after a week of backcountry hunting.

- Bart on 7/11/2016
A must have!
Lightweight yet warm and comfortable. Very easily packable and essential. Wont hunt without it. Merino is so warming yet moisture wicking. Arguably best camo pattern on market. I cant hunt without it
- Tony on 6/23/2016
Stellar year round
I have had the Chama for 2 years now and it never lets me down. I wear it all year as a stand alone hoodie or part of my layering system. Spring hunting, summer scouting, chasing bulls in September, or looking for late season buck, you can bet the Chama will be with me.
- Tyler on 6/17/2016
Buy it...
The only reason I give this four stars cuz over time, it does shrink up. Other than that, it is a spot on piece of clothing to have for summer and winter hunting. I hunt the Texas heat for hogs and the cool Washington weather for elk and always have this with me.
- kenneth on 6/12/2016
One of my favorite pieces
In my opinion there is no better material than wool, and this merino wool is top notch. Dries fast, breathes well, and overall just keeps me comfortable no matter what the conditions, and that is critical in the wet climate in which I live in.
- Brian on 5/23/2016
Go-to baselayer
This is one of my favorite shirts ever. I wore it everyday of whitetail season last year. It is super comfortable. I wore it by itself on my walks into stand, then layered with the Halstead Fleece and Uncompahgre. Don't think about it, just buy it.
- Eric on 5/11/2016
Excellent lightweight
Great for a late season turkey hunt over a T. Kinda wish it had zippered breast pocket, but great nonetheless. I'll probably wear this one out.
- Ryan on 5/10/2016
The Real Deal
I can't say enough about the Chama. This is without a doubt the first piece I reach for if I am heading to the outdoors. The warmth to weight ratio is hard to believe. It has allowed me to reduce the number of layers I wear increasing mobility without sacrificing comfort. I really like how the hood is tailored to fit your head and not hinder your vision or range of motion. The Chama works great as a layering piece during hunting season or as a light outer layer on early morning spring fishing trips. It dries quickly, seems to fight odor after extended use and has held up great. Since adding this to my gear, I don't think there has been a day I have hunted without having this on or in my pack. Definitely a must have.
- Joe on 5/10/2016
I weigh 180 and 5'10". The large fits perfect. I have other branded Merino wool and feel so far this quality with the fit and the stitching and materials is top quality. I would highly recommend this shirt to people who are on the fence of leaving one company and trying out FL
- Braden on 5/6/2016
Great Product
Love this sweater, definitely my favorite piece of equipment next to my Kanab pants. I wear mine year round for outdoor activities and just to hang out in. Super comfortable, very breathable, and versatile. I can wear it as base layer underneath my springer vest on colder days where I need to hike to spots before glassing, or use it in conjunction with Stormtight jacket on warmer days.
- Dre on 5/3/2016
This piece has grown on me quite a bit over the years and is now one of my favorites. Not only is it soft and comfortable, it provides a great deal of warmth, especially when combined with the Llano. That combination gets me through a great deal of the year here in AZ. The hood fits perfectly and is great for wearing over a ball cap.
- DialedInHunter on 5/3/2016
Comfort all year long
This is the perfect mid-weight hoody. From temps in the 90's to temps in the 40's. I wore this all season last year from August till the end of February. When it was hot I just wore the Chama Hoody on bare skin. once you pull the zipper all the way down and let your manly chest kiss the air, it keeps you nice and cool. The best part, It won't hang on to your stink. In the cooler times all you need is another lighter layer and it's perfect for all day moving around. I wore a Llano Crew under my Chama and it was perfect for those colder mornings. For such an effective piece of clothing it's amazing how small it'll pack down too. You can't go wrong with the Chama Hoody
- AZBackPackHunter on 5/2/2016
This is a must have piece for early Archery season, a fantastic early season piece that will keep you cool almost anywhere.
- Duncan Clark on 5/2/2016
Love the hoody
I liked my Chama QZ so much I decided to try the hoody. Can't say enough good things about it. Great fit and feel. I don't want to take it off when the hunt is over. There is almost no smell after wearing this day after day on a long hunt. I will buy more for everyday use.
- Clint on 4/14/2016
Great Layer
I've been using the Chama Hoody since the fall. It has proven to be reliable while deer hunting, duck hunting and turkey hunting. On extremely cold days it works as a great layer and on warmer days is a great outer layer. Highly recommend this product.
- Johnathan on 4/14/2016
favorite top
love it and the hood is great!!!
- lucian on 4/11/2016
Must have go to layer
This is my favorite top layer to have on no matter where or what I'm hunting Iv worn this in 80 to 20 degrees, the hood is great fits snug around your head which doesn't allow wind to blow it down. I have multiple of these cause I wear them on a daily basis. If you don't have one go buy one
- corey on 4/10/2016
I love my chama hoody. I wear my chama hoody and kanab pants every time I hunt. I've crawled through some really nasty stuff and it has held up great. Trust me, I am not easy on my gear. I am 6', 185# and I wear a large. I can do some minor layering under it if i need to. My hoody is gangbusters. It keeps me comfortable in most temperatures and I love the hood. It lets me drop out a beanie from my pack unless it is windy or really cold. Oh yeah, and it doesn't STINK! Wool is awesome.
- John on 4/9/2016
Order this Today and You won't Regret it
The Chama Hoody is perhaps one of my all time favorite pieces of hunting layers. Its quiet, warm, light, and it dries quickly. I wear it throughout the entire 7 week deer season in the NY Adirondacks, where weather can be 65 degrees in bow season and 0 degrees by the time Thanksgiving rolls around. I typically wear a llano short sleeve t shirt underneath this in the early season and am quite comfortable. As the weather cools down, throw a Labrador Sweater over it and keep an Uncompahgre Puffy in the pack for moments of inactivity. This system works! Thank you First Lite for pioneering great hunting clothing. And, the Fusion camo is really the coolest pattern I've seen yet. Love wearing this thing around town too!
- Todd W on 4/7/2016
Alaska is no match for this top
After using this top in Alaska for multiple hunts and floats, I would highly recommend this product to anyone at any time. It performs great as a stand alone top during warmer conditions or as a layer when it's colder. Works great to reduce odor during those longer hunts where bathing is just not an option. Highly recommend this product.
- Scott on 4/4/2016
Great for layering or for sleeping in on those cold nights. Pull the hood up, cinch it down for added warmth.
My First Lite merino clothing keeps me comfortable in the cold mountain mornings and when I am hiking during the warmer parts of the day. Great for layering or for sleeping in on those cold nights. Pull the hood up, cinch it down for added warmth.


Naturally antimicrobial (doesn't stink after wearing 9 days straight.)
Retains some R value even when wet.
Dries fairly quickly.

Heavier than some synthetics
The Chama Hoody is a versatile top. It can be used as a base layer on those cold hikes through the woods, or as a stand-alone sweater on those days where a jacket is too much.

The hood, with its cinch string, is useful in a cool environment, but you will want something more substantial in real cold.

If you want this as a base layer order down a size. Fit on the Chama is a normal large. I wear a large shirt and ordered a large, it fit true to size.

I wore my Chama for eight days while on a Wounded Warrior elk bow hunt, and it did not stink like my synthetics did after two days. We had rain and snow for six days straight, with one day of sun and back to rain the last day.

This Merino wool breathes well, and even when wet this Chama hoodie helped me stay warm. Merino dries fairly quickly, and even when wet retains some of its insulation properties. I wore this Chama approximately 40 days last year during the fall and winter, and it still looks new.

First Lite manufacturers state, "You’ll be happy to know washing your wool is easy (when it needs it) and it can be dried in the dryer as well. Wearing our Merino wool base layers will feel like you're wearing your softest cotton T-shirt". Check out the link to the First Lite website video. firstlite.com/merino-wool/
- Patch on 4/1/2016
Versatility in a hoody
This piece works well in many applications, the hood fits well, the cut is comfortable, the features make this hoody worth the cost. I wear this either as a mid weight base layer in cold temps, or as my only shirt in warm temps. The 1/4 length zipper really opens it up for dumping heat if needed. Overall I'm really pleased.
- Dubs on 1/29/2016
Lightweight, Warm, Awesome Hood!
I couldn't be happier with this piece. It's light, warm, and the hood is awesome. This is the first hooded top I've owned where you can have the hood up and not have it obstruct your view. I shot my bow with the hood up as well, and it allowed easy access to my anchor points. Very impressed.
- Mike McKinney on 1/25/2016
Can't sell it if you can't produce it.
I really love the product but availability is always out of stock, you can't produce brand loyalty this way guys... Get your shit together.
- Disappointed on 1/24/2016
A must have!
Can't get enough of this product. Chama hoodie is perfect and true to size! Wether you have a shirt underneath or not the Chama hoodie extremely comfortable. A must have on any hunt or hike.
- George on 4/24/2015
Does it all
This hoody does it all. Works are the perfect base layer during the worst cold of deep deer season, yet can easily handle the 100+ days stalking pigs in the Texas summer. The hood is probably the best feature, with the snug fit keeping your vision clear and your head warm. The thumb loops are awesome, helps keep everything from bunching up in the layering system. Everyone should have this hoody in their system.
- Nikthehick on 4/20/2015
Well added layer
My only negative about this hoodie is the price, other than that this is a great piece of layering to own. I would rate this for 30-70 degree temps only. I bought this in fusion and absolutely love it! I don't go on a hike or hunt without it on.
- Upland Addiction on 3/31/2015
I am almost embarrassed how much I wear this item, absolutely incredible! Great mid-layer for cool days over my llano zip-t, and I wear it almost non stop alone as casual wear this winter. Cannot believe the versatility of this garment, keeps me warm and cool somehow. Plan on buying another in non-camo as soon as available.

Thanks for an awesome product.
- Bob on 3/13/2015
Amamzing peice of kit!
I have had the Chama hoddie for approx 1 year thus far. I have worn it backpacking. hunting, fishing and in my general work travels. I just retruned from Scandinavia (this month Feb day time temp approx 33-37f, night time 15f ). This is nothing less then amazing. I use it as a base layer just over a skin layer silk black long sleeve shirt. Then put it under a Gortex jacket or wind-stopper. I typically spend all day on ranges running lines or working outside. Withotu a doubt one of the best investments in gear I have made in a long time. I don't leave home without it!
- IMTT on 3/11/2015
Excellent kit, Chama Hoody
I purchased 9 months ago. Used it in Norway, Finland, Utah deer hunting, backpacking the Sierras and hiking the Grand canyon. It's a great + base layer, and even a second layer with a base. love and recommend it! Super comfortable and works well Perfect with base layer, a wind stopper on top for down to MID 30s f. BUY IT!
- Monte on 2/2/2015
This Should Be Every Hunters Base Layer!
Bought one in Dry Earth and will be buying one in Pine to add. Love it and cent wear it enough. I am a tad on the bulky side, so the XL is a tad tight but that works great for me to easily added and remove layers on top. I literally wear it almost everywhere I go regardless!
- Kevin on 2/2/2015
My goto article.
My wife got me the pine colored one for my birthday. I hunted with it first on an elk hunt in the Flat Tops area of CO. I love this thing. I've worn it on every hunt since here and TX and while sitting in the deer stand in NC. I've purchased a second one in Fusion and can't wait for it to arrive. While it will smell like "outside", it does not smell of BO like my Under Armor 2.0 Base Layer will after one afternoon. I've since replaced my 2.0 with a Llano crew and just scored a Llano SS off of MidwayUSA for a ridiculous clearance price.
- Chad on 1/19/2015
Good sweater
Temp rating in my opinion really runs from 30 degrees to 75 degrees and that is where your not sweating at all and your not shivering or have a bite from the cold. Wore this sweater all last month and never had to take it off there is not much difference between wearing it and not wearing it so its extremely nice not only for the camo but kept the sun from beating down on me all day (sun burn prone).

Durability is the reason for the 4 on the rating wore this sweater all month last archery season and the stitching got caught on a lot of things and would start to fray out. Also, after the 4 times of washing it, it changed its shape so be care full if you dry with heat. But i bought the sweater for one reason and that was to have something extremely light that will take the bite off in the morning and keep the suns rays off through out the day and be able to roll it up and throw it in the pack and it does its job and does it well. Very good product and i will buy it again just will take it a little easier on the walking through the woods while wearing it.
- All Month Archery on 12/1/2014
The best
Bought this shirt to see what all the buzz was about. I got to say hands down this is the best shirt ive ever owned. I wore the chama hoody for 10 days straight chasing elk this fall in montana. Some days it was the only shirt i wore cause of the heat and it worked well as an under shirt on cold days. But the range of the shirt was impressive. it was the only shirt i wore from about 90 degrees down to about 40 degrees, after that i through on a jacket. the added hood came in handy a bunch as well. This shirt is cut just right and is comfortable. 10 days backpack hunting and this shirt didnt smell and held up extremely well. Defiantly became a huge fan of First Lite after this purchase.
- westrnwild on 11/5/2014
Can not go wrong
Great item, when I first recieved it I was put off by the thinness of the hoody. I was wrong and never owned a merino wool item prior. this is a must have as a first layer.

The hood is awsome and fits snug against the head which I really like, the side arm pocket is great to put small items, I use it for my wind checker.

worth every penny, I will probably buy another for personal use.
- Jimmy Wallhanger on 10/20/2014
The wife stole it
I just bought this about a week ago in Dry Earth color as a travel/camp layer and it has become my favorite piece of clothing I own. Perfect weight for a wide variety of temperatures and super comfortable.

Ill be buying another one - especially since the wife might not give this one back.
- B on 10/17/2014
My Favorite Shirt
Just like the brimmed beanie is my favorite hat for hunting, this is far and away my favorite shirt. When my Fusion Camo hoody arrives on Friday, I'll have 3 of them, each for different applications and seasons. This is my do-it-all. Great as a top layer for spring and fall hunts, great as a layering piece for late season, great as a comfortable shirt to wear around camp. The long zipper makes it really easy to regulate temperatures, and the design is suitable for any application. This is the one shirt that makes it into the lineup for every hunt I go on -
- Charlie's Dad on 10/1/2014
Just right!
Perfect for those cool mornings that turn into warm days. The Chama Hoody is perfect for layering when needing to take the edge off those cool mornings.
- Trent on 7/11/2014
Must OWN
I wear the Chama Hoody both for work and play. Cold, wet, or by the fire in the cool evening. Must own!
- WYO_Mike on 7/3/2014
Love my Chama Hoody
A must have for your Mid West tree stand hunts. Great compliment to your layering system.
- IATrent on 6/30/2014
I ordered this in ASAT. And let me just say it is hands down the best piece of hunting gear I own. Perfect for keeping your warm when it's cold, and cool when it's hot. It's so soft it could be worn as pajamas.
- Garrett on 6/23/2014
great product
I own several First Lite articles of clothing, but this is probably my favorite. It's a great layer to keep you comfortable. I'd love to see it in a heavy weight as well.
- Mike on 6/19/2014
Best piece of gear I own
This is the best, most versatile piece of hunting gear that I own. Hunting, fishing or out on the town, the Chama hoody is with me all of the time!
- Josh on 6/18/2014
Versatile layer
A great versatile weight layer. Can be worn by itself in cool weather or as a base layer. Hood is the best part. No matter how I am layering it has my head warm and I can add a warmer good if it's really cold. As with all firstlite it Is extremely comfortable and well thought out .
- TZ on 6/18/2014
Very useful
I found this to be one of my favorite tops because of it's versatility. It does a great job as a base or mid layer on colder mornings to an outer layer on warmer days and everywhere in between. I found the thumb loops to be very useful when adding additional layers or just keeping the sleeve pulled down. Possibly the best part of this product is the hood. I have always had a hard time finding a hooded product that I was satisfied with in the past. The hood on this product fits snugly enough that your vision isn't obstructed but isn't so tight that it is uncomfortable.
- Kentucky Whitetail Farms on 6/18/2014
Chama base layer - in it to win it
The cold Alaskan weather is no match for First Lite base layers. This piece of gear is so comfortable, I ended up buying an additional Chama in another color for Hunt and Life. My gear looks and performs as well as it did the first time I used it. I'd buy it again without hesitation - love the new gear that's rolling out also. If your not wearing First Lite, your not ready there yet... no regrets.
- AKBuckeye on 6/18/2014
Unreal performance
I have 2 of these now and I love them. From stand alone in early fall to layering in the winter they just perform in all types of weather. Wet or dry hot or cold I can't live with out them
- John on 6/18/2014
Excellent Base Layer
This is my absolute go to base layer for almost any season. I have wore it during early September archery hunts and late October rifle hunts in the Eagle Caps and I have not been upset once. My only issue with it is that the fabric is a little bit too weak and susceptible to tears. I strongly suggest that you keep a lightweight shell over it if you are walking through brush.
- MrWitherK on 6/18/2014
Can't live without it
The first time I tried the Chama Hoody was on an elk hunt last fall in The Gila National Forest of New Mexico. The temps in the Gila at that time of year can be anywhere from 25 in the morning to 80 in the afternoons. The Chama never came off. We would leave the tent at 4:30 in the morning and I would be bundled up with the Chama and the Uncompahgre on top. By 11am when temps would start climbing I would ditch the Puffy and hunt the rest of the day with just the Hoody on top. I wore it for 5 straight days and when the time finally came to punch my tag on a Beautiful Gila Monarch the hoody was still as comfortable and fresh as the day I took it out of the package!!! It has been A MUST have piece for all of my hunts since!!!!
- Caseylavere on 6/18/2014
a must have
The chama hoody is an absolute must for all of my hunting trips. I actually wear it fishing, hiking, camping, duck hunting, skiing ..... When hiking up steep mountains in Idaho temperature regulation is Key. You never want to be stuck in the mountains wearing sweat soaked clothing when the temp. drops. I'll wear the chama hoody alone on early season hunts when temperature is warm. On colder days I layer it with the rest of the first light clothing. Get it and I'll bet you wear it on every hunt
- Idaho hunter on 6/4/2014
Bought one of these in black for ski season. Put 40-50 days on it both in-bounds and backcountry using it as a base layer. Temps ranged from -10 to 50. Never had trouble regulating temps when switching from skinning to skiing. The best feature was it didn't build up a funk over the season.
- Conundrum on 5/29/2014
Crazy Comfortable!!!!
I have a the Chama Hoodie. I used it on my elk hunt for a week last October in Wyoming. Oh my what a great product. My First Lite clothing kept me comfortable in the cold mountains mornings and when I was hiking during the warmer parts of day. I wore my First Lite gear the entire week and it never disappointed. Great Layering clothes. I will never hunt without First Lite. Great Great Great products! I would be more than happy to answer any questions about my great First Lite experience .... @ringe87 on Twitter
- Ringo on 5/28/2014
I bought this in ASAT for early morning September bow hunting. It's warm enough that it took the chill off the pre-sun hours but breaths after it starts warming up. During that time of year, temps ranged from 30-85 and I was able to wear it all day with my Kanabs.
- Conundrum on 5/27/2014
I recently went to the 2014 winter games in sochi Russia. Were i wore the chama hoody for 19 days straight. With temperatures of 65 degrees during the day and a low of 32 degrees at night. The chama hoody kept me both cool warm and dry.
- Biche on 5/27/2014