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Benmore Aerowool Boxer Brief

Our customers often tell us that our briefs are the most important piece in their First Lite system and the Benmore is sure to live up to that sky high benchmark. We married our top-shelf Merino Wool for odor mitigation and thermal regulation with the incredible moisture wicking properties of our outerwear technology, 37.5 by Cocona, and created First Lite Aerowool. Anytime a premium is placed on moisture evacuation during active hunting or hunting in warm climates, Aerowool is your new go-to base layer.





Product Details

Layering Position

  • This is your next-to-skin layer, the first layer you put on in the First Lite System
  • Features

  • True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear under other layers
  • 17.5 micron, ultrafine First Lite Aerowool Fabric featuring 37.5 by Cocona Active Particle Technology
  • 4" Inseam
  • Comfortable Jaquard waistband
  • Aerowool is naturally antibacterial, meaning there is no treatment necessary to retain its odor resistant quality even when used for several days in a row
  • Aerowool is designed specifically to keep you dry and comfortable in high exertion or high temperature environments and activities
  • Aerowool mesh vent panels maximizes ventilation
  • Flat lock seams for next-to-skin comfort
  • Covered by First Lite's Warranty

    • Sizes

      Available in men's sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL


      Machine Wash Cold and Hang Dry

      Cut Shooters Cut
      Layering Position Next to Skin
      Material First Lite Aerowool
      Primary Usage
      Temperature 45F - 60F, 60F - 80F, 80F+

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Aerowool Bottoms

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So comfortable. Perfect length. I spend a lot of time in Central and South America and these are going to be game changers for travel and everyday use.
- Michael on 10/1/2017
I'm Sold
Great moisture transfer, no smell and I'm a smelly guy. So impressed with this product, far superior to any other product I have tried.
- Kelly on 9/25/2017
Best boxers I've ever had.
Hands down the best underwear I have. Have worn for multiple days in the backcountry covering ground for elk, they were always comfy and i never noticed any funk. We'll definitely order a couple more pairs.
- RFelkGuide721 on 9/25/2017
I need more
My only regret is I didn't buy more of these, which I will be fixing. Never thought I would say I spent more than a few bucks on underwear but man these things make a huge difference. They really do keep things aired out and comfortable. Will probably end up being the only underwear I own, they are that good.
- Nathan on 9/22/2017
Quality boxer breifs
I choose the benmore because I liked the short length better than the longer boxer shorts. The have held up well so far and I am satisfied with their performance.
- Brad on 9/21/2017
I wore these in Southeast Asia in the hot and humid environment and they were outstanding! I wore some other moisture wicking underwear as well and these outperformed them by a long shot! They dried out quickly even there! They are also very comfortable
- Eric on 9/15/2017
Almost perfect
Finally, a shorter length boxer/brief from First Lite! Almost too short though, I'd prefer an extra 3/4" on them but it's not so much of an issue that they ride up. I wear Benmores daily and haven't found a better boxer yet. Great for hot and cool days alike. I only put on the Red Deserts for the coldest and least active days now. Really put them to the test on hot days this summer and I was very pleased with the performance, support, and coolness. My only real gripe is that they get a little loose after a couple days in the field but they fit like a dream again after washing.
- JayCreegs on 9/15/2017
Nice shorter option
Breathe great and a nice shorter length option for the boxers
- Tony on 9/15/2017
I'm never wearing anything else hunting or hiking.
Bought a pair of these on a friends recommendation. Super impressed. All day antelope hunting in 90 degrees and forgot I had them on. The next week elk hunting with cool mornings and 80+ afternoons and they functioned great.
- Super Impressed on 9/3/2017
Yes, yes, yes
Used them from the swamp in the South to out west in Wyoming, they are a winner. No stank, no problem. Buy them.
- Nickster on 8/24/2017
These things are great While being bad ass they will give your ass feel great and dry. Right out of the package I wore them for a couple days, and those few days felt just dandy on my package. No doubt a great base layer for any occasion their "normal" length makes them great for normal wear with shorts as well as pants. In the field or around town they are my new favorites. I have worn them from Wyoming to swampy hot and humid Alabama with zero swampy nether regions. As an Army guy in the field going commando during training or deployment is pretty common for us, these have changed that for the better.
- Nickster on 8/23/2017
awesome keeps the funk away.
Picked up two pair of these bad boys, after using poly for a few years and not being able to handle the funk these things are a must.
- Greg on 8/19/2017
Game changer
These have been so great that I am now wearing them daily. They dry amazingly fast, hardly any smells after hunting all day in 95+ degree weather, superior comfort, no chaffing or irritation areas. First Lite continues to blow me away with every product I purchase.
- Jason on 8/18/2017
Extremely comfortable
These are the one of the best fitting boxers I own. Of the three varieties that first lite has to offer, I put these at the top.
They are shorter than most boxers, but they don't ride up at all. They are very soft and lightweight making it feel that are not there (not in a wierd way)
They are quick drying and so far, they are holding up to multiple washings
- Kelly on 8/12/2017
Class of their own
These boxers have exceeded any expectation I could have dreamed of. I wore one pair for a week straight and they fit the same as the first day and had no odor. I believe they will be durable as all of those days were with an IWB kydex holster, and there are no signs of that abrasion. I am a 32" waist and the medium is spot on like the sizing chart says.
- kyle on 8/12/2017
These are Top Notch!
I've been wearing the Benmore boxer briefs this summer in the often times sweltering humidity of Virginia and have been very impressed. They breath incredibly well, wick moisture faster than other merino wool briefs I have, and most importantly don't stink! I've worn them during the week while at work and over 3-4 day weekend fishing excursions. The materials and stitching are top notch and are proving to be more durable than I expected. These will be a great part of my baselayer for the fall. I like that they are shorter than the Dobson and Red Desert. I'd love to see a straight aerowool brief. Keep up the good work!
- Joseph on 8/1/2017
Fantastic Undies!
I absolutely love the Benmore AerowoolBoxer Brief. I love several things about them. First, even though they are relatively short for boxer briefs they don't ride up and up and pinch. Second, the waistband is perfectly designed to be substantial enough to hold them in place but minimal enough that it doesn't bite, even under a heavy backpack. Third, they stay really dry and don't get clammy even in scorching temps. I live in the desert in New Mexico. I road-tested the boxers in up to 100 degree temps carrying a 60 lb pack between 3 and 11 miles a day for 3 days straight without ever taking them off That's over 72 hours straight with lots of sweaty miles and I still felt fresh. Amazing. The claimed moisture wicking properties of the 37.5 by Cocona technology is legitimate.

I don't think I will ever wear a different underwear on any hunt from Dall sheep in the arctic, Stone sheep in the Canadian rockies, to desert sheep in the sonoran desert of Arizona. In fact, I have started wearing these underwear daily around town.
- Brandon on 7/21/2017
These boxers are amazing
I spend a lot of time in the field and typically run a little on the hot side. I thought I would be using these only when the temps drop but they work better than advertised and I am wearing them in 90+ degree weather in the field and loving them. They are top quality and I will be making these my go to boxers for the majority of the year. I plan on buying more of these.
- Nate on 6/27/2017