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  • Novembers Layering Guidance

    This months layering guidance is via First Lite Team member Zac Poff. Zac may not be much to look at but he does get in a fair amount of time in the woods.

    Layering seems to be a buzz word these days with all of the crazy technology in under and outerwear.  I am sure that most people have been layering since they were sent off to play outside as a kid.  If you were like me you were always one day behind the weather man when it came to layering.  One day it would be warm and sunny and I would be wearing a parka and moon boots while all of the “cool kids” had shorts and a t-shirt with the next day finding me freezing my butt off while everyone had the appropriate garb on.  Today with all of the technology and weather reports out there (which I do not know how to use) along with the gear available there should be no excuse to be uncomfortable.


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