Brimmed Merino Beanie
EXP 350 Merino-X

The First Lite Brimmed Beanie is constructed of one layer of midweight Merino-X. The Brimmed Beanie is just long enough to cover your ears on those frigid mornings but can be rolled up as the day wears on and the temperature goes up. We have sewn a small brim that is large enough to keep the sun out of your eyes or enable you to hide your eyes from game while small enough not interfere with your string on compound or traditional bows.



Product Details

Layering Position

  • - Beanie
    • Features

      • - 350 gsm Merino-X
      • - Retains heat even when soaking wet
      • - Odor resistant and deadly quiet
      • - Flexible brim
      • - Available in medium (regular domes) and large (huge melons)
System Position Accessory
Material Merino-X
Actual Product Weight Size MD 2.3 oz.
Primary Usage Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Waterfowl

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62 Reviews
Perfect cold weather beanie 7/7/2018

Keeps light out of eyes, super warmth light weight. Don’t wear sunglasses while hunting so this is the perfect hat for those colder months

Nickname: Christopher
Height: 6'8" - 6'10"
Weight: 220lbs - 230lbs
Size: L
Location: Virginia
Use: Spot & Stalk
Love this beanie!! 4/17/2018

Picked one of these up a few years ago now. I wear it throughout my hunting season. From early September right into the end of November. It keeps me cool in the heat, and warm in the cold. Great piece to add to your kit. My only reason for giving it 4 stars is that it has a bit of stretch to it and will shift around on my head more then I’d like. I have a pretty big noggin, so I don’t think going with the smaller size would help out much. Other than that, I love it!!

Nickname: Kyle
Good hat, great material 4/16/2018

I bought this hat to try out over the winter before next deer season. Whenever I wear a knit hat or beanie I find myself wishing I had a brim to shield my eyes from the sun, or critters with sharp eyes. So far the brim seems to be just big enough to solve both problems, but I find it a little uncomfortable on my forehead. Aside from that, the material is great and has proven to be much warmer than I expected, given how light and thin it is. I plan to get one in blaze orange before fall.

Nickname: Willdeer
Lightweight and warm 4/15/2018

This beanie is lightweight and warm. The only improvement that I would recommend is a more stiff bill. I do not see the current bill as an issue, just a thought.

Nickname: TylerFromArkansas
Excellent product 4/12/2018

Warm and comfortable to wear year round. The brim is perfect for bow hunting.

Nickname: Trent
Great hat 3/16/2018

I have seen a few reviews of guys having issues keeping this on their heads or not covering their ears so I went one size up. Fully covers the head. With the chama hoodie it makes for a very warm comfy mid layer. I'm rather cold resistant so i really only need the beanie and hoodie so survive wisconsin winter. I am looking forward to putting it through its paces when fall comes back around.

Nickname: Trevor
Great Beanie 2/18/2018

The bill is perfect for bow hunting, nice fit.

Nickname: Travis
Great beanie for the mobile hunter 1/31/2018

When scouting public land in Wisconsin with temps near 0 degrees Fahrenheit and my head stayed warm as long as I was moving. By far the best breathable beanie I’ve owned.

Nickname: Brady
I was surprised 1/24/2018

I'm not gonna lie, I purchased it because it looked cool. As my first ever merino wool purchase, I was excited to see the hype, and a beanie is a staple in everything I do. From traveling down the lake to covering my head while I sleep. When I received it in the mail, I was surprised on how thin it was. It has taught me to not judge a fabric by its "thickness", but by it's proven performance. I have worn it on a number of 20 degree duck hunts since it came in, and couldn't be more pleased. I can't wait for some solid colors to be back in stock in a Large. My head is a 7.5 and it fits well.

Nickname: Jeremy
Great for all seasons 1/18/2018

I’ve been wearing this beanie from the start of archery deer season in Georgia as a single cap through the duck season this year as a base layer under another camo beanie. Cool I’m the warmer temps and warm in the colder temps. I highly recommend this cap. The bill is a huge plus for blocking out extra light and shadowing your eyes. I also appreciate the length of the bill because it stays out of the way when bow hunting with a longbow.

Nickname: Marc
Better than expected 1/15/2018

Bought late summer expecting to use occasionally if it got a little cold. Found myself including it in my kit every time I went out, from Sept -Nov in the MT and WY high-country. Have also worn outside in negative temps while snowshoeing. Breathes well. Works great to slip over a regular ball-cap too. Sometimes the brim likes to walk to one side, but that hasn't kept me from grabbing it for most cold activities. Compact.

Nickname: Dark2Dark
Good Product, 1 exception 12/28/2017

Fit on product is good and the slight brim is useful in many hunting applications. I wear mine from when it gets cool out until it drops well below freezing. Only problem I found is the blaze orange model is all blaze orange. The under brim is not a darker color like most ball caps and in sunny conditions creates excess glare that does not couple with the short brim well. If not for that I would have given 5 stars.

Nickname: Josh
Two weeks in and wondering how I survived without it! 12/21/2017

My first thought when I took the cap out of the package was that is was well made but really thin. After two weeks of forestry work in wet, windy conditions and sub 30 degree temperatures I couldn't be more pleased. The hat wicks water away and keeps me comfortably warm. I've even used it for stationary fishing expeditions where I'm spending hours shore casting into Lake Superior and it's performed admirably!

Thanks First Lite!

Nickname: Mark
What you need 12/9/2017

The brimmed beanie does everything you want it to do. Helps keep you warm, is comfortable and helps keep the sun out of your eyes

Nickname: Tom "wildcard" Weaver
Keeps the Noggin Happy 12/5/2017

Brim keeps the sun out of my eyes. Wool keeps me warm. Easy to fold up to uncover my ears. Easy to put a bigger stocking hat over it when it’s really cold. Happy with the sizing, my head is kinda big. The Large fits perfectly.

Nickname: Nate
do all hat 12/3/2017

Works great in lots of situations, like having a blonde moment at first light realizing you placed your stand facing east with the mourning Sun directly in your eyes-haha. The brim fixed my screw up! Now as far as taking a shot I had to lift the brim a tad but not much and to be fair I do draw back pretty far and use a longbow but the rest of you guys should be fine, much better to wear this then a trucker hat-haha!

Nickname: Nathan
Size up 11/29/2017

I have a normal 5'11" sized head. I got the smaller one. And it's not even close. Half my ears stick out. Size up if you want it to cover your ears.

Nickname: Whit
Great Hat! 11/28/2017

This hat is my favorite hunting hat. I am required to wear orange when deer hunting in my state so I got an orange one. My wife says it is unattractive but it works great, and I wear it every time I go hunting. The only problem is that it doesn't cover my earlobes.

Nickname: Jason
Light but warm 11/18/2017

Feels thin and light but a t-shirt but stays warm and dry all day. I wondered if I had messed up ordering the brimmed version until the sun came out strong after several days of cloud and fog. Great hat.

Nickname: Evan
Nice Work 10/6/2017

It's a great cover that never get's in the way.

Nickname: Billy
Well made 10/4/2017

This is a well made piece of head wear. Just to warn you the fit is a little short compared to other brimmed beanies. I have a small head and it covers about 2/3 of my ears. I would call it more of a cap. It works great with other first lite hooded attire.

Nickname: William
Brimmed Bodacious 10/2/2017

My new "go to" hunting cap. Didn't get me too warm in the 70s and kept me warm in the 40s with potential to keep your grape warm to much colder temps. Coordinate this with the Aerowool neck gaiter and your have maximum coverage. Can hear exceptionally well out of the merino fabric too! The brim. That thing keeps the sun out of your eyes for clear shots!

Nickname: BFD
Quality two in one hat 10/2/2017

The brimmed beanie fixes the problem of trying to work the beanie and cap combination that many early mornings present. You know the one, you wake up it is chilly yet there are no clouds anyway within 150 miles of you and that sun is bright, like it is a giant ball of nuclear fission or something. You put on your beanie and then adjust your hat to fit over it, but the fit is never quite right. Then you start to sweat and overheat only to take off the beanie readjust your hat for a few minutes of comfort. Then you realize you need to put the beanie back on, starting the hat carousel all over again (I can't be the only who does this). Well the brimmed beanie ends that dance, plain and simple it works.

Nickname: Ruckus
Nice Beanie 9/25/2017

It's a nice beanie. As others have mentioned the brim is perfect for waterfowling or glassing. The beanie doesn't quite cover my ears but that can be nice in Sept/Oct before it gets too cold plus it doesn't interfere with your hearing. In the colder months I tend to wear this under a stocking cap.

Nickname: Jon
2 full seasons of use and still loving it. 9/18/2017

This beanie is super comfortable and warm. I've taken it with me on those early morning summer hunts in August to the late season elk hunts in January and it's always kept me warm enough. This thing is nice and thin and can be rolled up and stowed anywhere. Its deep enough that it'll cover your ears all of the way without pulling up and thing enough to roll up when you're needing to cool off. Must have for hunting any season.

Nickname: Average Hunter
Good product 9/17/2017

Knowing that this is a lightweight hat and understanding the temp limitations this a great hat in design with ability to role up sides for warmer temps and hearing vs rolling the sides to cover ears and upper neck in cooler weather... I really like the comfort and the shorter bill.

Nickname: Dylan
Love it 9/11/2017

Never gets in the way when I shoot my stickbow.

Nickname: Rj
Close but.... 9/11/2017

I wear this hat while shoveling snow in WY, it keeps me mostly warm when I start sweating but it doesn't cover the bottom 1/3rd of my ears and eventually starts sliding up my head or off to the side

Nickname: Cody
Nice lid 8/14/2017

This hat was thinner than I expected, but it feels great on and looks good too. I have a pretty big head (7 5/8") and the large size fits well and covers the ears if I want it to. I don't like my ears covered too much because it keeps me from hearing everything I want to be hearing, and this hat looks/feels great even lifted above the ears. Great hat overall.

Nickname: Bull_Fighter
Perfect! 7/17/2017

This hat is with me all the time in the fall and winter. I love that it isn't too thick as it is good for moving around. When I get a little warm I just roll it up off my ears. I always wear a hooded Llano so when it is windy or in the teens I just pull my hood up.

Nickname: Josh
All Season 7/17/2017

This is either on my head on in my backpack from the beginning of my archery season to the end.

Nickname: Seth T.
Great waterfowl hat. 3/21/2017

The longer bill of a regular hat blocks my view of circling birds unless you stare straight at them (a big no-no in waterfowl hunting), so I end up taking it off most of the time. This brimmed beanie was the perfect solution. The short bill on this cap is perfect for peaking up at working ducks and geese, and is just long enough to shade the eyes from the sun. After a long day in the field, it did start to itch where the corners of the bill meet my forehead. Other than that, it's warm, comfortable, and not too hot when the sun shines. the perfect waterfowl hat for me.

Nickname: Derek
Great for mildly cold days 3/18/2017

Been a great beanie for Sept CO elk hunts where the nights/early morning might be in the 30s. It was so good in fact that I ended up with a few of them in various colors/patterns. They are a bit small so if you are one of those guys that have a fairly large head you are going to have some ear hanging out. FL should make a larger, heavier brother to this for truely colder hunts. Maybe in the 400 weight range like the springer vest or the old Labrador.

Nickname: Gavin
Great Brimmed Beanie 3/17/2017

Overall the head wear works great and even stretches over my big head of 7-3/4"

Nickname: Bohunr
Great Beanie 3/17/2017

I own a Large in Pine. Color and material are consistent with other items FirstLite makes. Overall quality is very nice. Beanie fits my melon securely with room to spare, not to tight. Its nice and light on my head and keeps me warm even when wet. I wear this guy all the time.

Nickname: Joe
The All-Season-Beanie 3/16/2017

This beanie is by far my most treasured piece of hunting apparel. It's been on everything from rainy early season elk hunts at +20 degrees, to late season whitetail hunts in the snowy West Kootenays. Comfortable, practical, and looks excellent. Highly recommended, as it will probably become your favorite go-to hat as well!

Nickname: MikeBoutin
Good Little Hat 3/4/2017

A good little hat.

Nickname: TBW
Good Product 2/26/2017

Large fits good on my 7-1/2" melon with a little room to spare. The weight should be good for those fall days when the weather isn't too hot or too cold. I got mine in the color I wanted from Amazon.

Nickname: TBW
Missing Ears 1/16/2017

Overall I was happy with the brimmed beanie, the only issue I had was the hat didn't cover my ear lobes, which left them out in the cold. I'd like to see the beanie extend down just a little further.

Nickname: Spencer
Too Small 11/8/2016

Feels good initially then becomes too tight. It's going to be toughto keep this on without it digging in on my head. I wear a 7 1/2 new era baseball cap...

Nickname: Augie A
Fit is a little small 11/1/2016

I have a 7 5/8" head. It is a little snug and doesn't cover my ears. Other than that it keeps my head at a nice temperature for the not so cold days.

Nickname: Ara
Ball Cap and Beanie Hybrid 10/20/2016

If like me, you're tired of wearing a beanie and having a tough time keeping the sun out of your eyes or wearing a ball cap that has no warmth and a bill that gets in the way of your bowstring. After using the brimmed beanie on midseason Georgia archery hunts I believe it to be the best of both worlds as it offers warmth and a brim that stays out of the way of my bowstring. The size L fit is slightly loose but I am often between sizes. Highly recommend for not only archery hunters but all types.

Nickname: Pickel
Perfect Beanie 9/15/2016

Well, I've used this beanie the past few seasons to keep my melon warm while keeping the sun out of my eyes as well. I have the hunter's orange version to let others know I'm out and about. The visor isn't as substantial as a ball cap, but it does its job and also allows me to wear my Oakley half-jackets comfortably. Fit seems fine to me and my noggin is bigger than most I guess (7 5/8" in an Army patrol cap). Washing is easy as well. I hand wash all my merino wool items and let them air dry. Still fits perfect.

Nickname: Joel
A beanie that should be in every pack! 8/12/2016

Small, packable, warm, useful piece of headware. Pretty simple, but most awesome gear is great! Doesn't interfere with shooting bow/rifle! Great dual piec of gear to keep you visible and warm. For a more in-depth review please feel free to visit:

Nickname: Coloradohunterhiker
great product 8/8/2016

I have used the brimmed beanie for everything from whitetail hunting to wearing it when it when I'm going out and I need something to keep my noggin warm. I'm not one for style, its got to function for what I need it for and it keeps my head warm in the treestand and offers enough of a brim to keep glare out of my eyes. Paired with the wind river balaclava its a go to for whitetail deer hunting.

Nickname: Jim
Favorite beanie 7/17/2016

I ordered a large because I usually have issues with the sizing on hats. It fits perfect. I love this thing I will be ordering another for daily usage so the camo stays in it own bag. Fusion is the best camo I have ever owned. Keep it up First Lite.

Nickname: Stefan
Great beanie 5/11/2016

If you need/want a brimmed beanie then this is it! I have had a chance to use this beanie for both cold mornings upland hunting as well as working outside with a few showers. It has worked excellent and never felt too warm.

Nickname: Jared
Nifty little beanie 5/5/2016

I wasn't sure I was going to like this right when I got it, but I gotta say after using it for quite a while, this beanie is awesome. I love to wear this over my chama hood with the wind river balaclava under the hood. Great combo for warmth while glassing. I have also slept in this for more warmth and it worked great. The little brim is just enough to aid in blocking sunlight while looking through your binoculars. Winner in my book!

Nickname: DialedInHunter
Versatile Hat 4/14/2016

Works great in any weather. I just pull it down over my ears when it gets cold. I wear a 7 1/2 hat and it fits great. Im sure it would work for someone a little smaller or bigger as well. The brim is great for bowhunting.

Nickname: Clint
love the brimmed beanie 4/11/2016

its my go to almost year round. wish it was a little larger to cover my ears.. all and all still great

Nickname: lucian
Great Hat 4/9/2016

this hat fits me fine (7 1/4 fitted hat size). The brim is nice, just long enough. Overall good hat. The older style seemed to be a bit heavier which I liked more, but this is still a solid hat.

Nickname: N. Hedrick
Great for all outings 4/8/2016

The brim on this is great and not too big. I preferred the fit after its first wash. Great wear it from early fall to late spring and sometimes just around the house.

Nickname: Sean
Great fit 3/15/2016

The brimmed beanie fit great and keeps my head and ears covered and warm. Not too awesome it can be worn in the hotter temperatures though. Great having the brim to nock down the glare from the sun.

Nickname: Jason
First lite products ar amazing 1/16/2016

I have purchased the brimmed beanie and it is on its way. Haven't received it yet, but if it is like the other first lite products I have then it's going to preform above the rest. 5 star rating for consistent amazement from first lite

Nickname: Jason
Cold Ears 7/18/2015

I love the wool, I love the brim and the idea of it coming in several color options- I thought I would buy more than one. I've wanted brimmed hat for awhile and thought this would fit the bill. However, I have the opposite problem from most of the reviews- an extra small head an this still doesn't cover my ears. I was able to take it in enough in the back to stay on- but it still lacks enough depth to cover my ears. Sad day.

Nickname: GunnyGoes
I want to like this hat... 6/11/2015

Sure like the design, just doesn't fit! Wayyyyy too small, have mentioned it several times. If they make a bigger size, it's a winner.

Nickname: mtgreenheads
Size issues 4/1/2015

It appears this hat only fits the cast of meat eater. It's way too big for me and still doesn't cover my ears. Too bad cuz it looks awesome. I Think I will be finding a dealer and trying things from first light on from here on out. Maybe multiple sizes would be a better option in the future.

Nickname: Redford
Small sizing 1/31/2015

Attire should be available in sizes for large outdoorsmen. Not all of us are munchkins.

Nickname: Timberwolf
Sizing 1/19/2015

Great quality and materials. Bummed about the fit. I wear 7 1/2 baseball cap and this beanie doesn't even come close to covering my ears. When pulled tightly over my head, at best covers the top quarter of my ear. I understand that a beanie doesn't cover ears completely but damn. I'm out $52 after shipping.

Nickname: Kyle
Excellent hat! 12/4/2014

I use this beanie for everything from the duck blind to big game. My only complaint is that as of this writing I can't get another one as the color I want is out of stock!

Nickname: Hassan
Great hat 11/13/2014

Very good for active hunting. The material is fairly thin and perfect for cool mornings but probably too light as stand-alone head wear for serious cold weather The brim provides just enough shade. The hunter orange color is not a true blaze. Wish it came in blaze orange to meet state requirements.

Nickname: Erik
Too Small 11/8/2014

Wish it was bigger. My huge noggin' stretched this hat out and made the bill dig into my forehead uncomfortably. Wish i wouldn't have wasted my money.

Nickname: Jason
size 10/22/2014

I wear a 7 1/4 profit hat and figured this would fit snug but it actually felt loose and wouldn't cover my ears at all... which I kind of expect from a beanie. Kind of a weird fitting hat.

Nickname: Jarrod
My Favorite Hat 10/1/2014

This is by far my favorite hunting hat - so much so that I own 4 of them for various seasons/uses. It breathes very well, so I wear it during mornings and evenings in the fall and spring. It also holds plenty of heat, so I wear it 24/7 when it's colder. It's warm, comfortable, the brim is sized right, and it's even great to sleep in when temps drop. My one complaint was that it's not available in hunter's orange, but that's no longer true, so it's 5 stars all the way for me!

Nickname: Charlie's Dad
Please go back to the old design 8/24/2014

I loved this hat and wore it out over the course of years of abuse, but when I bought two new ones they had changed the design. The fit and material thickness on the new design is way worse. I can explain how much better the old design was, it was literally my favorite hat for almost any situation, please please go back to the old design.

Nickname: Brad
Great Cap 6/18/2014

Hat fits well, brim provides just enough eye relief for comfortable use of the scope or binoculars without having to adjust fit. Thin enough for warm days, but will definitely need another piece once the temp drops. Also, fits very well over the Wind River Balaclava. Definitely recommend.

Nickname: Nik
Versatile 6/18/2014

This is a very lightweight material so it is not too hot or heavy for summer hunts. The brim is great for sun shade and concealment. The merino is very effective insulating in the early morning while temps are low but it is not a problem being too much later in the day as they get higher.

It doesn't hold scent at all and I believe helps cover scalp odor in the field.

Solid Product 6/18/2014

I have found this hat to be a very solid all around product. The bill is short but is long enough to block the sun. It does a very good job at regulating the temp on cool to chilly mornings.

Nickname: Kentucky Whitetail Farms
great hat 6/18/2014

Pretty darn good hat. Love the small brim for shooting bow. My guess is that you need to have a hat size larger than 7 to get a good fit on this, but that is an estimate. I'm a 7-3/8 and it fits well. I did wear it for 25 days straight in AK and about 2/3 of the way through it had stretched out too much and was kinda loose. A run through the wash and line dry brought it back though. And of course it didn't take on any odor after spending that much time on my stinkin mane, and I even slept in it a couple nights due to cold.

Nickname: JJ
Comfort with a Great Look 6/18/2014

Sweet beanie! Beanie with a brim while hunting is a big deal. Pick this beanie up! Love the ASAT!

Nickname: Chris
Hope you dont have a big head... 6/1/2014

Love the look and quality of the hat but for buyers with a large cranium such as myself the brim dug into my forehead so much i couldn't even wear the hat comfortably. Wish I would have known this beforehand. Wouldn't have wasted my money. :(

Nickname: Jason
Great Hat 5/27/2014

Not too thick, not too thin. Wear it hunting white tail and shooting quackers. The brim doesn't get in the way of my bow or scope. Love this beany.

Nickname: TheHornyToad