Alturas Women's Guide Pant

It's about time somebody made a women's hunting pant that left nothing to chance. Made from the same nylon (not polyester) materials and construction as our popular Corrugate Guide Pant, the Alturas women's pant is built to endure season after season while providing an athletic fit that lets you be both fast and quiet. Unlike other women's hunting pants, the Alturas takes every component that we created in our men's pants and simply applies it to pants cut for a woman, plain and simple.





Product Details


  • True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear over or under other layers
  • Actual Weight: 14.4oz (size medium)
  • Ultra durable nylon fabric
  • Built-in stretch for complete range-of-motion
  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish for all-weather capability
  • 3D Double Cargo Pockets
  • Belt and suspender loops (suspenders not included)
  • Covered by First Lite's Warranty

    • Sizes

      Available in Women's sizes: XS, SM, MD, LG, XL


      Machine Wash Cold and Hang Dry

      Cut Shooters Cut
      System Position Midlayer
      Material DuraFlex with 37.5 Technology
      Actual Product Weight Size MD N/A
      Primary Usage Lifestyle, Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Upland, Fishing
      Temperature 45F - 60F, 60F - 80F, Above - 80F

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    Great feel but...the fit
    These pants are super comfy and have nice stretch to them. I had in mind these for hunting, hiking, all around comfy outdoor pant. They have that but I had to knock stars for the fact that they are too short. they come just about to my feet but not long enough... I am 5'7" 120lbs. I have long legs and always struggle finding long enough pants. Was hoping these were the ticket but no dice. I could do what another person mentioned, tuck them into hiking boots and wear gaiters but i wont always be in snow or rain and may be camping with sandals on.Theres also some weird bunching in the back with the elastic band. I do love their rain jacket and puffy jacket though. Plus for those!
    - Radda on 9/27/2017
    Best Pants Ever
    I have been using the Alturas for a year now and LOVE them. As soon as I put them on I knew they would be keepers. I am pretty small 5'1'' and 133 pounds so wearing size small in mens just was not cutting it. The Alturas fit extremely well in both my waist and the length. They are a little long, but I am super short. Once I put on boots and or gators the length is not an issue. The stretch in these pants has been perfect for hiking, climbing fences and kneeling for different shooting positions. The material has also help up in the wet brush of Oregon and the dry climate of New Mexico. A bonus is that I was even able to wear these pants last September- November when I was pregnant. The elastic in the waist band was amazing! I am now back down to my pre-pregnancy size and they still fit like a dream!
    - Kallie on 9/20/2017
    Perfect fit ,these are awesome ,You need to make shorts !!
    I give these a 5 star ,worn in September, muzzle load season. Absolutely the best hunting pant ever.
    - Phyllis on 9/20/2017
    Make a tall option! Other than that I'd give 5 stars, they are quiet, stretchy ( I could do yoga in them) and durable. Breath great and dry quick. Pocket features rock.
    - tina on 9/17/2017
    Comfortable, but lacking in durability
    For last two seasons I kept forgetting that my favorite pants(had for 5 years) had been ripped and emergency placement of duct tape utilized. Finally, I bought these pants this year and was super excited. I ripped them right open first day of Western Washington Archery Elk. Luckily, I was equipped with a sewing kit this time versus duct tape. They are loud "Swooshy". This maybe partly due to buying a large versus medium to ensure room for layering. I am 5/8 155lb and length was perfect. They are comfortable, and for hiking around 5+ miles a day, but tend to snag on every twig. Zipper pockets were great, picked up a couple frogs to bring back to camp for the kids. :-)
    - P on 9/15/2017
    Great fit!
    These pants are great! They have just enough stretch to allow for movement from hiking to climbing a tree. Great durable fabric with superb breathability. The pockets are great, they have so much room! The length is PERFECT for me but I'm 5' 1". Unfortunately, for anyone much taller than 5' 3" these pants will be too short. I think having length options for everyone, including us petite gals and keeping the current length, adding longer lengths for others would really make this a 5 star product.
    - Brooke on 9/14/2017
    Quality pants!
    I love these pants, they are very high quality, and very quiet when walking through the woods. They are very comfortable and they fit my waist! However, they are too short :-( I am 5'4 120lbs and wear size 2 in most pants. Thank you first lite for giving us women's hunting clothes! I hope you take these reviews into consideration and either add length to the pants or incorporate different length options.
    - huntingmama on 9/8/2017
    I first ordered these pants in a medium and they were too big. I then ordered a small and now they are too short. Due to the lack of women's hunting apparel I kept the pants and purchases gaiters to make up for the lack of length. Over all I do love the fit of the pants just wish they were three inches longer
    - Turner406 on 8/19/2017
    Very Comfortable!
    I really like how these pants fit, and the pockets are great with lots of space! The pockets will fit everything I need for an upcoming elk hunt. They are a comfy relaxed fit, and fit good over base layers. I just wish they were quieter for bow hunting. Other than that, I really like everything about them.
    - Becca on 8/17/2017
    Wife loved them!
    Good to see a women's hunting clothing line that is not just a scaled down version of the men's line. My wife loved the fit and the style. I was a little worried about the material being too loud, however these pants proved to be extremely versatile, as well as quiet!
    - Christopher on 8/17/2017
    The only outdoor pants you need
    These are great for everything- hiking, backpacking, fishing, hunting. They're super quiet, lightweight, durable, and have a great fit. Pocket placement is awesome. Great for all weather. I have them on right now as we're leaving to go shed hunting!
    - Gabi on 8/6/2017
    Finally a brand who understands women
    I get so tired of having to buy mens camo if I want quality items. Women hunt too! But these pants prove that times are changing and they are finally listening to us, gals! These have great stretch for a full range of motion, deep large pockets, and are very comfortable. My only thing is they fit a little larger than I was expecting from the size chart. But, that can easily be remedied!
    - Kaitlin on 7/27/2017
    Awesome pants! I have them in dry earth and cipher and I love them... I put a lot of miles on them last year and they have held up to my standards. They are super comfy and stretchy which is great for climbing up inclines. My only recommendation is.. on hunts in the middle of winter and you are freezing... DO NOT get too close to the fire. They melt really quick! :-)
    - Eileen on 7/26/2017
    Great pants, especially for short people
    I will be returning these. Purchased small. 5'8" 125lbs. Cut is great except for the length. They stop above my ankles. I am afraid if I go bigger in size the length will get marginally better but the cut will become very baggy. To get near the length I need, according to the chart, I would have to go at least to the large and maybe even extra large.

    Very comfortable and do not bind or restrict movement. Just really short. :(

    +1 for offering a tall size.
    - Ashley H on 7/21/2017
    Thank you First Lite for these pants... Thank you
    Seriously First Lite thank you! I am 5'3", 100lbs and considered a stick and the XS fit like a dream. They have the perfect amount of room for extra layers when its cold and enough room to be nice and airy when its hot. The material is so soft and comfortable. Ive worn these pants on shed hunting backpack trips in the badlands. They've stood up to bushwhacking through the brambles and butt sliding down badland buttes. I recommend these pants 100 times over.
    - Taylor on 6/12/2017
    Perfect Fit
    Finally! A woman's pant that fits well in the hips and butt area! I do not like hunting gear that is tight, and I absolutely HATE when the waist band gaps in the back revealing my bum! These pants do NOT do that and I will wear these pants for every hunt. I sat in dew conditions last weekend, but my bum was never wet! Plus it was fairly cool in the morning, and warmer toward the afternoon; these pants were comfortable for both temperatures with a base layer underneath. I am 5'6", 130lbs and I wear a medium if that helps anyone looking (and that is mainly because I like layering underneath, and I do not like my pants tight)! I look forward to wearing them with each hunt!
    - Tammy on 5/1/2017
    Great pants, but not super quiet
    These are extremely comfortable pants that fit well. I am giving them a 4 for functionality, fit, and comfort. But I am taking off a star for noise. I have not used them bowhunting yet, but I'm thinking they might be a little louder than I'd like for bowhunting season. They are fairly noisy. I have used them a ton for cross country skiing, and over a pair of merino long underwear, they are perfect in weather even into single digits, assuming you keep moving. I echo the other comment about the tall sizes. The sizing is perfect for me - the small fits me great. I am 5'3". My daughter, however, is 5'7" and has about the same waistline as me... and well, I just can't order them for her because they won't fit her. Would love to see tall sizes in the ladies' clothes.
    - Cat on 4/15/2017
    Good Pants, But
    I appreciate that first lite is attempting to offer a women's hunting pant. God knows it is difficult to find good quality women's hunting clothing that fits and has function. These pants are comfortable and you can extend the comfortable temperature range down to below freezing if you add the wool base layer. (women's larkspur full length bottom tights are perfect) I think the quality is good...they have taken a lot of abuse. Con; Way too short. Please offer a long length or change the standard length on this pant. I am 5'5" tall. I hate pants that pull half way up my calf when I sit down! Next - I use the heck out of cargo pockets and would prefer larger cargo pockets.. The legs could be a little larger in circumference for us athletic type folks with big thighs, although they are not too tight...not a deal breaker. I am not keen on the elastic waist in the back. I Wish there was a flat waist band for less bulk. The zippered pockets on the front of the hips are okay, but if you wear a backpack for back country hunting, sometimes the zipper will irritate. I just pull it down and out of the way. In my opinion, you don't really need a zipper...just an angled, side entry pocket is fine. Again, I appreciate the effort, but still not quite there.
    - mtn hunter on 4/11/2017
    The comfiest hunting pants I've tried yet
    These pants are super comfortable, they are light, but still keep you warm, especially layered with larkspur bottoms. The material is stretchy which makes It ideal for layering. I love the 2 pockets, on the lower leg, and how they have a zipper compartment as well as the open one, and also the actual pockets at the top of the pants are large enough to use unlike other hunting companies women's pants.
    - Ga_huntress on 3/26/2017
    Top notch quality and excellent sizing options
    The Alturas guide pant is an excellent all-around pick for outdoor enthusiasts. Fabric quality is top-of-the-line (it is lightweight with just the right amount of stretch), the fit is true to the sizing chart, and the color options are great! I am so happy to have outdoor gear available that actually fits me (I am 5'1" and petite, so XS is perfect)!! I received my first pair of these pants for Christmas and just got to break them in on Kauai's Kalaulau Trail; I will definitely be ordering more pairs for hunting and fishing!
    - AK Sunshine on 3/17/2017
    Great Pants
    Exactly what I needed for early season bowhunting. Great fitting pants. I'm 5' 10" and the length was perfect for me; but I am fine with 31" or 32" length. I am curvy and buy pants to fit my hips. These pants perfectly fit both my waist and hips.
    - Mary on 3/15/2017
    Good, but lacking
    I love the feel of these pants. The material allows for the range of movement needed when hunting sheep, moose and mountain goats in Alaska. Unfortunately, the durability, which is so highly praised in the description, is not there. After just a few hunts the pants are already showing signs of wear and tear. They pick very easily and have worn in any place where there is continual rubbing. Great pants for warm weather, but do not block the cold, wind or rain. When combined with the Larkspur baselayer they do well in cold though. Overall, not totally impressed, I prefer the KUIU Attack pants (even though they are not made for women) or the Girls with Guns pants which address the length issue many are having.
    - gypsynomad on 11/28/2016
    Too short
    I am 5'9" and these pants look like capris on me. The material is great and the fit in the waist is awesome, but First Lite really needs to offer a tall option for the ladies who have legs! No one in the market place offers ladies tall pants. This has been a battle trying to find technical hunting pants that fit.
    - Kelli on 10/7/2016
    Glad to have these in my collection
    Just got back from my fall archery elk hunt. I like these pants and am glad I purchased them. Love, love the has a great feel against the skin, lightweight, stretchy. The cut is good and they have enough room to put a pair of wool tights underneath for those cold mornings. I stayed warm in them, with my wool tights, in temps down to the high 20's, F. Did not get a chance to test them in rain. Just a few other comments; The fabric is a little "swooshy" (noisy), but if I paid attention to how I walked I could almost eliminate that. I would like them a little longer and I am going to let the hem out so they at least cover the top of my boots when I sit. Love the cargo pockets, but I wish they where a little larger. I like to keep all kinds of s#*@ in cell phone (using Onyx Maps), range finder, face net, thin gloves, some calls, etc. I also would prefer a flat waistband rather than the elastic in the back. I am so glad Firstlite is starting to make women's hunting clothes! I look forward to the jacket to go with! (PS, please provide chest pockets and maybe one pocket on the sleeve) :-)
    - huntergrl on 9/28/2016
    Best pants ever!!
    So great, comfortable, soft and light weight. I love them!!
    - Roslyn on 9/23/2016
    First Lite has finally figured it out. There are women who hunt that want the same high quality clothing that is available to men. These pants are absolutely awesome. The fabric is perfect for the early season whitetail woods and just for general hiking around. Fingers crossed there is a late season pant in the works along with more women's clothing. Absolutely awesome!
    - Leah on 9/20/2016
    Best Women's Hunting Pant!
    These pants are so comfortable, perfect amount of stretch, love the pockets, they feel durable and yet are lightweight! I love how weightless they feel. The only constructive criticism I have is that they are a little bit noisy. Please continue to make more women's items! I will buy them ALL!
    - Nichole on 9/18/2016
    Best Women's Pant on the Market
    First Lite's Alturas Women's Guide Pant is hands down the absolute best pant there is to buy. The cut is perfect and will the fabric stretch to fit all body types. You can do serious backcountry hiking and hunting in this pant without having to adjust, and they are SUPER durable; they don't tear or snag at all when walking through thick brush. And no need to worry about sweat stinking them up! They breathe so well that even after wearing them for several days in high temperatures they didn't stink. I'm looking forward to hunting and hiking in them all season long!
    - Elizabeth Hover on 8/23/2016
    All Around Pant
    Fantastic fit, design, and comfort. Pockets are placed so they aren't bulky and the zippers are a great touch. Love the fit for summer hiking and bowhunting and plenty of room to layer underneath for elk season. The best option I've found for backcountry pants.
    - Mary M on 8/18/2016
    Absolutely loved my pants from the moment I tried them on, but never really put them to the test until we spent 5 days backpacking the Kakwa Wilderness and it's mountain ranges. We dealt with 30 degree weather (86 Fahrenheit), to pouring rain, and I couldn't be happier in them. They are extremely durable (I'm a clutz and if there's something to stab myself with, I will) and I could not get over how quickly they dried off when the rain would stop. They also breathe wonderfully so you never feel like your overheating. My only suggestion (and this goes back to me being a clutz) is maybe adding a thin shin pad, for those of us that push bush without watching where we step lol. Absolutely fantastic product and I can't stop raving about them, much to the chagrin of my friends :D
    - Amanda on 8/8/2016
    Can already tell they're awesome
    These pants are awesome. I love the way they fit. I have worn them already and the material is great for when you sweat. I can tell that they are also going to be great for layering in the winter because they are stretchy and roomy without being too baggy. Very versatile pants. I can't wait to wear them hunting, hiking, and camping. Comfortable enough to even sleep in and they are flattering too. Thanks for the great pants!
    - Elizabeth on 8/8/2016
    Super awesome pants. They are light and they fit very well. The material is awesome . I can tell they are going to be comfortable in the heat and during the winter because they absorb sweat really well and they are stretchy and roomy enough to be able to layer a lot. Very versatile and great. Super excited to wear these doing everything from hunting, to hiking and everything outdoors. I'm anxious to get my women's first lite collection going and I can already tell I'm in love.
    - Lizzy on 8/8/2016
    I'm so glad First Lite has come out with a women's line! All of their products fit great, including these pants. They are a very comfortable relaxed fit, but not too baggy. True to size. They do not have traditional back pockets, but the cargo style pockets should hold everything I need. I look forward to wearing them all hunting season!
    - Anna Y on 6/27/2016