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  • Working for a Living: Dogs and Hunting


    Steve pointing a covey of huns. Steve pointing a covey of huns.

    Working for a Living

    “It’s Paco.  Something is wrong with him.  He was running down the trail and started to walk funny and then fell over.  He’s not doing well.  He’s not okay.”

    My girlfriend trailed off into sobs and I told her to meet me at the vet.

    These were the words that would change my life, that would echo in my mind for months and that would make me acutely aware of what it really was that made me who I was, what I was, and what I lived for.  I was at the gym that spring afternoon when I took the phone from the kid who had searched frantically for someone named Ross who had an emergency phone call from a hysterical woman with bad cell reception. Continue reading

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