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North Branch Pant Review by First Lite team member Jerod Fink

Posted by Ryan Callaghan on

North Branch Pants Review
By: Jerod Fink

Big Spring Gobbler and a dry ass First Spring Gobbler of '14

The ground was wet, extremely wet as a matter of fact.  It was the last day I had to hunt on my first spring turkey tag of the season, and I needed to get the job done on this extremely wet and cold April morning.  Our spring turkey hunting season had been filled with many inches of snow and rain and sitting on the bare, muddy ground was a daunting prospect.  With some trepidation, I sat down and started calling.  A two hour wait later I had my first gobbler of the year, even better I had a dry ass and stayed warm.    How did this happen you ask?  Well, for the first time I was wearing a pair of pants capable of keeping out mud and water while keeping me warm in 20-30 degree temps, the North Branch pant from First Lite.

The NB pants are built from an iron tough soft-shell material and insulated very well.  I’m amazed that a pant this thin can be this warm.  To be honest, the first time I tried on the North Branch pants my thoughts were they were too loud to be of use hunting whitetails and turkeys.  However, over two seasons of use in the turkey and whitetail woods, those fears have proven to be unfounded.  The material is also 100% water and wind proof.  They are the perfect pants for a huge range of temps and conditions.  In the last year alone I’ve comfortably worn them sitting in tree stands in below zero wind chills to 35 degrees and rain.  I’ve literally started calling days that are 35 degrees or colder “North Branch” days.

There are many great features on the pants, some are subtle and some are glaring.  The three glaring features that any hunter will find useful are the integrated snow gaiter, full zip legs and the full zip seat.  Yes, you no longer have to lower your pants and risk crapping on your suspender straps.  Just zip the seat out and go at it.  Trust me, this is a great feature.

If you have been looking for a bib or overall type pants that are capable of stopping wind and rain while keeping you warm, look no further than the North Branch pants.  Spend the money, you won’t regret it.

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