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A little elk 101 by First Lite Team member Matt Liljenquist

Posted by Ryan Callaghan on
Horns and cape Packing out Matt Liljenquist

Elk season is on us and I would like to share a couple of tips that have helped me be successful.

Tip 1: Scent- Just like majority of the animals we hunt, elk have noses and can smell us if we're not careful. Whether you're sitting water, calling or stalking, always keep the wind in your favor. This means keeping the wind blowing in your direction and not towards the elk. I promise you they will eventually smell you if you don't pay attention to the winds direction. It's good to use different scent covers, they will help if the wind changes on you when you're already committed to your position or stalk. However, when it comes to covering your scent the most important thing is to keep the wind in your favor.

Tip 2: Figure out their pattern- If you know where the elk are coming and going, you can stand a better chance of intercepting them. If there is a water hole in between their bedding and feeding areas, it could be a great place to sit. I have seen hunters try to catch up with bulls already heading to their destination and trust me the elk are faster then the hunters. A few years back, I passed a bull and shortly after he walked by, two out of breath guys went running by me trying to catch the bull. I guarantee they never caught up with the bull. If you know where they're heading, you can cut them off in the middle somewhere. I strongly suggest not disturbing their bedding areas, because then you will have to start over again and figure out their new pattern. This could take days to accomplish.

Good luck this season, I hope everyone has a great hunt.

To follow Matts season check him out here at the team page.

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