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First Lite welcomes Benji Hill

Posted by Ryan Callaghan on


Benji has been pounding the mountains in First Lite base layers since our inception. We are incredibly happy to have Benji on board as an official First Lite Team member.

Benji has been pursuing game in the mountains of Idaho by pushing his limits and his gear to the very edge. By using primitive equipment Benji is trying to see just how effective of predator he can become.

"Taking a step back in time allows me to deeply connect to rituals of the hunt.  The process of taking raw materials from our surroundings and learning how to coax them into tools of the hunt is the foundation of bowhunting.  To harvest any animal with this type of gear shows a level of commitment not often seen in today's hunter." BH

photo Benji's first self bow Orc Killer"
As the weather teases us of Falls approach, I feel satisfied having spent many hours blindly coaxing hickory to bend.  As this is my first self-bow, the power and relative ease of the white wood proved a great start to building bows.
To follow Benji's progress with his bow Orc Killer check him out at the team page and follow him here at the campfire.

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