AeroWool Liner Glove
Lightweight 200 Aerowool

If you are like us and hunt in warmer temperatures in the early season but still need to conceal your hands when you close the distance, the First Lite Aerowool Liner Glove is the perfect addition to your kit. Built from First Lite's Aerowool comprised of Merino wool and 37.5 by Cocona Technology, the Aerowool Liner Glove builds upon the success of our Merino Liner while adding increased durability and better moisture wicking for a better grip on your stock or bow.


Product Details

Layering Position

  • - Next to Skin
    • Features

      • - Lightweight, 200 gsm AeroWool Fabric
      • - Lightweight interlock fabric
      • - Next to skin under other gloves
      Cut Shooters Cut
      System Position Accessory
      Material AeroWool
      Actual Product Weight Size MD 0.9 oz.
      Primary Usage Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Waterfowl, Upland

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Great but could use 1 improvement
Great lightweight glove that is actually more durable than expected for how thin it is. Only thing is that the Palm is super slippery on composite stocks. To the point where I would not wear them alone for jumping game out of places where a quick shot is needed. Adding some sort of grip in the palm would make these a 5. Right now they only serve as a liner glove for me.
- Choover on 3/25/2018
Perfect warm weather glove
Loved this glove for use during archery season when the weather is on the warm side but need a little bow hand protection. Material wicks the sweat effectively, size is great, finger length is effective. Material was durable for what I asked of it.
- Paul on 3/3/2018
Great bow season glove
I love my aerowool gloves. Perfect for when it is just a little cool in the morning, but you don't want a big bulky glove. I use these on every hunt during bow season.
- Tres on 2/7/2018
Lasts 1 seaon
After one season of bow hunting they have fallen apart. I really liked them but they are not worth the money for one season of tree stand bow hunting.
- Michael on 2/2/2018
Great standalone or as a liner!
Perfect for early season!
Perfect as a liner to the softshell gloves when temps drop or winds pick up. Perfect combo in 25 mph winds and 25F temps.
I wish it had touch-screen-friendly fingers, but they do slide on and off easily enough.
- Josh on 1/16/2018
Good Glove
All around good glove for early fall hunting. Would not recommend for the dead of winter, etc....
- matt on 1/15/2018
Good liner glove but...
Bought these for upland hunting to wear by themselves or with another pair of gloves. They are comfortable and fit great. They keep my hands warm even when they have gotten wet. I am however a little disappointed with them just a bit. They first time I wore them the seam on the left pointer finger separated a little (wearing under another set of gloves). Then the 3rd time I wore them a small hole was torn in them (this one may have been because of wearing them without another glove over them walking through thick grouse cover in PA). All and all a good glove, but with the seam coming apart out of the box, the small hole torn fairly easy, and for the money I wish they were a little more durable.
- Chris on 1/4/2018
Good liner glove
Good for warmer days and can be layered under a more heavy duty glove for added warmth without decreasing dexterity.
- Daniel on 1/4/2018
Good glove for 55+ degrees but wore out in a year
I wore these gloves from south Louisiana to the uncompahgre forest of Colorado while they did wear out after lots of hunts they are easy to carry, good for concealment and dry fast. Recommended for concealment during warmer hunts.
- Ray on 12/16/2017
Great for multi season
These are my go to gloves anytime I’m hunting. Doesn’t matter if I’m early season white tail hunting or late season duck thumping. They are lite and warm enough to forget you even have them on.
- Dfwduckslayer on 12/11/2017
Great light weight glove
Perfect for a cold morning pheasant hunt. Very glad i added these to my line up!
- Tom "wildcard" Weaver on 12/9/2017
Good item, needs durability
I like this item, and I do wear them. They are good as a liner glove under a wool mitten, but I am seeing some fraying and wear after only a few weeks of use. If they were more durable this would be a 5 star item.
- Nix on 12/7/2017
all around glove
I wear these as a stand alone or a liner glove- multiple uses
- marty on 12/6/2017
Simple, Light, Effective
Wore these gloves during late season whitetail hunt in Minnesota. My hands always get cold, because they sweat easy. The wool wicked away moisture and kept them warm. Definitely worth a purchase. Big hands, XL was perfect.
- Joe on 12/4/2017
Good light weight glove
These are a great glove to have in your pack for early season hunts. Also work great to wear under the talus fingerless gloves on cold days
- Jake on 12/4/2017
Very disatisfied
Gloves that I bought were advertised to be 100% wool. When I received the gloves they were NOT what I was lead to believe. These gloves were 65% wool and 35% polyester. Also, I can see directly through the glove, so this leads me to believe that they do NOT offer any protection from cold weather. I worn these gloves and they kept my hand pretty cold.
- Robert on 12/2/2017
Pleasantly Surprised
I got these gloves as a impulse add-on purchase during the 40% off Aerowool sale a few days ago and honestly had fairly low expectations of these basted on reviews. After getting to try these out in 20-40 degree weather during the Wisconsin rifle deer season, I actually have to say that I'm quite impressed. Sure, these gloves aren't going to survive busting through brier patches and barbed wire. They're also not going to last long if you're using them as work gloves. However, they are an amazing light glove for a thin layer of warmth while holding a rifle or bow in a stand or while hiking. I wore them for 3 evening and 2 morning hunts and they were honestly all I needed to keep my hands from freezing while holding my rifle. I was absolutely astonished that these were able to cut the cold the way that they did. Their firepower per weight rating is off of the charts. That being said, they are absolutely not going to be my primary winter gloves or anything like that. But for the thinness of the material, they provide an excellent value and will most likely be added as a layer underneath my cold weather gloves for snowshoeing and winter hunting.

Additionally, I dropped these in a puddle when it was raining. I ringed them out and put them back on to get an idea of the drying quality of these gloves. Within 10 minutes of keeping them out of the rain they were completely dry and back to their original usefulness. I can't say the same for any other fabric that I've ever come across.

With realistic expectations of what these gloves are, they will treat you very well. I highly recommend them.
- Ben on 11/27/2017
Surprisingly warm
Very pleased with how effective these gloves are as a stand alone glove and also paired with the soft shell shooting gloves. Very light weight material; yet surprisingly warm!
- Brad on 11/25/2017
Liners or Conceal only
Wore these on a wet day, they didn't stay warm and showed signs of wear after just the first use in the fabric and color. As liners for hands in pockets or brief minutes in the cold they were alright. They wick sweat from your hands ok but touching anything wet is a mistake.

I will say these are the first gloves I've had that feel comfortable on a rifle and it is great to keep concealment instead of taking off the right glove.
- Evan on 11/18/2017
Fantastic gloves!
I had an opportunity to use these for the first time on an elk hunt in eastern Oregon. I intended to use them as a liner under mittens but they ended up being all I needed in temperatures ranging from 13-35 degrees, winds up to 25 mph and 16" of snow. They don't do much to cut the wind but they dried almost instantly and kept my hands plenty warm. They are also surprisingly durable. They look almost brand new in spite of being snagged on brush multiple times every day. I'll be taking these gloves on every hunt from here on.
- Vineguy805 on 11/9/2017
Great glove for covering up your hands
Gloves perform the function exactly as the product descriptions says. Perfect for early season or a base layer. I deducted a star because the grip strips on the fingers started lifting the first time I wore them. Strange that would happen just using them in a treestand and not climbing or other activity.
- Brian on 11/5/2017
Good liner glove
Good glove liner. Takes a bit of the chill off. Combine them with the talus fingerless glove and its a winter winner.
- Curtis on 10/24/2017
Light weight and warm!
These gloves are incredibly warm for the weight. Keeps your hands warm even when wet, they are a must for those cool day out in the field.
- Frank on 10/20/2017
Nice gloves dont last.....
I like the feel and lightness of the gloves for Sept. Elk but couldn’t get through a 7 day hunt with out having a bunch of holes worked in the fingertips. 1 hunt and 35 bucks is a little much for my budget. These should be 8 to 10 in my opionion and I continue to buy. Or improve the durability.

- Willy on 10/17/2017
Light and Fast Drying
I have never owned a pair of gloves like these. I do like that they are soft. I know they are meant more to be a liner for heavier gloves, but I have used them here in Texas for the early hunting season here while its been hot, and have been surprised at how cool my hands have been just using them to cover my hands with. I ended up cutting the tip of the fingers off on my trigger finger hand to help me feel release for my bow and the trigger for my rifle. I dropped them in the dew soaked grass on a hunt and they dried out in no time, which was great b/c I was frustrated when I had wet gloves to put on LOL.
- BR Shook on 10/10/2017
Great glove for concealment
I use these gloves whenever I hunt, not for warmth or protection, just to conceal my hands. They are ultra breathable and lightweight and not a pain to wear even when it's hot and humid. They fit snuggly and offer full dexterity. I've worn two pair and the talus when it's below freezing and they perform about as well as any outwear glove short of a mitten.

These are just a liner so don't expect a ton of durability. They'll eventually get holes in the fingers but when that happens I just scissor off the tips and they're still plenty functional for hiding my hands. My last pair made it almost two years before blowing out on the index finger and thumb. Pretty good for a liner IMO
- Graham on 10/4/2017
Great glove for hotter days
This glove is perfect when its warmer weather but you still want to cover up your hands so deer or whatever your hunting don't see the shine from your hands. Gloves work great for what my application is.
- Will on 9/26/2017
Perfect for early archery
These aren't going to keep you toasty warm later in the year but they are great for those early archery hunts. Kept my hands covered and combined with the thumb holes on the Llano and Chama layers they do provide enough insulation to keep you comfortable and still allow good feel and movement. If you use them as they are intended not sure you can beat them. Super light and comfortable.
- Nathan on 9/22/2017
Great early season glove, and wonderful liner for the late season
I've been using these glove religiously for the past year, including two archery elk hunts and a full season of tree-standing hunting for eastern whitetails. I buy a lot of gear, but the go with me everywhere, and I use them more than any other glove I own. They are light but warm, and don't slip when you were holding your bow. For early season hunting they are all you need, and in the late season I pair them with a heavier glove for extra warmth without losing dexterity to work the trigger on my release. The only negative is a I so wish they were a bit tougher to wear out, although honestly I have been beating them up for year and they are only now showing significant signs of wear--and most of that came after I stupidly was climbing up the side of a mountain (twice) in a place that I am sure the elk realized long ago it was not worth traveling too. Even with a few small holes and worn out grip strips on the gloves, these will last at least through the rest of the season. It is tough to be disappointed in them when they have worked so well for so long, through so many hunts, and they are made of MERINO WOOL.
- Howard on 9/14/2017
Very comfortable, warm and has great dexterity and for being so light weight they don't get stretched out after a week straight of wearing them. I do with the fingers had a little better grip or traction
- Cody on 9/11/2017
Perfect for filming and bow hunting!
I film a lot during hunting season as well as bow hunt, and these are the perfect size and feel that allow me to operate my video gear efficiently as well as "feel" my thumb release when hunting!
- John on 8/31/2017
Great early season glove
These gloves accompanied me on several hunts last year ranging from Coues White tail to Oryx. When paired with a buckskin work glove over them, they cannot be beat. I have excessively sweaty hands and the marino wool was always able to keep my hands warm while damp. Being so thin a hunter will always have great dexterity and be able to do flip the safety on his rifle or squeeze his release with a next to skin feel. The only downfall is that these gloves are not very tough, but you cannot expect a super thin marino wool glove to be built for wrestling through devils club, but this can easily be remedied by adding a pair of hardware store buckskin gloves as a windblock and work surface and any hunter should be good to go.
- Jon on 8/6/2017
Light and Warm!
These gloves are great for early season on those chilly mornings holding your bow, or as a liner for another pair of gloves when the temps drop. For a liner glove, they are warm and the fit is great! Great pair of multi purpose glove! Being merino, you won't want to tangle with heavy brush with them, but they hold up nicely if you use them for the purpose intended.
- Gabe on 6/13/2017
Be Gentle
These gloves have a great weight to warmth ratio. Keep in mind that they are glove liners though and not meant to take much abuse as they are really thin. The ability to use touch screens with the gloves are a definite plus.
- Northern Indiana on 5/9/2017
Awesome Light Duty Glove
These gloves are awesome, granted they are a light light duty glove but man are they comfortable! They are warm for as thin as they are and they are great for feeling the trigger or the release. I highly recommend them for early season high country hunts- cool or not. Expect to buy a new pair each season if you do any scrambling, raking, or take n unexpected plunge. Well worth the $$
- Chase on 5/1/2017
Does what it's supposed to do!
These gloves perform exactly as they should. I primarily use them to keep my hands covered from the eyes of those wise old thunder chickens. These gloves are very thin and do wick moisture incredibly well. Don't expect them to stand up to a lot of tough use as that is not what they are made for. Other than that they are perfect for concealing your hands on warm days.
- Jordan on 4/24/2017
Multiple Use
The AeroWool Liner Glove kept my hands protected and warm during a early season bow hunt in Nevada. It fit to my hand perfectly and allowed be to grab all my equipment with ease. I also had the opportunity to utilize it inside of heavier glove and it kept my hands warm in sub zero temperatures as liner.
- Spencer on 1/16/2017
Comfortable Hand Concealment
These gloves are extremely comfortable, and lightweight. ...if you need hand concealment - especially in warm weather - these are great. ...and the finger tips let you operate touch-sensitive screens like your smart phone. Nice. realistic in your expectations...

They are LIGHTWEIGHT wool... Read that as saying, if you need to USE your hands to climb, steady yourself, carry things, etc., they WILL wear out fairly quickly. Rough bark, sharp/rough rocks, etc. will wear through them, or tear them if you're not careful, or if you engage a lot of it with these on. ...and DO NOT wear them if you need to cross barbed wire fences - even if you think you can avoid the barbs; you can't, and they'll tear the gloves quicker than $..t!!! I learned that lesson already for you. You're welcome. LOL!!!

I will definitely keep these in my rotation of use. If I was to be a bit picky, I would like the cuffs to be another 1" to 2" longer to cover my watch/wrist just a touch better, but that's a tiny nit-picky request.
- RoeHuntingResources on 11/27/2016
Take the chill off!
These are great gloves to take the chill off. Waterfowl hunting here in Missouri has some chilly mornings in the early season. These are good gloves that keep your fingers functional. I liked the fact they did not muffle my goose or duck calling. I will be ordering another pair for sure!
- Dan on 11/20/2016
Not durable.
I used these gloves for a week of bowhunting in September. They were a great lightweight glove for those hotter days, but unfortunately only after a few days I tore a hole in the palm area. I would have expected that they would have been a lot more durable and lasted more than just a few days.
- Tony on 10/10/2016
Great early season glove!
The gloves are great for concealing your hands and keeping your hands at a comfortable temperature in mild conditions. The gloves fit very nice and are amazingly thin. I often forgot I was wearing gloves. The gloves blended well with my other fusion gear and did not interfere with my bow release.
The gloves are thin, so grabbing thorny limbs or bushes may cause pin holes or tears. There are several tacky spots on the fingers in the shape of the First Lite logo. I would like to see the tacky grip throughout the entire palm of the glove.
Overall, a great glove!
- Glenn on 10/4/2016
Great fit
I usually wear a large in gloves and measured and ordered based one the sizing chart link. Which said I needed a medium. SO glad I did that these fit perfect.
- Stefan on 7/17/2016