Allegheny 230g Merino Bottom

The First Lite Allegheny is the ultimate first layer in your cool weather kit. Once the leaves are off the trees, these mid-weight bottoms will provide warmth, breathability and odor control all day long, day after day. The Allegheny also makes a great layer under your waders for those cold mornings in the duck blind or swinging for steelhead. All new design includes less stitching in wear areas and a soft jacquard waistband.





Product Details

Layering Position

  • This is your next-to-skin layer, the first layer you put on in the First Lite System
  • Features

  • True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear under other layers
  • 18.5 micron, superfine, pure 100% merino wool
  • Pure Merino Wool is naturally antibacterial, meaning there is no treatment necessary to retain its odor resistant quality even when used for several days in a row
  • Unlike other fabrics, Merino keeps you comfortable from extremely high temperatures down to the coldest digits as well
  • Merino Wool is also naturally UV absorbent to eliminate shine and fire resistant
  • Midweight, interlock fabric
  • Stays warm whether dry or wet
  • Covered by First Lite's Warranty

    • Sizes

      Available in men's sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL


      Machine Wash Cold and Hang Dry

      System Position Next to Skin
      Material 100% Merino Wool
      Actual Product Weight Size MD N/A
      Primary Usage Lifestyle, Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Waterfowl, Upland, Fishing

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49 Reviews
Great 4/2/2018

Have used them for two hunting seasons so far. Perfect for when the weather starts to drop in November. Very comfortable and showing no signs of wear.

Nickname: Jacob
Will not last 3/7/2018

These were great while the lasted, but for what I paid, I would have expected them to last longer. Already wearing out in the crotch after a couple of years of occasional weekend use.

Nickname: JW
Works all year! 2/9/2018

One of the most important pieces of my kit. The base layer bottoms worked great. They were never too hot, and definitely kept the scent in, and me warm in 20 degrees and lower weather. I ran these bottoms and corrugated guides from August to the end of November. First Lite gear is my one stop for all clothing.

Nickname: Paiute Bow Hunter
Perfect base layer 2/7/2018

If you hunt, you need these. Period. Super comfortable, no bunching up, etc. Just the right amount of warmth. I literally sleep in these when hunting in the really cold weather because they are so comfortable.

Nickname: Tres
Best Merino bottoms on the market 1/17/2018

I’ve tried a lot of merino bottoms, and these are by far the best in terms of quality and warmth. Like all FL products, they are well made with quality stitching, and the merino does it’s magic with moisture wicking and low stink. My only beef is that they ride a bit short in the ankles on my 36” inseam. I wish they made a tall version. But with good wool socks it hasn’t been an issue at all.

Nickname: Howard
Can't Beat it 1/15/2018

Warm, soft, solid performers in cold conditions. My favorite for MT deer/elk in November. Have also become my go-to for skiing and snowshoeing all winter. Can use on multi-day backpack hunts d/t their unparalleled odor-fighting capability. Have used for one full season of heavy use, and they are holding up well.

Nickname: Dark2Dark
Awesome baselayer 1/4/2018

I recently tested out the Allegheny bottoms coupled with a Chama top as my base layer while late season Whitetail hunting with temps of 10-15 degrees. I was very impressed with the comfort and overall construction of the garments and look forward to really putting them to work next fall!

Nickname: Jacob
High quality, good value, versatile 12/19/2017

I bought these as a base layer for a hunt in California's eastern Sierras. I paired them with the Obsidian Merino pants.

Bottom line: they're a great base layer. In the Sierras, I had temperatures that jumped from then mid-teens to the 70s. As part of a layering system, these worked great. They are very breathable, and they are very comfortable, even after days of wearing them without washing.

I also used them as a base layer while hunting whitetail back east. It's a different type of hunting, and these were really comfortable, especially for afternoon hunts. That said, I would definitely opt for the 330s and a windproof pant if you are planning on sitting in a tree stand in weather below about 40 degrees and with any meaningful amount of wind.

I also use them as a base layer under my breathable waders for duck hunting (I hunt the Salmon Sea in California's Imperial Valley). For mid-to-late season hunts, they've proven to be a very good choice for this application, since they breathe, but also provide warmth on chilly mornings.

Nickname: Justin
great first layer 12/6/2017

I wear these under my Merino 2.0 Kanabs and am good for any hiking hunt any time of year

Nickname: marty
Can't be beat 11/27/2017

These are truly the most effective and versatile base layer you can get. I have owned a lot of different base layers and these do it all. Your only regret will be not buying them sooner.

Nickname: Tony brown
Perfect Base 11/18/2017

Stayed warm and dry for days. Never overly warm and never not enough under bibs by themselves. No smell after several wears in a row.

Nickname: Evan
Great Go To 11/1/2017

The Allegheny bottoms were amazing! I was a little skeptical at first and decided to wear an extra layer when we started up the mountain. Within 15 minutes I was overheating and ended up taking of the other layer. Spent several days in them and never needed another base layer. Temps ranged from about 20-55 degrees and I was able to stay warm when it was cold and cool when it was warm. The best part was not stinking when I got home. It wasn't quite like the first lite video, but I couldn't believe how fresh they still smelled. To prove it wasn't just me, I made my wife smell them and it passed her tests too. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great base layer next to skin or over another.

Nickname: Justin
Must Have 10/20/2017

If you only use one first lite product, make it their base layer system. It will make you a believer with their quality construction, true to size fit and unmatched performance.
Absolutely the Best!

Nickname: Frank
comfortable and warm 10/18/2017

These fit great, have a perfect amount of room in the crotch unlike some other long underwear I've tried. These are very warm and greatly add range to any pants when the temps dip. They a great pant for hunting whitetails out of tree stand and chasing elk on the mountain when there's snow on the ground. Also seem to manage stink better than my upper body merino base layers.

Nickname: Graham
Great product 10/3/2017

Bought this for sept pronghorn hunt. Breathes great yet holds warmth on cool mornings. Wicks during the day, great product.

Nickname: Yorker
Favorite base layer 10/2/2017

I have had this base layer for over a year and have used it on multiple hunts, including multi day hunts. This layer is extremely comfortable and stays stink free. The material feels great as a next to skin layer and provides great insulation and is comfortable in a wide range of temperatures.

Nickname: Eric
Best of the Best 9/25/2017

Simply the finest base layer bottoms around. Super soft and warm. No smell after 10 consecutive days in the field. Stands up to everyday wear during the cold months. My go to for everything from a week in the wilderness to hiking in waders to just lounging around the house. You'll be impressed.

Nickname: Jon
Solid base layer 9/11/2017

So far these Allegheny bottoms have been perfect. They are truely built for the outdoorsman. Every other base layer I have peronally tried stretches out and gets loose. These have stayed tight and remain next to skin. I would and may even purchase another pair to rotate and wear daily in the dead of winter.

Nickname: Stefan
Great Product lasts for years 8/8/2017

I have had the Allegheny bottoms for several years, i live outdoors in the fall and make my living as a Duck hunting Guide in North East North Carolina, a place famous for rapidly changing stormy weather. I have found no better base layer, under waders on frigid mornings or under brush pants chasing a pack of hounds on a hot bear track these bottoms do it all, year after year. Buy a set you wont regret it!

Nickname: Matthew
Perfect Base Layer 7/17/2017

The Allegheny 230g Bottoms are one of my definite go to's for any hunting I do from
Mid-October on. They fit well, don't bind or bunch up they, don't stink and are comfortable. Best base layer system I've ever used.

Nickname: Seth Trokey
Worth every Penny!! 5/1/2017

Wore these last season for White Tale stand hunting down to 10-15 degree high days and kept my legs nice and toasty warm, also wore them up to 35-45 degree high days and as it warmed up I didn't over heat. I also used them this spring for turkey hunting, coupled with Kanabs 2.0 they preformed awesome. The first day was 20 degrees with 25 mph winds and snow and I stayed warm hiking 4-5 miles in and out steep coolies. They have far out preformed everything else I have tried in a similar product. I highly recommend these to anyone that is doing stand hunting or hiking.

Nickname: Adam
Best Long Underwear 4/18/2017

First, I haven't tried on every pair of long underwear ever created, but of the varieties I have tried, these are easily the best. I got them in time for some nasty, wet late-season Iowa pheasant hunting, wore them hiking through the Black Hills down to single digits, and I've also rigorously tested them as lounging pants just sitting around the house.

They keep me warm, they keep me dry, and they keep me from stinking up the place. I bought a second pair just so that when my wife tells me I need to change out of them I can go put on a different pair.

Nickname: Matt
Great base layer! 4/13/2017

I've been wearing these for 2 seasons now and love them. They are super soft and stretchy. No pilling so far which is my biggest gripe about most merino products. Used them for snowboarding, duck hunting, turkey hunting, early season archery elk, late season deer hunting, and backpacking trips. My favorite use is just sleeping in them on backcountry hunts...perfect temperature regulation in my sleeping bag and cozy!

Nickname: JayCreegs
Very comfortable but... 3/19/2017

I bought these for a November elk hunt in Montana's backcountry. It was an 8 day hunt and I alternated these bottoms with another pair of bottoms. So I ended up wearing a total of 4 days. Every other day I hung them to air dry. The great: they were amazingly warm and very comfortable despite being slightly damp from sweat. They also air dried very quickly. First Lite advertises these things and the bottoms deliver. The not so good: the bottoms may need a better stretch band around the waist, It feels as though it may be losing its stretch after just maybe 15 days of wear. They began to slide down and I frequently had to pull them up. This is only an annoyance though and it does not affect how they still feel comfortable when worn, as I said above. The big let down was after the second day of wearing tnemy on the hunt, they were smelly! They had a sort of wet dog smell to them even after air drying for a day. Overall, I'm still happy with my purchase though.

Nickname: Dominic
The last base layer pants you will need to buy. 2/27/2017

Worth their weight in gold. Softer than any pair of pants I have felt, while providing the warmth you need. I think my girlfriend was jealous when she felt how soft and comfortable they were. I own the upper base layer as well and both layers have been worn on every hunt since then. Great for any cold activity outside of hunting as well! 5 Stars and a must for all hunters.

Nickname: Zachary
Best Baselayer Period 1/18/2017

Far and away my favorite base layer. I have tried Kuiu, Sitka, Under Armour to name a few and always chose this one. These are the most comfortable. Great job First Lite!

Nickname: Blake
First Lite does Merino right. 1/5/2017

The material's quality is superb in comparison to every other company's Merino. If you actually get a lot of use out of them and take care of them, they'll last more than 1 season - which I can't say about some of their competitors.

If there was one thing I'd add/change, it'd be to make them zip-off. Nobody really enjoys having to take their boots and pants off if you need to put on/lose your base layer.

Nickname: Jack
From the stand to skis 1/3/2017

Ive waited to put a review up of these until after I knew for sure that it was a product that I couldn't live without. I was fortunate enough to have been able to put these bottoms through many uses. Mostly of which I was stand hunting, but it holds up to the rigorous physical activities of running and winter high peak hiking. it has kept me warm and dry, and as far as base layers go this has been the best performance I have gotten.

Nickname: K2
Allegheny + Kanab 2.0 = Best Bottoms I've Ever Worn 1/2/2017

Wore the Allegheny and Kanab all season long and will never need another bottom combo. I wore these down to 20 degrees and was comfortable for tree stand hunting. Highly recommend them!

Nickname: Brad B.
Durable and Great Performance 12/8/2016

This base layer has kept me comfortable in some of the most extreme conditions I have ever faced. I have worn these for two weeks straight and been astonished by their ability to keep my body temperature at a safe place while exploring some of our national parks during winter.

Nickname: Aharon
Very Comfortable 12/1/2016

I just tried wool base layers and I am very happy I did. They are much more comfortable to wear than synthetics. I wore two pairs together with medium weight pants and my legs were comfortable when it was 30 degrees out. I highly recommend First Lite's merino wool base layers over synthetics.

Nickname: Brian
Very Comfortable 12/1/2016

I just tried wool base layers and I am very happy I did. They are much more comfortable to wear than synthetics. I wore two pairs together with medium weight pants and my legs were comfortable when it was 30 degrees out. I highly recommend First Lites merino wool base layers over synthetics.

Nickname: Brian
Very Comfortable 12/1/2016

I just tried wool base layers and I am very happy I did. They are much more comfortable to wear than synthetics. I wore two pairs together with medium weight pants and my legs were comfortable when it was 30 degrees out. I highly recommend First Lites merino wool base layers over synthetics.

Nickname: Brian
Very Comfortable 12/1/2016

I just tried wool base layers and I am very happy I did. They are much more comfortable to wear than synthetics. I wore two pairs together with medium weight pants and my legs were comfortable when it was 30 degrees out. I highly recommend First Lites merino wool base layers over synthetics.

Nickname: Brian
Very Comfortable 12/1/2016

I just tried wool base layers and I am very happy I did. They are much more comfortable to wear than synthetics. I wore two pairs together with medium weight pants and my legs were comfortable when it was 30 degrees out. I highly recommend First Lites merino wool base layers over synthetics.

Nickname: Brian
Fantastic base layer 9/30/2016

After switching from a synthetic base layer to firstlite's marino wool, I was astonished at after day three in the bush with no stink like synthetics fabrics. Temperature regulation is second to none, with a 40' start and up to 80' in the afternoon I was comfortable all day. I will never hunt in anything but marino wool from now on, keep up the good work firstlite.

Nickname: Dallas
Excellent! 8/22/2016

I purchased these before the womens line was available. Not only did these still fit comfortably (even though they are built for men) they were used for days on end and never smelled! Loved how quickly they would dry out as well. Great job First Lite!

Nickname: Jeannie Steiling
Warm and comfortable 8/20/2016

I do a lot of field hunting for waterfowl when it's too cold to hunt. But these help me stay out all day in sub zero temps. There's no itch, order or "too tight compression" feel. Very good product!

Nickname: AJ Dube
Allegheny Bottom 8/9/2016

These are awesome bottoms! I wear them all seasons from archery elk to modern firearm deer and they either wick away the sweat and help keep me cool or keep me warm when I am in the stand.

I deducted a star because after 2 years of moderate use the crotch gave out in at the seems. I re-stitched them and wear them on, but they are not perfect and lose a star.

Other than that 1 issue, I still keep wearing them and would still recommend them to any outdoor enthusiast.

Nickname: CaptnWinter
Warm Haunches, Dry Baunches 8/6/2016

I've owned a pair for 2 or 3 years and have had them one under waders while winter steelhead fishing, late mule deer, weeks without taking them off in the Frank Church during archery elk season, more duck blinds and goose pits than I can remember. Never had a complaint other than occasionally I get too warm in them.
My nethers are always surprisingly un-swampy for how warm these are. Which is to say, I am as impressed with the breathability of these long-johns as anything I've ever owner. Not itchy, move well, don't rip your leg hairs out.
Recommend for anybody, for anything.

Nickname: Cam
Buy these baselayers! 5/11/2016

I wore these as my next to skin layer under Eddie Bauer Guide pants in temps from 40* to 20* hunting last year. They are super comfortable and kept me warm throughout the season.

Nickname: Eric
Don't even know they are there! 5/5/2016

I picked these up a few years ago to use on a late archery mule deer hunt here in AZ. Very impressed with how these not only kept me warm while glassing on those crisp mornings, but how even after a long hike in the middle of the day, I wasn't sweating. I never felt the need to take these off of the day, after it warmed up. To tell you the truth, I honestly forget that I am wearing them sometimes, due to how butter smooth and comfortable they are. I wear a medium and they are a bit short on me, but this is a non-issue, because I pull my socks up over the base layer anyways. Try em out!

Nickname: DialedInHunter
Great all weather 5/4/2016

I wear these in NC all the time. When the weather is cool in the morning but jumps up in the afternoon these are perfect. I wear them under my Kanab 2.0 pants. Even in the upper 70's and low 80's I am fine with these on. Great layer must have.

Nickname: Adam
Ultimate Bottoms 4/14/2016

The perfect complement to a Llano top. No smell, feels good against your skin, drys fast, and fits great. Superior to synthetics as base layer. Highly recommend!

Nickname: Clint
Must have layer 4/13/2016

This base layer is a perfect fit. It's the all around layer ,when a heavier layer would be to much. I wear them with my Kanabs or northbranch pants, and your good to go.

Nickname: George
Great product...comfortable and it doesn't smell 8/31/2015

Fits great and feels great even in my test in Tucson AZ in the summer!

Nickname: Steve P
Really happy so far 1/14/2015

I got the allegheny bottom and the llano qz for christmas, and I was able to put them to the test in the PA flintlock late season. I could not be happier so far, most of the days we hunted were in the single digits. We were driving deer, so the days were full of miles of walking then being stationary. It was cold enough that some of the guys wanted to be a driver instead of a stander, but these base layers kept me dry enough that I was able to withstand the standing part, which mean I got most of the opportunities at deer! I only wore the base layers, carhart bibs and a jacket with the jacket open most of the time for ventilation. Next up is turkey season where I'm excited to test the functions of the base layers when the temps rise.

Nickname: Ricky
Warm for days 11/28/2014

These are simply AMAZING, comfortable and the fit is great. I am currently cleaning my closet of my old UA base layer gear and swithing to all First Lite Gear. I used to think UA was the best, until trying First lite. This products stands in its own class of comfort and warmth. I cant wait to try more!!! Good Work FIRST LITE!!

Nickname: Michael
Holds up to mountain hunting 11/16/2014

I've had smart wool and minus 33 wool base layers and they all develop holes quickly. The minus 33 pant has about twelve holes in it from two years of turkey hunting where I'm only hiking 200 yds and mostly sitting. no the holes aren't in the bottom :}

I've had the Allegheny Bottom for one season of big game archery hunting in Colorado. This year I hiked 43 miles at elevations between 9-11K ft, at least half bush waking, and they show no signs of tears or holes.

I would recommend them and will probably get the heavy weight bottoms to still hunt white tail in november/december.

I would recommend them

Nickname: Michael
Best Base Layer 10/1/2014

I've purchased and discarded plenty of synthetic baselayers in the past (and a few wool ones from other makers), and have never been quite satisfied in terms of warmth and comfort. After buying a pair of the Allegheny bottoms, though, I'll never go back. These offer the best combination of warmth and comfort that I've found, and the fact that they don't retain smell just makes them that much better! I highly recommend these bottoms.

Nickname: Charlie's Dad
No More Synthetics for me! 7/13/2014

Warm and comfortable. Perfect addition to the First Lite Kanab for very cool to cold mornings. All day comfort, you don't get that pulling the hair or raw feeling after wearing these all day long. Highly recommend!

Nickname: Trent
Take everything else you own 6/30/2014

Excellent all day comfort. Great compliment to the First Lite Kanabs on colder days. Highly recommend.

Nickname: IATrent
Most comfy wool base layer made! 6/23/2014

I just received my pants and quarter zip base layer and it's so comfortable I wanna sleep in it tonight! Late June in Oklahoma isn't the best time for insulation but boy howdy this stuff is awesome!

Nickname: Turnbow82
First Lite Wool Top Notch 6/19/2014

A great addition to my Kanab pants for Midwest hunting. Adds that extra layer of warmth during the cold days. All day comfort. Good bye synthetics.

Nickname: IATrent
Great base layer 6/18/2014

When the temps start to drop this is the first thing that I put on in the morning. They help to keep my warm when the temps are down but won't burn you up one the temps begin to rise.

Nickname: Kentucky Whitetail Farms
Great all around use base layer 6/18/2014

I've been wearing these for the past few months for just about everything and they feel great. I used them while bowfishing this spring under a pair of jeans and stayed plenty warm even when the jeans got wet.

Nickname: Schleppy
Best base layer bottoms out there 6/5/2014

Best wool base layer there is. Recently used this as my next to skin layer on an April muskox hunt in the Canadian high Arctic. Temps ranged from -19F to -41F actual temps.
I was never cold once.
Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Nickname: Scott Kendrix
Best Long John 5/27/2014

Love the marino wool bottoms. Warm and dry on the cold mornings and comfortable and dry while hiking in the warmer afternoons.

Light and comfortable. I wear them from elk season through ski season.

Nickname: SVOutfitters
cut the wader stank 5/27/2014

This is the only pair of long underwear I can hike in. Temperature regulation equals comfort but not smelling yourself days into a hunt or fishing trip equals happiness.

Nickname: OldDirtyC