Aerowool Neck Gaiter
Ultralight 150 Aerowool

Utilizing a blend of our top-grade Merino wool and 37.5 infused fibers, this 145g neck gaiter can be used to keep you both concealed and cool in the field. Dunk it in a stream and enjoy the AC. Pull it up over your face and ears and disappear into your surroundings. This little piece does it all.





Product Details


  • 145g First Lite Aerowool
  • Merino is naturally odor resistant
  • Retains warmth when soaking wet
  • Aerowool dries faster and is more durable than traditional Merino wool
  • 18" overall length
  • Machine washable
  • Cut Shooters Cut
    System Position Accessory
    Material First Lite Aerowool
    Actual Product Weight Size MD
    Primary Usage Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Waterfowl, Upland, Fishing

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No complaints
Does what it says, and does it better than the synthetic junk that the competition uses.
- Bear Cat on 3/13/2018
My #1 FAVORITE item in my kit
This is hands down one of my favorite items I use during the hunting season. I wear glasses and I hate gaiters because they fog up my glasses. This however, does not cause my glasses to fog up. I wear it year long. In the warmer months, it is a great way to camo your face without having to use some type of face paint. In the later months, it simply adds a breathable extra layer of warmth. I am really surprised with the amount of warmth I feel like I get when I wear it. Whether it is mental or not, it definitely feels warm even though it is super-thin.
- SyracseHunter on 3/9/2018
Great for bow season
I use this in combination with the aerowool gloves during bow season. Not super warm which is good, but let's you remain concealed in the deer stand.
- Tres on 2/7/2018
Super glad I bought one
I was on the fence about buying one of these initially, i wondered how much i would really use it. And the answer is every tsingle me i go into the woods, or on the boat it’s with me. It keeps the sun off well, does a good job keeping the cold off my neck and is just an awesome, awesome piece of kit. Well done
- David on 1/23/2018
Don't leave home without it.
The neck gaiter immediately became an everyday item in the field. Wet it to keep cool in the summer or pull it up to close the gap between your collar and cap in the winter. It's also a good way to hide your face without resorting to Gene Simmons facepaint.
- DJ on 1/4/2018
The Single Most Versatile Piece I Own
The Aerowool Neck Gaiter is the single most versatile piece of gear I own. I am in the field over 150 days a year and I wear one every day. Aside from being the best all purpose wind blocker it is about 90 other things. A sunshield, a dust blocker, an emergency lens cloth, a towel, a windshield wiper, a dash light blocker, a shooting rest, and on and on. Get yourself a couple to keep in all your pockets!
- Gaines on 12/22/2017
Great for all conditions
I have worn this neck gaiter on two bear hunts in Southeast Alaska, an elk hunt in Colorado, and too many other times to count. It is my go to to knock the chill off. My one favorite piece of gear/clothing that I own. Very versatile
- Todd on 12/4/2017
Wore it for 7 straight days. Comfy, warm, but not hot! dry, and by day 7 it didn’t smell like the south end of a northbound goat. Worn it early season for whitetail, and will use it for southeastern turkeys.
- Moneyball on 10/30/2017
Awesome piece of gear
I have always used a standard face mask and no neck gaiter. I just returned from a Wyoming elk hunt and wore the Aerowool neck gaiter. This is one of my new favorite pieces of gear. It doesn't fit tight like a face mask when not in use. It kept my neck warm, and was easily pulled up to cover my mouth, nose, and ears when the wind picked up. It was well worth the cost. I will be picking up another to keep in my day pack as a spare.
- Joshua on 10/23/2017
I bought two of these. One for work (police) and one for hunting. Fantastic in both situations. It keeps my neck and face warm in the cold winds on the highway during collisions, but is light enough to wear on warmer days in the tree stand. It's now around my neck every day.
- Jonathan on 10/10/2017
Screw Face Paint
Wore this in Idaho 40-80 temps mid September and took in some IL Whitetail sits in 40-60 these past early October days. Sweat it through in the hot temps and it dried out quick. Gives all the warmth you need on your face in 40 F. and I'd have no worries down in the 30s. An essential piece of gear.
- BFD on 10/2/2017
Great product not just for the hot days.
Purchased for late summer/ early fall antelope anticipated using on warmer days first day out was mid 40s drizzling and just enough breeze to make it crisp. The aero wool kept the neck and face warm and very comfortable. It will always be in easy reach for all future hunting
- Sparky on 9/28/2017
Needed accessory
So light and yet so warm. stuff it in your pocket for every hunt.
- Kelly on 9/25/2017
Must have
Used for elk archery, great for cold mornings. Very versatile, can we worn many ways.
- Vouavwj on 9/25/2017
Perfect gaiter
This neck gaiter is the best one on the market. You can't beat the versatility of merino wool. You're guarenteed to be covered up because they are very generous with the amount of material they use. It's a long gaiter so you'll be covered up and concealed and you'll have extra material to tuck into your base layers to really seal off your system from the cold or the heat.
- Daniel on 9/13/2017
Keeps the sun off my neck
Keeps the sun off my face and neck. The fusion pattern goes great with the rest of my gear and helps conceal my face when stalking in on game.
- Mark on 9/6/2017
Great piece
Love this and look forward to wearing it for the hunts this fall
- Ryan on 6/21/2017
versatile piece
Recently used this hunting turkeys on a ninety degree day in South Carolina. It's one of the first Aerowool pieces I've used and was a little reluctant to be putting wool on my face on such hot day... Was not a problem at all. It's super lightweight, breathes flawlessly and stayed completely dry. Very comfortable too. Perfect for bow season in August and just as useful in November. All good.
- Graham on 5/1/2017
Light and Fast
I use it for spring turkeys and everything else. It hold up great in the cool weather in Oregon. It also rains here, and it stays warm and keep its knit retention well (if that is such a thing). This is my second one because well.... "two is one, and one is none".
- HuntORE on 4/27/2017
Must Have Accessory!!
I love this aerowool neck gaiter. It is super breathable which is really nice for when you're wearing it off of your face and around your neck. I've had other gaiters that were fleece and they aren't breathable and make you sweat like crazy. This neck gaiter is a must if you want to stay cool and concealed! You can also wear it around your neck when you want it out of the way and it won't burn you up. You won't regret adding this to your arsenal of First Lite gear.
- Jordan on 4/24/2017
Great Neck Gaiter
Great neck gaiter that breathes very good. It is heavier than cheap neck gaiters which made me think it would get too hot, however that was not the case! Im sure in high temperatures it might get a little hot but its great for Northern California weather. Plenty of material there to fit any size person, no matter how big of a dome you got!
- Casen on 4/17/2017
Love it
Love using this during season. Provides warm breathable cover and not scratchy
- Tony on 4/1/2017
Heckuva Gaiter
The aerowool neck gaiter is so comfortable. It is very breathable and can be used in a variety of ways. I literally can keep this thing over my face all day and be comfortable. Another huge bonus is it won't stink when you're breathing on it when you didn't brush your teeth because you got up late and had to rush to the woods. We've all done it right?!?
- Jordan on 3/28/2017
Quality as expected. Just the right amount of material! Comfortable, stays in place and will top off the rest of my FL gear for the Missouri Spring turkey season. Get one, you won't regret it.
- Dan on 3/21/2017
versatile and effective
I love this neck gaiter. Because it's merino it's lightweight but warm in the winter and cool and breathable during the summer. I have both an ASAT and a pine version and I use them constantly for hunting, fishing, and hiking. One of the best outdoor items I've ever bought.
- Caitlin S on 3/20/2017
Multiple uses
This is light enough I can just pull it down around my neck when hiking and it won't get as hot as other masks. I also use it as a face mask when sitting in a tree. Another quality I didn't think about was when sitting in a tree the material is so light/thin that I don't fog up my glasses from my breath. I can also use it to pull over my puffy at night for a pillow cover. It's a good item to put in your pack and leave there because it so small and has multiple uses.
- Gage on 3/19/2017
Surprisingly warm
I hate turtle necks and zipping under garments all the way up due to the uncomfortable bulges they can produce. If your like me this gaiter is your solution. Its surprisingly warm considering how thin it is but that makes it very comfortable. Also when worn over the mouth as a balaclava it doesn't trap breath odor and stink. It also dries out very fast. I even used this during the ski season. I have no recommended improvement areas for First Lite.
- Dominic on 3/19/2017
Best neck gaiter ever!
I use this mostly for work, when I'm not in the field. My job requires me to be outside a lot on a year round basis. During the colder months I use this product to protect my neck from the wind; it's very warm and extremely comfortable. If it gets wet, it dries out quickly which is a big bonus as well. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested, definitely worth it!
- Zachary Turner on 3/17/2017
It cannot get any gaiter than this!
I like this neck gaiter simply because when I have it on my face and glassing my breath does not fog up my bino lenses. The other is because it's warm on chilly days whether on the move or sitting. I love the fusion color also.
- Tony on 3/16/2017
Perfect accessory.
This is the cherry on the top of my system. When pulled up over my head covering my ears and neck it provides a surprising amount of warmth without compromising my hearing. The same can be said when its crumpled up around your neck. This is a must have item. Its soft, quiet, stretchy, and warm. I have this every single day in the woods. From 0 degrees to 50. I cannot not imagine not having it at this point.
- Trevor on 11/23/2016
Great product
Very versatile product. This neck gaiter has many uses. I used it to help keep me warm when the temps dropped. It is long enough that it will easily cover my neck and ears. I also used it as a face mask on a few spot and stalk hunts. It was light weight enough that I was never uncomfortable during my stalks. Great product with many uses. I would recommend this product to anyone.
- Tyler on 11/6/2016
Nice !
I purchased this neck gaiter to use as a facemask. Boy! I wasn't disappointed. Perfect for those warm days.
- George on 10/27/2016
Nice !
I purchased this neck gaiter to use as a facemask. Boy! I wasn't disappointed. Perfect for those warm days.
- George on 10/27/2016
exactly what it says it is
I used the neck gaiter on the Sept archery hunt. it covers your neck great and you can use it to cover most of your face as a mask. It was too short to use as a neck and head cover in the brisk cold though. It would be nice to make it about 3 or 4 inches longer to give it more function as a neck and head cover. But it does cover the neck well.
- dpgeorge on 10/17/2016
Essential gear!
The neck gaiter is a must have on your gear list. It conceals your face, keeps you warm, keeps you cool and keeps bugs off your face. The neck gaiter breathes very well, so wearing it during warm days is not an issue.
The neck gaiter has plenty of length to cover you from ears to the base of your neck. The material feels very smooth and I had no issues wearing it for hours on end.
- Glenn on 10/4/2016
Great big and sun protection
The aerowool neck gaiter I wear way more than I expected. I use it not only to help with concealment on those tough stalks on sheep in the high country but for sun protection during the heat of the day as well as bug protection in the mornings and evenings. With the merino it stays fresh after long days of use.
- Lorne @athletes_hunt on 9/2/2016
Great product
I am very impressed with the aerowool boxxers I am a fan of long underwear and these were a great length for me. I ordered a medium and was happy with the waist size they could have been a little bit tighter in the thighs but I do have fairly skinny legs. I wore the underwear on the long hike up the mountain in some pretty substantial heat (for northern BC) I am really happy with the ventilation and the ability for the underwear to dissipate heat. I wore one pair for 5 days and on the 5th day they really didn't smell to bad, I found myself not wanting to swap to my extra set of icebreaker merino underwear. Great product will be buying couple more in the future.
- Lorne @athletes_hunt on 9/2/2016
This is great to keep the sun, wind, and cold under control. I have used it from 28-70 degrees and it has been great at me warm and protect from the elements. It is also nice to have when you are up close to whatever your chasing
- Chaz A on 8/30/2016
First lite didn't just stop with the superb qualities of merino, but stepped it up a notch with aerowool. Love this darn thing and how versatile it is. I was worried it might stretch out and not take its shape after lots of use, but this hasn't happened yet. Quality gear from a company dedicated to pushing the limits.
- Sam on 8/9/2016
Great coverage
I ordered this gaiter about a week ago and was able to finally get it in the woods today. It was very comfortable. I love I went with the beanie and gaiter it allows me to alter different layers but still maintain coverage while marching through the woods. Fusion is the best camo I have ever owned.
- Stefan on 7/17/2016