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What to do with those trail cams - by First Lite team member John Vaca

Posted by Ryan Callaghan on

Trail Cams aren’t just for trails.

With advances in trail camera technologies, the good old trail cam is not just for the woods any more. While I’ll admit that most of the time, they are in the trees looking for antlers, I also use them quite a bit in other capacities. I’ll use new wireless trail cams to keep an eye on my camp site or vehicles while on a hunt or scouting. (I get real time photos sent to my phone) I’ll also use several trail cams in “field scan” scan mode to help me with scouting geese, so I can “watch” several fields at once. I will pull the SD cards after dark so I am not disturbing the birds, and the photos tell me what time the geese are showing up, exactly where they are using the field, and how many are using the field. This also works well for spring gobblers here in the mid-west. Don’t forget that these cameras also work well for “keeping an eye” on gates, equipment, etc., while you are not around.

TrailCam_goose_Images Trail cams catch exact approach routes
TrailCam_goose_Images2 pretty good idea of where the birds are
M2E81L235-236R368B322 Trail cams eliminate the "birds should be here"


To follow more of what John is up to check him out here at the team page.

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