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The Rut - Southeast: Ford Van Fossan

The Rut - Southeast: Ford Van Fossan


Content Manager Ford Van Fossan is clearly stoked for his annual return to his family's farm in eastern Maryland.
Photo: Captured Creative

Ford Van Fossan: Content and Merchandising Manager

Though Maryland’s winters are comparably warm, snow is not unheard of and the humid cold can certainly creep in after hours on the stand. Therefore, for late-season whitetails hunts in the Southeast, I focus on creating a solid core of merino layers and sealing them off with breathable, insulated outerwear. I typically start off with the flexible Fuse Crew under Kiln Hoody. For colder days, I will add in the Sawtooth vest for added insulation. The Woodbury jacket completes my kit and provides the bulk of my insulation. Below the belt, I rock the Furnace Long John and the Catalyst Pant. A set of talus gloves and Brimmed Beanie round off my kit for the late season south of the Mason-Dixon line.

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  • Brimmed Merino Beanie
    EXP 350 Merino-X

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  • Men's Catalyst Softshell Pant
    2 Layer Silent Softshell

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  • Men's Furnace Long John
    EXP 350 Merino-X

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  • Men's Fuse Crew
    Lightweight 200 Aerowool

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  • Men's Hybrid Sawtooth Vest
    300g Merino-X with DWR Nylon

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  • Men's Kiln Hoody
    Midweight 250 Merino-X

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