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Dobson Aerowool Boxer Briefs

Our customers often tell us that our briefs are the most important piece in their First Lite system and the Dobson is sure to deliver. We married our top-shelf Merino Wool for odor mitigation and thermal regulation with the incredible moisture wicking properties of our outerwear technology, 37.5 by Cocona, and created First Lite Aerowool. Anytime a premium is placed on moisture evacuation during active hunting or hunting in warm climates, Aerowool is your new go-to base layer.



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Layering Position

  • This is your next-to-skin layer, the first layer you put on in the First Lite System
  • Features

  • True to Size: Purchase your normal size to wear under other layers
  • 17.5 micron, ultrafine First Lite Aerowool Fabric featuring 37.5 by Cocona Active Particle Technology
  • 10" Inseam
  • Aerowool is naturally antibacterial, meaning there is no treatment necessary to retain its odor resistant quality even when used for several days in a row
  • Aerowool is designed specifically to keep you dry and comfortable in high exertion or high temperature environments and activities
  • Aerowool mesh vent panels maximizes ventilation
  • Flat lock seams for next-to-skin comfort
  • Covered by First Lite's Warranty

    • Sizes

      Available in men's sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL


      Machine Wash Cold and Hang Dry

Additional Information

Layering Position Next to Skin
Material First Lite Aerowool
Primary Usage Lifestyle, Spot & Stalk, Tree Stand, Waterfowl, Upland, Fishing
Region Midwest, Northeast, Pacific northwest, BC/Alaska, Southwest, Intermountain/Rockies
Temperature 60F - 80F, Above - 80F, 80F+


Nice undiesReview by Bull_Fighter
These feel great on and they fit well. I have yet to use them in the field, but I'm sure they will perform well. I bought these in Pine at almost half the price. Who needs their underwear to be camo anyway? (Posted on 8/14/2017)
Fit is a little differentReview by Kelly
Can't complain at all about the material. If you like long boxers, you will love these.
I personally didn't like the feel of them touching at the knees. Maybe those guys with long legs may not have the same issue, but I'm cursed with short legs. I wore them a few times and just couldn't get used to them so I gave them to my son. He likes the fit.

If these were the same length as the red deserts, I'd definitely buy a couple. (Posted on 8/12/2017)
Keeps the stank off your boys and chafe of your thighs!!Review by Esquire_Outdoors
Both the Red Desert boxers and Dobson Aerowool boxers are the best underwear I have owned. I can run a trail marathon or spend 4 days wearing them in the backcountry with no chaffing or smelling my junk when I sit down. I like them so much I have purchased 6 pairs and wear them everyday, yes I have them on as I am typing this. The First Lite boxer briefs have replaced every pair of performance boxer briefs I own. I dropped the Dobson to 4 starts because the perineum (taint) area tore quickly and allowed the berries to hang out. It may have been induced by a slide down the snow on my butt during the NW MTN challenge so we will see how my other pairs hold up (Posted on 8/9/2017)
Absolute game changerReview by Matt
I bought the Dobson's in Pine for the outlet sale price of $35, and they're absolutely worth paying full price for. Hiking all day in 90+ degree, 70% humidity weather in Southern California, kept me dry, cool, and didn't retain any odor.

If you've ever said to yourself "I'll never pay $60+ for a pair of underwear!" you clearly don't know what you're missing. (Posted on 7/27/2017)
Killer britchesReview by Daniel
I've heard that First Lite is known for their industry-leading merino wool, but the Dobson briefs made me a believer. I wore them during a PRS shoot in 90 degrees and 80% humidity last weekend and never once felt uncomfortable. I was only planning to wear these to hunt, but they'll soon be the only thing in my underwear drawer. Get ya' some! (Posted on 7/5/2017)
All day every day! Review by Dallas
I wear these or the red deserts almost everyday.

Between hunting and firefighting I sweat a lot.. these are about the best pair of undergarments that I have found. They dry super fast and do not ride up at all. You don't have to worry about that mean monkey butt sneaking up on you at all.

I have found them to run a little large. I have a 34 waist, and ordered an XL on m my very first pair and they were big, so I dropped to a large and I still have a little wiggle room, I would like them to be a little smaller, but know I probably won't fit in a medium.

You won't be disappointed in these drawers! (Posted on 5/24/2017)
comfrotableReview by Daniel
My own fault for not fully reading description but very pleased with them. They go down to above your kneecap.

I wore them for a few days straight and they only started to get loos on day 3. No smell and dried out fast.

Overall a good choice (Posted on 5/17/2017)
Comfortable but...Review by Ethan
As advertised, these are extremely comfortable and wick the moisture better than anything else I have used. Unfortunately, they seem to wear out pretty quickly in the crotch area. Had the same problem with the Red Desert. They last for about a season of periodic use then are pretty much done in. Disappointing given how awesome they are otherwise. Hard to justify the price every year. (Posted on 5/3/2017)
Great FitReview by Chase
These- like almost everything else from this company are awesome. Perfectly designed for warm and cold hunts/hikes. I ran a half in these in August and Ill tell you they were just as comfortable that day as they were in November on a muley hunt. I really like the length- they don't ride up at all (Posted on 5/1/2017)
GreatReview by Zakary
I've had these for about a year now. From west Texas to Michigan they are great. Best underwear I've worn to date. (Posted on 4/26/2017)
Great base layerReview by Casen
Purchased the dobson in a medium and I am a 34" waist. The briefs are a little loose for me around the waist. Other than that I love the length and feel. Very soft and comfortable. I am 6'2" and have long legs, yet these briefs still go down to the bottom of my quads. Great flexibility and stretch in the briefs as well. I would recommend this product. (Posted on 4/17/2017)
Cool boys brings me joyReview by JayCreegs
These have become my go-to boxers for all adventures and daily wear with the exception of those super cold days. Much cooler than the Red Desert and suitable for most CO hunting except December-January. They are super comfy and have solved all of my chaffing problems. My only gripe is the length which means i can't wear them with running shorts during the summer. Stoked to see there is a shorter version new for this year! (Posted on 4/13/2017)
As good as it getsReview by Bluto
I added a pair of these to go along with the merino red deserts I already have. Gotta say, these are an upgrade. Just as good at regulating temperature where temperature REALLY needs regulated, but seem to be much more durable.

They're underwear, so I don't know how much more to rave about them other than to say they don't wear out, don't smell, and I like them enough to cover parts with them. Sold. (Posted on 3/20/2017)
Wish they lasted longerReview by Justin
The Dobson Boxer briefs are very comfortable and seem to manage odor very well. They are a little warmer than some of the other boxer briefs I wear so I sweated more during high activity and/or on warmer days. I'm an active hunter and do a lot of backpack type hunts. Unfortunately these don't last me more than about a week before they start to wear thin and get holes where my legs rub while hiking. (Posted on 3/17/2017)
very comfortableReview by Greg
The Aero wool boxers are the most comfortable briefs I have ever worn! I have worn them on several long hikes, out fishing and as every day underwear. They breathe very well and wick awy sweat extremely well. I will be purchasing more of these! (Posted on 3/16/2017)
Excellent choice for adventure or everyday Review by Matt
I've only had these for a few days but hands down they are awesome. Have tried them in a variety of environments and activities. Support, comfort, and great fit. (Posted on 3/6/2017)
BUY NOW! Review by Morgan Uhrig
I wear these things 300 days a year.. The nicest boxers I've ever worn! I'm a 31" waist, and a S fits perfect. (Posted on 1/21/2017)
Must Have!Review by Jeff
These boxers are a must have. The durability and performance is top notch. Great Product. (Posted on 12/27/2016)
Dobson Aerowool Boxers a "Must Have" ItemReview by RoeHuntingResources
Lots of great - and accurate - reviews on here already, but here are my $0.02...

I have a 33" waist, with "thin" legs, and the Medium Dobsons fit about perfect; waistband is great, with the rest of the boxer JUST snug enough to stay put through 95% of any activity I engage in. If I had ANY slight criticism with fit - for me - is that I MIGHT like a slightly snugger fit in the legs, but again, mine are thinner than a lot of folks, so that's just me being nit-picky.

As far as odor control, they did INCREDIBLY well; I wore mine for 7+ days at a time (CO, AZ, and KS hunts/guiding), with VERY little perceived odor!!! Red Desert boxers edge out the Aerowool by a TINY margin in the odor-control department, but not by enough - especially when considering durability - to overtake the Aerowools.

Speaking of durability... My Dobson's still fit - and pretty much look - like they did when I pulled them out of the package. Contrast that with the Red Desert boxers that I blew through in one elk season; the crotch in the Red Deserts was completely destroyed. The Dobsons are not only still in one piece, but the crotch is comfortable, I've had zero chaffing, or "other" problems.

As far as care, I wash in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, and dry in the drier on low, or "air only" if it is warm and dry out. Easy care, almost zero odor retention, durable, comfortable, and no "riding up" or chaffing issues. As far as I'm concerned, the Dobsons are a "Must Have" regardless of whatever else you choose to wear on your hunt! (Posted on 11/27/2016)
Two warm for hot weatherReview by TheSauce
The quality of product is great. the feeling next to the skin was very nice too. These would be great in cooler weather. However for myself they were way to warm for the crotch area. I only use merino wool as my base layer from head to toe other than my briefs so I wanted to try these. I hunted in warm weather 70-85* and it was a swamp down there everywhere else was fine. I did not have odor but they were wet. I prefer and will stick with my exo's for hot weather. I will keep these for 45 and below. But I could never have them in hot weather again and that's what they are intended for. (Posted on 11/1/2016)
Great boxers!!!Review by Matt
I used these most recently on a 5 day back country archery hunt in Colorado. After 5 days, they proved they were up to the task. They are great at keeping you warm when its a little chilly, cool when its hot or you're active, and they did a decent job of resisting odor.

For more on these feel free to watch the video review: https://youtu.be/nfO-KeF6biw

Thanks! (Posted on 10/10/2016)
Huge difference Review by Brad
I gave these a try expecting good results because well it's first lite! But to my amazement they completely exceeded my expectaions. There was a hugely noticeable difference in dryness and not any Oder after a full weekend of hot weather hunting. I've tried many other things but seriously nothing comes close. (Posted on 10/4/2016)
I wish I had these in Iraq and Afghanistan!Review by Lyle
Since 2007 I have always been looking for a comfortable pair of athletic underwear. I bought and wore Hanes fruit of the loom Underarmour and nike. They were OK. But they never lasted longer than a couple weeks. In Afghanistan we used to walk 10 plus miles a day. And none of the underwear would last. I wish I would have had a pair of these! When you walk that much underwear comfort is as important as your boots. Zero chaffing zero smell zero friction induced heat. Again you have created an amazing product and I just hope that first lite is trying for a DOD contract. DOD spends money on gear but it is never gear that grunts like myself are actually asking for. Athletic underwear like this is huge. I don't know if you guys realize how big of an impact these would make. I'm out of the Marine Corps now but I use these on all of my hunts. I live and hunt in Southern Oregon so I am always hiking up and down mountains, they are amazing at providing the perfect amount of ventilation to the right areas....very important areas. Please keep up the amazing ingenuity and development. You guys are a breath of fresh air in an industry that has seemed to be stagnant when it comes to not only hunting clothing but odor control and patterns as well. I also thank you guys for supporting the military and it's veterans. Keep up the good work. (Posted on 9/26/2016)
Best Roos I've hunted in. Review by Ty
Very comfortable
Excellent odor controll
No creep no crawl no bunching
Warm when needed cool when desired

My only complaint is sizing
I ordered large and quickly discovered them to be way too big sent them back to get mediums which I pleased to find the waist fit great but the rest was slack fitting. Not wanting to chance smalls being way too small I kept the mediums but wonder how sizing goes for everyone else.
Still the best clothing I've ever used. (Posted on 9/15/2016)
Perfect hot weather underwearReview by Lorne Trousdell
I am very impressed with the aerowool boxxers I am a fan of long underwear and found these to be a good length with no chafing or riding up. I ordered a medium and was happy with the waist size they could have been a little bit tighter in the thighs but I do have fairly skinny legs. I wore the underwear on the long hike up the mountain in some pretty substantial heat (for northern BC) as well as for the first 5 days of the hunt. I was really happy with the ventilation and the ability for the underwear to dissipate heat. I wore one pair for 5 days straight and on the 5th day they really didn't smell to bad, I found myself not wanting to swap to my extra set of icebreaker merino underwear. Great product will be buying more in the future. (Posted on 9/2/2016)
Field tested, hunter approvedReview by Hoppy
Was recently on a field exercise with the military where I was 'afforded' the chance to wear these bad boys for 39 solid hours. Can't say enough good things. They do everything advertised and more. Moisture wicking is top notch. Smell abatement A+++. I thank sweet baby Jesus and Firstlite's lightning fast shipping that I didn't have to suffer 2 days in a pair of hanes. If they stood up to what I put them through, they'll stand up to anything. (Posted on 8/29/2016)
GreatReview by A Beatty
Great fit, great feel! (Posted on 8/25/2016)
Great fit, breathable, longReview by Kevin F.
Super comfy boxers perfect for active hunts. No chaffing, yet breathable, and they didn't ride up into the no fly zone. They may be a tad bit long if wearing under shorts, but for pants, they're perfect. (Posted on 8/15/2016)
Merino Magic!Review by Josh K
I have owned many brands of merino boxers in the past including Sitka, Core 4, and the First Lite Red Desert. The Dobson boxers are my #1 choice for sure based on fit, temperature management, odor resistance and durability. The Dobson runs a little longer in the leg than the Red Desert which is good for me as a tall guy. I have put on several days of 5-12 miles in the mountains this summer and the Dobson boxers have kept me comfortable from 30-80 degrees. So far, they seem to hold up better to wear and washing than any other merino boxers I have ever owned. For the record, the Red Desert boxers are my second favorite. They just run a little warmer and are not quite as comfortable for me. (Posted on 8/14/2016)
Bomb Squad Approved!Review by Erick
Let me first say that I'm weird about how fabric feels on my skin. The thought of "wool" on my skin made it crawl...But I gave First Lite a shot. I bought the Dobson Aerowool Boxers for the upcoming hunting season and thought I'd try them out at work in the meantime. Its been averaging mid to high 90's with high humidity for the last month down here in Georgia and the Dobsons have definitely earned my respect. So much so, that I'll be wearing them every day instead of just a hunting season base layer. I can wear them in the office (under my uniform of course), on the range, and down range in the bomb suit or tac gear. I stay comfortable, they don't ride up, and they prevent the dreaded chafing you can get while working outside in 90+ degree heat. Oh, and I wore them for a week to test the no odor claim. I know, kinda over the top, but with everything First Lite, these passed the test!
My only suggestion would be to maybe order a size smaller than you would normally wear. I ordered the Kanab 2.0s in a large. They fit perfectly. The large size Dobsons were a little loose fitting and opened up down around the top of the knee. I'm 6'1" 220lbs. Just my $0.02... (Posted on 8/11/2016)
SWEET!!Review by James
Just recieved my first pair but won't be my last. I have the red desert as well, which I love, but for me the aerowool boxers are the way to go for me!! another great product and design by First Lite!! (Posted on 8/10/2016)
Very good not perfectReview by Ryan
I'm a big guy at 6 ft 250 lbs 38" waist 34" inseam and I got the xl. They fit great and really are exceptionally comfortable but after an all day hike everywhere except the waistband is kinda droopy. I usually complain about the legs of underwear being to short but these actually feel too long as they extend about an inch below my knee although not that big of a deal and will probably be welcome soon as the weather starts to cool. I have yet to wear them on multiple day trips but am slightly skeptical because they definitely held oder after a full hard day hike however much less than synthetic types that I usually wear. As far as breathability hands down better than synthetic. Conclusion: For $50 I expected an ac for my crotch (I guess I'm cheap), I'll continue to wear them but I won't be buying another pair until they go on super sale. (Posted on 8/6/2016)
Best. Undies. Ever.Review by Caleb
Best pair of nether region protectors I've ever owned. Aside from having to wash them, I prefer not to take them off! (Posted on 8/6/2016)
Another win!Review by DialedInHunter
Just like the original merino boxers, I love these new aerowool briefs. Can't even tell they are on while out hiking. They are super lightweight, pack easy, and are like BUTTER on your skin. I tried these out in AZ's brutal summer temps and they were nothing short of impressive with how they wick moisture. Another win for FL! (Posted on 8/5/2016)
Overall goodReview by Drew
Have not gotten to try them in the field yet but they feel great trying them on. I am taking these on a 7 day backpack hunt in October, hopefully they will keep the smell down. (Posted on 8/4/2016)
Awesome Review by MikeW
Just got these and I am in love. Comfortable, cool, keep oder away!! All around awesome!! I cannot wait to put these bad boys to the ultimate test in a couple weeks (Posted on 8/4/2016)
Game Changer!Review by Steve
This is the kind of product that comes out, you try it and then you wonder how you every did anything without it. The product you tell your friends they probably need to order before archery season.

Aerowool is amazing. Three day backpack, wore them all three days and they didn't stink. Even the girlfriend couldn't believe it, especially after a dehydrated Louisiana rice and beans really put it to the test, if ya know what I mean.

They do not ride up, they do not stink, they prevent chaffing, they do not itch at all.

In a couple years, you will see other companies trying to make a similar product. This is the real deal, if you enjoy your adventures outside then you will understand why trying these is a no brainier. (Posted on 8/4/2016)
The most comfortable boxers around!Review by Cody Savard
I received my Dobson Boxers a few day ago and have fallen in love. I always have issues with boxers that aren't long enough and these fit right down to above the knee. The aerowool concept is incredible and boy does it perform. They are comfortable, light and super breathable. On a 18km hike they performed excellently keeping me cool, dry and friction free. I doubt I'll be wearing anything else for the foreseeable future, I'm glad I grabbed 4 pairs. (Posted on 7/29/2016)
damn nice Review by JJ
These are pretty great. Fit was solid, I ordered a M and have a 34" waist, average leg build. Thin, light, and breathe well. No unwanted movement in the boxer after two strenuous hikes in hot weather.

Only downside is, that they do hold some odor. I wore a pair for 2+ days and they smelled a bit funky in the panel right in the bottom of the crotch. Not stinky like a pair of under armour, but very different from the material right above it (could just be the location of maximum stink?? or that panel is more synthetic material than the rest of the boxer). Anyway, noticeable difference over a 100% wool product. I don't have the red desert, but do have other 100% merino that I can wear for several days w/out stink. My $0.02.

Definitely haven't found anything this comfortable yet in a boxer brief. (Posted on 7/26/2016)
Dobson Aerowool BoxersReview by Jason
If you already have the Red Dessert Boxers these are a great addition to those for warmer weather as well as everyday wear. Extra length is nice as there is no riding up on the thighs, and no extra bulk when bending the knee. (Posted on 7/20/2016)
6 starsReview by Jason
Hands down the best performing boxers I've ever worn. There was no chaffing and no uncomfortable riding up. They're very soft and comfortable. Wicking moisture and no noticeable Oder was a huge plus. I wore this working my tail off for a train to hunt event and I'd say they passed the test with flying colors to a point where I'm ordering more and will be my daily go to item in the field and at home. (Posted on 7/15/2016)

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