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#DirtbagDedicated Photo Contest

Posted by Ford Van Fossan on


Signs you might be a dirtbag

- You believe, dental floss is primarily for A) backup serving of peeps and D loops B) high tensile, mint flavored thread for clothing and gear repair and C) dental hygiene.

- The fish you eat come either straight from a river or from a can (and you never waste that oil).

- You've fully changed your clothing in so many parking lots at so many times you just don't notice those stares anymore.

- The signs at Laundromats are either because of you, or directly reference you.

- Signs that read "No Dogs" pretty much mean you're not welcome.

- You once broke down an animal using just a broad-head.

- You know all the day stay limits at local campsites by heart.

- You haven't actually washed your hunting clothes this season.

- When pressed about this fact you respond "What? There merino."

- In your mind, hot sauce + cheese + tortilla + any protein = a taco.

- You've used money earmarked for you student loan on taxidermy and/or a wall tent.

- You've slept in your Tacoma bed more often than on your actual mattress.

- You don't have an actual mattress. And lets be honest, you don't have a Tacoma either.

If you answered yes to more than half of these questions you may be eligible to enter out Dirtbag Dedicated photo contest and win a brand new First Lite kit. Just tag the photo that best encompasses your "hunt-now, worry-about-everything-else-later" lifestyle with #DirtbagDedicated.

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