Brambler Gaiter
3.5-Layer Waterproof Construction

We know that a great all-seasons gaiter is designed and constructed to last a lifetime and the Brambler Gaiter is no exception. Overbuilt and as burly as your favorite boots, this 37.5 by Cocona Technology gaiter utilizes Hypalon straps, Cordura insteps and bombproof seams to keep you dry in the roughest hunting country. Field tested in BC and all over the Western US, the Brambler is your new ironclad gaiter.



Product Details

Layering Position

  • - Boot Gaiter
    • Features

      • - Heavy duty construction featuring 3.5 layered construction
      • - Exclusive 37.5 Active Particle technology for maintaining optimal core body temperature
      • - Adjustable calf strap
      • - Snap reinforced velcro closure
      • - Hypalon stirrup with black metal buckle adjustment
      • - Black, metal lace hook

        • Sizing Note

          Sizing boot gaiters can be a bit tricky. Generally, if you wear full boots (Kenetreks, Danners, Lowas) and/or have large calves you will likely want to go with the LG. If you have smaller feet or calves (>9) or wear a lighter boot or trail shoe (Solomon, La Sportiva) you will want to go with the SM.

          System Position Accessory
          Material 37.5 by Cocona
          Actual Product Weight Size MD 12 oz.
          Primary Usage Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Upland

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35 Reviews
Built to last! 3/19/2018

These are bomb proof! Survived drainage after drainage of abuse chasing critters in the PNW.

Nickname: schwtzr15
Tough, durable, reliable. 3/16/2018

I only want to add one thing to all the other review of this fine product—these gaiters are tough. Many reviewers have pointed out how useful they are in the mountains and in the northwest, but these are also an essential piece of gear for Texas plains, where you're going to run into cacti, spikes and pointy things, and worst of all the thorny mesquite tree. If you're using any of the First Lite pants in hostile terrain, protect your investment and pick these gaiters up.

Nickname: Daniel
Well made...with some hiccups 2/22/2018

Pretty awesome gaiter. Built well, seem waterproof. A few things I didn’t care for. I purchased the medium. I have smaller calves, but not that small. I cannot get them tight around my calves. They want to fall down. I continuously had to pull them up walking through snow. My calves measure 17.25” at the halfway point between my knee and ankle. The way they tighten down around the calve does not get tight enough. Other than that, they seem pretty bomb proof. It’s difficult to make a quiet gaiter that will be waterproof and last. These are definitely not quiet, but they will for sure keep you dry and mud free.

Nickname: Downtown
Awesomeness wrapped around your legs 2/16/2018

These are the second (first being a Chama)best thing I bought this year. Being from the PNW we have every type of condition to deal with in this state. I started using these in late November and have taken them on every outing. Hiking, hunting, pack training and snowshoeing. I don't know why I havnt got some sooner.
Only gripe I have is, why can't the undersole strap be replaceable?

Nickname: Michael
Tough but Comfortable Backcountry Gaiter 1/28/2018

Wore these gaiters throughout Elk and Mule Deer rifle seasons in Hells Canyon this past year. Couldn't have asked for a more comfortable and protective gaiter. Hiking through crusted deep snow, and trekking through rimrock canyons was no problem with these gaiters. They give you a really snug and secure feel on your lower legs and keep your boots and pant-legs from getting torn up by rock and brush. I have several pairs as the smaller size is good for my Salomon hikers and the larges are better for my heavier insulated boots. The Brambler Gaiter is a must have for any serious Western hunter.

Nickname: Trevor
Awesome! 1/12/2018

I have owned a lot of gaiters in my life and none even compare to the bramblers. These kept me dry while crossing creeks up to 2 foot deep pheasant hunting in the late season in Minnesota. They are essential for getting to those places others cant get to! They also go on and off very easy making them that much more enjoyable to use in the field when you are making changes on the fly. They are a little loud but the durability and waterproof factor make it well worth it!

Nickname: Kevin
Kept my pants and feet dry 12/12/2017

These gaiters are very well made. They kept the morning dew away from my pant legs and my feet stayed dry. I have logged around a hundred miles of mountain hunting in them and they hardly show any wear. I'll never hunt without gaiters again.

Nickname: Chep
a must have 12/6/2017

I wear these in almost 90% of my hunt scenarios- you never know when the weather will change

Nickname: marty
Solid 11/12/2017

I just came out of a 3rd season CO mule deer hunt with over a foot of snow most of the week. These things were great! Kept my pants dry even after several creek crossings. No snags while hiking and crawling through sage and oak brush was a bonus too. I will always make sure these gaiters are in my pack.

Nickname: JayCreegs
Not good in snow for long 11/12/2017

Just got done with an elk hunt in which we had about 6-10 inches of snow the entire week. The gaiters leaked the second day into the trip and they continuously got worse. Maybe the moisture came in through the Velcro strap. They were comfortable and they were better than nothing, however the bottom of my pants were soaked daily. The snow never came above the gaiters so I know that was not the problem. We were in high cold country the entire time.

Nickname: Danny
Favorite accessory 11/10/2017

I wear these for two reasons. One being that they’re super tough and they protect my not so tough obsidians in sage brush terrain. The second being that with my gortex lined boots, I can walk through water almost as high as my knee without getting wet. Probably my favorite Firstlite product.

Nickname: Trevman
Built tough 11/6/2017

Solid, functional, and seem to last in terms of durability. Gaitors at one time were underutilized, but recently are seeming to be part of the essentials. First lite doesn’t disappoint with these wet weather gaitors.

Nickname: Riley
Functional Part of Kit 11/2/2017

Used these in Colorado on a second season elk hunt. From stream crossings to navigating the sad amount of dead fall, these are powerful tools to keeping you secure in your boots. Laces are protected from limb snags, while your lower legs and favorite FL hunting pants will thank you for the added protection. The design allows fast on-and-off. Definitely part of my FL starting lineup!

Nickname: Tom
Absolutely love these 10/23/2017

These are fantastic for hunting public land in Michigan filled with briars, multiflora rose, and burrs, not to mention the possibility of knee deep snow. I hate burrs and/or snow getting in the top of my boots or bottoms of my pants and these do the trick perfectly.

Nickname: Jason
Spot on 10/16/2017

I hunt OR, so rain is what we deal with. Wet feet happen and it can ruin a hunt if you’re putting miles on watersoft feet. Ordered these to hopefully prevent the inevitable. Construction is bomb proof (enjoy the cliche). I’ve seen or tried several other brands, FL is the best I’ve seen.

Nickname: HuntORE
Nice but too small 10/10/2017

I love the look and feel of these gaiters, as well as the shorter traverse gaiters. I have thick calves from weightlifting (18.5" circumference), and wasn't sure if the XL would fit. I phoned first lite, who instructed me that they should be fine...... Not even close when I tried them on. I needed at least another full inch of material for the gaiters to come close to fitting. The maximum calf size I'd recommend for these gaiters is 17.5". First lite, Please make a 2xl size of these!!! If you have large legs like mine, look at either getting the kenetrek xl size, or the kuiu XL size gaiters. I've tried them both on and those ones fit. Too bad first lite's product doesn't, otherwise I would have gone with them.

Nickname: Kyle
No more rubber boots 10/8/2017

Most of my hunting is for white tails, I have grown tired of rubber boots and how they fit. Bought the gaiters and washed them is scent away. Love the way they fit to my legs and keep moisture off my pant legs, allows me to wear my hiking boots. I am a little worried about he strap the goes under the boot and how long it will hold up.

Nickname: Archers Quest
Bomber 10/2/2017

These are great gaiters. Had previously run the OR gaiters and these are every bit as good. Kept stuff out of my boots and kept me dry hunting in about six inches of snow. Really like the front closure, they're very easy to get on and off. Feel like gaiters can be noisy but didn't have a problem with these, would just rub down the velcro real good and then not think about it anymore. Think these will take anything you throw at em and last for a very long time.

Nickname: Graham
Front closure. 9/29/2017

These are great gaiters. The feature that I enjoyed most over other gaiters that I have used was the hook and loop (Velcro) closure goes directly up the front of the gaiter as opposed to going up the outside.

Nickname: PNW Joe
Essential, these gaiters are awesome. 9/18/2017

My favorite pair of gaiters by far. They are great in snow, or cold, wet vegetation. Combined with a good pair of boots these gaiters have kept me comfortable and dry in almost anything.

Nickname: Garrison

Finally September is here and I was able to get out and hunt. The first day I hiked around without these gaiters on and constantly had to clean my boots out of debris. I had these on the rest of the time on the mountain and was very satisfied with with zero debris in my boots and the durability of them over the sharp rocky terrain. Impressed by the comfort with movement up and down slopes and through thick brush.

Nickname: Caleb
Solid Gaiters 9/5/2017

After trying all kinds of gaiters these are the only ones that have held up for me.

Nickname: Clint
Awesome Gaiters 8/6/2017

Bombproof and quiet! I have tried a bunch of gaiters and these are the best I have ever used.

Nickname: Clint
Really like these Gaiters 7/31/2017

I've owned and used gaiters from most the top companies in the hunting and outdoor industry. The Brambler gaiters are my favorite. The stay up on my calves very well, keep my feet and boots dry, and are very comfortable for me.

I did rip a one of them when I caught it on a barbed wire fence and fell. I bought a replacement pair but am still using the first pair with the rip. There are two things I would change to make these perfect.

1 - I would make the straps replaceable since they will eventually wear out.
2 - I would not have any metal toward the bottom such as the buckle for the strap which can get bent and damaged on sharp, rocky terrain.

Nickname: Justin
Solid but not waterproof 7/31/2017

These fit great, work fine to keep light moisture and dry snow at bay but they are not waterproof. After scouting this year in the high country in them a few times, wading through knee high wet grass (wearing rain pants over them so I know the moisture wasn't getting in from the top, just through the exposed lower section) it started to seem like they were really wet on the inside, not just around the bottom edge. I then conducted two tests, one was to prop them up at a 45-degree angle and let water run over them for 1.5 hours. This resulted in saturated outer fabric and wetting through the inner liner fabric. I then layed them out flat and formed them into a concave shape and pooled about 1/2 cup of water in them. They wet through in a similar way as the running water, starting at about an hour and then slowly wetting out all the way through. In the end, they are generally well made and a great cut but if you want waterproof, get seam sealed Goretex or something similar. Seems like First Lite could go the extra mile here and build gear they would stand behind in any mountain hunting situation.

Nickname: Matt C
Perfect 6/26/2017

Not much to say, other than these deliver exactly what you expect from a quality gaiter.

Nickname: KP
Tough and functional 6/16/2017

Love that I can wear these gaiters from Montana to Oregon they keep me dry and are easy to take on and off. I have no problems with them sliding down my legs and love that they also don't let stickers cling to them like others I've had!

Nickname: Tyler
Awesome gaiter for deep snow 4/10/2017

I used these all winter in the Idaho Panhandle for hound hunting in deep snow. They work great and held up to major abuse from miles of snowshoeing/slogging. Great gaiter

Nickname: BartG
Wet feet or dry feet...which do I choose? 3/16/2017

Dry! These gaiters are great. It was a wet year of hunting and these were a constant in my pack. I was regularly the only one with dry feet in camp each night. Even when it wasn't wet these are nice to have on when you are walking through the thick stuff because they are extra durable and will prevent your pants from getting all tore up. A bit warm for when the weather is above 60 but overall a solid product.

Nickname: Todd
Awesome Gaiter 11/19/2016

I wore these during a week long elk hunt in Idaho's panhandle where it rained 5 out of the 7 days. I was amazed at how dry they kept me while putting on miles every day through the brush. I will have these on every trip I go on.

Nickname: Kyle
Why the Cordura? 11/16/2016

I almost didn't purchase these due to my concern about how noisy they'd be with the Cordura insteps, but after being satisfied with many other First Lite products, I figured I'd give these a shot. Unfortunately, the Cordura is in fact noisier than I'd like. I think I'd like these a lot more if they ditched the Cordura and were 37.5 all around.

Nickname: Bob
Weatherproof and Tough as Nails 11/15/2016

I picked up a pair of Brambler Gaiters before the season started and they've proven to be everything I could want in a gaiter. They are incredibly tough. I've put them through the ringer on a 10-day hunt in BC where we bush-whacked through soaking wet willow and spruce thickets every day. I also wore them every day of a November mule deer hunt in the rocky, cactus-ridden country of western Colorado. Through it all, my boots, socks and pants remained dry and clean. And after a wash, they still look as good as new. Amazing.

Nickname: RyanM
Great Gaiter - But Please Make in Pine (and other solids) 9/16/2016

Outstanding gaiters that will take anything that nature can throw at them. Helped keep me dry and protected the hem of my pants. As someone who doesn't wear camo, however, I'd appreciate some solid colors and would definitely repeat my purchase. Thanks for such an outstanding design.


Nickname: Bill
Do yourself a favor and just buy them 8/21/2016

If your looking for a gaiter these are the ones to get. I have the L/XL and a size 11 foot, they fit perfect. I wear Kenetrek boots, and with these gaiters, I have done multiple stream crossings in 10 plus inches of water and not once did my feet get wet. I have a competitors gaiter and the Brambler just outperforms. The durability is great and the velcro and buttons hold firm. I definitely recommend!

Nickname: Seth
Great Gaiter , Tough and fits great 7/9/2016

I wasnt a fan of the previous gaiter FL had to offer, it was too small and wasnt waterproof. Ive been waiting for this product to come out for a while. Built really heavy and they fit much better, i got the L/Xl and cover pants and boots nicely. The material and stitch quality is tough and durable , a must for the back country.

Nickname: Michael